Insert And Format Images

How To Insert And Format Images

Insert and Format Images

As you will see in this next video to insert and format images in WordPress is very easy to do. Having said that there are some important things to remember when you insert and format images.

Before we go into these things it is important to understand that your images can have a powerful effect on your on-page SEO if done correctly. When you insert and format images you must always make certain of three things.

First and most important is that your title of the image contains your keyword. Again back to making your site more visible to the search engines. If your blog is about cars and you have an image of a car on your website…Great! But make sure if your post or page is about Motor Oil that is what the “Title” of your image will be.

The same applies to the Alt. Tag. In fact normally I just duplicate my title for my Alt. Tag. Many people skip these vital steps and lose a lot of juice as a result of it. The search engine spiders come a crawling and you have this beautiful image of an automobile but the spider completely ignores it because you had no title or Alt. Tag that identified it as being relevant.

The third thing I need to do when I insert and format images is to make sure that in the description section of that image I have used my keyword at least once, again to point out the relevance of this image to  the search engines.

When you do all three of these things properly you add a ton of power to your on page SEO in the form of images. Watch the video below to see how to do this.

How to Insert and Format Images