How to Install WordPress Using FTP

Install WordPress Using FTP?

Install WordPress using FTP

The first time I tried to install WordPress using FTP I failed miserably, probably because I did not have a video to show me exactly how to install WordPress using FTP. I used to think the internet people had a conspiracy against me what with all the abbreviations. I mean really…FTP? I did not even know what that was. For those of you in that position allow me to shed some light.

FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol” which is a fancy way of saying you do it from your own computer and upload it to your domain. I know it already sounds confusing. That really is the purpose of this whole series of videos. None of this needs to be confusing at all and once you know what buttons to push it is incredibly simple.

As I have already mentioned in the last video I typically install WordPress right from my c-panel automatically. Sometimes that does not work. I don’t know why but it is what it is. In addition some people work with hosting that does not have c-panel so you must know how to install WordPress using FTP. You may never need to do it but it is information you must have…just in case.

As an aside, you can literally build a whole website offline and then upload it all at once using FTP. Many prefer this approach, I do not. It has nothing to do with one way being better than the other. For me it has more to do with just how I learned and got used to doing it. Either way FTP is a protocol you need to know how to work with, as I said…just in case.

WordPress- How to Install WordPress Using FTP