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Create New Pages

As mentioned on the previous page I create new pages on my blog to highlight the tools and strategies and things I am applying the aforementioned too. And yes I really do use these things or in the case of these videos, wish I had used the tool sooner.

Actually when I was getting started either this type of content did not exist or I did not know where to find it. As a result I wasted a lot of time and money. The whole point of this blog is so you don’t have to have the same initial experience I did. Believe me it was not fun.

When I create new pages in WordPress it is with the idea of adding more quality content or to put it another way, actionable content that you can apply to whatever opportunity you are working on. Also when I create new pages I try to remain neutral and just stick to the facts. The blog is where I choose sides as it were.

What I mean by that last comment is you get the results of the things we have done. Good or not so good outcomes can be studied through the blog. When I create new pages it is just to define a particular thing I am working on or with and to provide solutions

I also try to keep my content organized when I am creating new pages. As an example, on this blog you will find everything sectioned out on separate pages so it is easy for you to navigate. The businesses I am involved in are clearly marked “Biz Ops”. The tutorials we provide are clearly marked etc…

Watch this video to learn how to create new pages in WordPress.

WordPress – Create New Pages