Create A Blog Post In WordPress

Let’s Create A Blog Post In WordPress

Create a Blog Post

When you create a blog post in WordPress this is where the fun really begins. This is where you get to be really creative and express yourself and your idea. We have done the basic set up and now it is time to start adding content.

This content will come in a couple of different formats, pages and posts. In this video we are going to show you how to create a blog post. My format on a site tends to be that I expand on what I have on my pages in my blog posts. Wow…that was confusing…I even confused myself…lol.

Let me explain it this way, my pages are the tools I use and when I create a blog post it is typically about the results I am having with a particular tool. As an example, these videos are going up on individual pages and then I will write a blog post about the series of videos and how they have worked for me.

The basic math looks like this:

pages = things I use

posts = results of the things I use

I think that clears it up. Anyway that is the format of my blog. The blog portion of the website is my experiences with the tools I use and the businesses I have utilized. For better or worse it is my story.

To create a blog post in WordPress just follow the instructions in the video below. I believe the most important thing to remember is to have fun and pick a topic that interests you. For me it is helping people build their business but moreover my longer term goal is to teach people a way of doing business with honor and integrity so that is something else I speak to on my blog.

Your blog is essentially your mouthpiece to the world to share whatever it is you have to share. When you create a blog post you are creating something that is a permanent record of your efforts and beliefs no matter what they are.

Create A Blog Post Video