Changing Permalinks In WordPress

Why Changing Permalinks In WordPress Matters

Changing Permalinks in WordPress

When changing permalinks in WordPress, Frankly it’s all about how to make it easier for Goggle and other search engines to see your site. I believe it is better for SEO purposes to go with the Post Name option for your permalinks. Why?

Well again it is about readability. The first thing a search engine spider is going to see is your post title. So tell the search engines in your title what the post is about. The way to do this is by changing permalinks in WordPress. The video on this page shows you exactly how to do this. It is a one minute process but only once you know where to look. So follow closely the instructions and you should have no problems.

While I am not one of those people that is continually trying to please Google and the search engines, I also see no reason to not give myself the chance to rank and by changing my permalinks structure in WordPress I am taking a step to make my content more search engine friendly.

Why Would Changing Permalinks In WordPress Matter?

Well even for human readability would you rather see a post titled

“Changing Permalinks In WordPress – Curtis Group – Lead Generation”?

or would you rather see a post titled

“Curtis Group Inc – pg=152?

Which one tells you more about what the article will address? Well same for the search engines. So when changing permalinks in WordPress I recommend using the Post Name option. Back in the day this change required a manual input of code but now all it requires is the proper click of a radio button and then save the change. Takes a total of two minutes and makes your content much more search engine friendly.