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While I personally think WordPress is just about the simplest platform to work with there is still a lot to learn to become proficient with it. This section of our blog is dedicated to WordPress and how it works and other resources.

In addition to WordPress being a very easy platform to build your site on it is also loved and I mean loved by Google. To be honest I am not sure why that is but I do know it’s the truth. Part of the reason may be just the vast popularity of WordPress but for me it really does not matter. I know WordPress is what Google likes so that is what they are going to get in most cases. In the future their will be other pages devoted to other popular platforms, including ecommerce but for now let’s just stick to WordPress.

How To Use WordPress

So that you understand a bit about the layout of this section, the first part of this section will deal only with the installation and the how to’s of WordPress. This will be presented in video format. For something like this I just find it is easier to have an over the shoulder look at exactly what is being done than for me to try to write it out in a document.

This is a huge series of video’s on how to use WordPress. Once they are all loaded I think the total will be somewhere around seventy different video’s on how to use WordPress and I don’t think there is anything that is left out. This may be the most comprehensive and free WordPress tutorial series I have ever seen. Truly I have tried to include everything I can think of. If something is missing please send me some feedback and I will see what I can do to resolve your question.

WordPress Themes

The section after the videos will cover WordPress Themes. You have two choices here. You can go with a free theme or a paid theme. To be honest, rarely have I paid for a WordPress Theme. There are just too many free options with WordPress. I think of all the sites I own only one of them is running a theme that would be considered a Premium (Paid For) WordPress Theme.

Having said that, we will provide you with both options and let you decide which way to go. In addition to that WordPress has vastly improved its ecommerce platform and so we will also show you options with regards to ecommerce or shopping sites. Again there are many Free WordPress Themes you can use here and also many premium.

My strategy is to always look for a Free WordPress Theme first and then if nothing fits my need then I consider a paid theme. Like I said though I have only had to do this once. I encourage you to do the same. My experience tells me that there is almost no need to pay for a theme so don’t waste your money.

As a side note, when we install the themes section of this page, and more specifically ecommerce themes, we will also install ecommerce video tutorials for WordPress.

I think that is about it for now so please enjoy the content and happy blogging.