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Renew Spinal Care Private Placement

Renew Spinal Care

I updated my LinkedIn profile about a week ago and have received many inquiries as to what I am pursuing. My first project is actually very exciting and quite relevant for many people in this country and for that matter around the world.

My company, Curtis Group, has become involved with Renew Spinal Care as a consultant for Private Placements to help open clinics around the country.

The reasons this is so exciting are many and I will try to address them in this post. First allow me to give you a little back story on this organization and how they came to be.

Renew Spinal Care is a newer venture from the founder of Laser Spine Institute. Dr. Bailey founded Laser Spine Institute and made it a household name. When Dr. Bailey discovered a new form of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS) he started Renew Spinal Care.

Let me explain. When MISS was first performed there was a tiny cut made at the top of the spine and a device was run down the spine to the injured area. While effective it created certain post-operative issues. The main issue is that as the device traveled down the spine it went through a lot of soft tissue. As that tissue healed there was scar tissue and that scar tissue could create pain in itself.

When Dr. Bailey discovered he could perform the procedure by entering laterally Renew Spinal Care was founded.

Since we can now enter the spine laterally with MISS there is far less scar tissue and so Renew can boast a 90+ percent success rate.

Obviously this is great news for people who suffer from chronic back pain and injury but it is even better news for investors.

Renew is opening clinics at a staggering rate around the country to meet the demand for this procedure and have taken a unique approach to funding these clinics. To date there are 17 clinics around the country and they are planning to open 83 more prior to going public. All seventeen of the operating clinics are hugely successful, not only for the patients but for the partners involved.

As stated, Renew has a unique approach to funding these partnerships.

First, Renew does not fund the partnership and then find the doctors/clinics to perform the procedures. They reverse this process. They find and vet the doctors and clinics first and then raise the money to open the clinic. The result of this is that the clinic is up and running within 90 days and distributions begin being paid almost immediately.

For those reading this that have participated in other Limited Partnerships the advantages are immediately apparent. Take for example a Real Estate LP. First you raise the money. Then you find or build the property and then distributions may or may not start. At best you are a year out before any distributions occur. As such many LP’s are considered Tax Shelters.

Make no mistake, the partnerships we are talking about here are for profit partnerships and the results can be huge.

Think about it for a second. Just in your circle of friends, how many people do you know that suffer from chronic back pain? What about you? Do you suffer? If so then you know exactly what I am talking about and just how huge the market is. Combine that with a 90%+ success rate and you have the makings of a windfall profit opportunity.

While Renew has created an investment opportunity by opening these clinics these investments are only available to those that are accredited investors. An accredited investor is an individual that earned 250,000 for the last two years and reasonably expects to earn that income in the current year or an investor with at least a million dollar net worth, exclusive of home and furnishings. (There are other criteria for investment clubs etc…)

Having said that, these Private Placements are amazing opportunities for an investor. There is a real opportunity to turn a fifty thousand dollar investment into three hundred thousand over the next five years. These kinds of profits are based on very conservative numbers but the best news is that the downside risk is, in my opinion, very low.

I am happy to further discuss this investment but I can only discuss these with accredited investors to comply with the law.

If you would like more information, including a prospectus, please contact me via LinkedIn and I can provide my contact information and we can evaluate together.

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Glenn Hoepfl