The Media and Leftists are Liars

Unbelievable Coverage By The Main Stream Media

To hear MSNBC, CNN and the broadcast networks tell it last Thursday was the worst day of President Trump’s presidency. The reason for their assertion was that former FBI director, James Comey, called him a liar.

The liberal media is running around with their hair on fire and swearing this is the case. I wanted to take a few minutes to examine the facts and what we learned on Thursday.

For those of you that tuned in it was a media circus and purely political and frankly all American’s should be ashamed. Ashamed not of Donald Trump but of the entire political process.

First and foremost is the fact was established that President Trump is not and never was under FBI investigation. Period! Please will someone on the left explain to me how that is bad for President Trump.

Second, it has now been determined that James Comey was one of the leaker’s. Again will one of you explain how that is bad for President Trump.

Third, we now know for a fact that Lorretta Lynch was trying to influence the FBI and wanted Mr. Comey to call the Clinton email investigation a “matter” and not an investigation, to water it down and make it go away.

By the way Mr Comey, where are your memos on that? Do you seriously want me to believe that you felt so uncomfortable with President Trump that you felt it necessary to make memos of conversations and yet when your boss tells you to bury something with words you have zero problem with that?

The insanity of the entire narrative is beyond belief. I have said it before and I will say it again. You must suspend disbelief to think nothing shady was happening here but the leftists in the media just won’t let go.

The media was essentially called liars by Mr. Comey. How is that bad for President Trump? He has been saying the same thing throughout his campaign and now as President. Mr. Comey proved him right.

Meanwhile as the MSM continues to froth at the mouth over the same old same old, much real news is going unreported. For example, why is no one discussing, other than Fox news, the fact that former President Obama covered up the truth about the “Fast and Furious” issue that got a border patrol officer killed? Ahhh…here come the crickets.

Or what about the new “Pay to Play” allegations against the “esteemed” Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation? Anybody care to comment on that? God forbid the leftists known as the main stream media should do that to their hero.

No, why report on those things when you can push the narrative that President Trump may be guilty of “Obstruction of Justice”? Once again absolutely zero proof but we all know there is very little of that with the media these days. Can you say Pravda? How about Propaganda?

This is very sick behavior and the media is swimming in it!

What I do not understand is how the liberal population, read as Hillary and Bernie lovers, can continue to claim moral, ethical and intellectual superiority? What exactly is the matter with you people? Are you so committed to the lie that you refuse to admit you are wrong? Are you willing to destroy everything just to protect the lie you told yourselves?

This morning is a perfect example. The cover story in The Washington Post states that Special Council Mueller is expanding his investigation to include collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Yep, you guessed it another unnamed anonymous source supposedly leaked this information. How many more times is WAPO going to play this card. If the truth be told they should have retracted most of their cover stories for the last 6 months as complete fabrications.

Again they are trying to distract you. They do not want the main news to be about the crazed “Bernie” supporter and campaign volunteer that tried to assassinate member’s of Congress. No that would hurt their narrative. They want you thinking about Russian/Trump collusion.

Remember their Mantra, Nothing to see here folks but take a look over here! It is sick and disgusting behavior and yet it continues on.

Saul Alinsky

This is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, as explained in his book “Rules for Radicals” written in 1971. As the title of the book states it is for radicals. I encourage you to read it if you are having a problem understanding what is going on. Once you understand you are dealing with “Radical” mentality things become very clear.

Having said all of this, it is still my belief that the core problem is the American people. We must stop pointing fingers and roll up our sleeves and get to work. There is much to do.

With regard to tax cuts and worrying whether someone is getting a bigger cut than you, stop it. Worry about how much you are getting as opposed to comparing your piece to someone elses. Stop worrying how big a tax cut corporations get. Frankly that is not your problem. Your concern should be how big your tax cut is.

Furthermore, successful businesses that are not over taxed have more money to spend on their workers. Can you say pay raise?

You have to be realistic about the options. We can continue to try to tax business out of business and they will continue to leave for other countries that give them more favorable tax status or we can decide that in order to keep American businesses in America we will give them favorable tax status vis- a- vis the rest of the world.

One choice will ultimately result in business fleeing this country for greener pastures and one will cause those same businesses to produce right here at home. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to continue to collect a pay check or not. Period! Take the emotion out of it or at least balance the emotion with some critical thinking.

Or you could always go build your own corporation and get the same treatment. Then you could hire other people and pay them to complain about how selfish your are.

Let’s talk about Healthcare for a minute. Obviously this is another hot topic. You know the solutions are very simple. I am not sure what the hold up is and frankly the GOP need to get it together and stop screwing around. So here are some obvious solutions.

First we must repeal Obamacare fully. It was based on a false premise and that premise is that you can mandate people to purchase something they don’t want. That is called socialism and it does not work. Never has and it never will.

We need to replace it with a healthcare program that is all inclusive but also competitive. The question becomes how do you accomplish this. I have a few ideas on that.

First and foremost we must establish that insurance companies can sell across state lines. It will provide competition in a monopolized market. This in and of itself will bring down costs.

Hand in hand with selling across state lines we must allow individuals to form their own groups so when they negotiate insurance premiums they are negotiating in large numbers. There is power in numbers and this will force the insurers to be more competitive on pricing.

Health Savings Accounts! We have talked about it for years. It makes perfect sense and would virtually eliminate people going to the emergency room for a hang nail.

Doctors also need to get on board. It should not cost me more to visit the doctor if I pay cash. If you are willing to accept a lesser rate from the insurance company than you should be willing to accept that same amount from an individual.

Fix the FDA. It should not cost a billion dollars and a decade of time to get a drug to market. This is absurd and partly the reason for high drug costs. Again though the pharma companies need to get on board too and stop gouging patients for pills.

This one will be unpopular but in my opinion health insurance companies should be set up as non-profit corporations. The final answer on health care should not have anything to do with earnings per share.

We also need to set up healthcare cooperatives where you pay a flat fee per month for basic services, like doctors office visits and then all your insurance needs to cover is the catastrophic things. This also will reduce premiums significantly.

Lastly we need to set up “High Risk Pools” for people with pre-existing conditions. This will prevent a healthy persons premium from rising while it will assure the the sick person has the coverage they need.

As a side note, the lie needs to stop that MediCare and Medicaid are being cut. This is not true. More money will be spent for these services year over year. What the left calls a cut is really just a slower growth in spending. I repeat no money is being taken away.

There are probably a few other things that I am forgetting but this gives you a common sense starting point. The operative words being common sense.

There is one more thing that needs to be addressed right away and that is term limits. It is the only way to insure that politics does not become a career path.

This of course is only a start but these are two very important issues that need to be resolved. Otherwise the next stop is “Banana Republic” status for our country. It is that serious and as Americans we need to realize that and deal with it.

We have no more time to waste on this childish behavior. I said it yesterday, it is time to put our big boy pants on and get to work.

Over the next few days I will take a look at Illegal Immigration and how it effects all of the large and complicated choices we have to make as a country. Buckle up this could get wild.