The Insanity Continues

Main Stream Media Is At It Again

In case you missed it, to hear Brian Karem tell it, it is President Trump and his administrations fault that people do not trust the press anymore.

Of course it is someone else’s fault, it always is with the liberal left. Forget about the truth of the matter. It has no bearing.

For the record though let us have a look at the reason for the dust up. CNN ran a story that Anthony Scaramucci had meetings with a Russian bank and blah…blah…blahhh. Guess what? Turns out the story was completely untrue and the CNN reporters that ran the story had to resign.

Also for the record this has become the new normal at most of the major news outlets. They no longer report the news. What they do instead is make up stories because they do not like the results of the election.

Then those same people that told the lies get called out and people like Brian Karem accuse the person that called them out as being inflammatory. Huh? Pardon my french but are you shitting me?

Personally I loved the fact that Sarah Huckeby Sanders did not back down but called him right to the carpet. The lies have got to stop and people need to start being held accountable but it is not only the press doing this, making excuses I mean.

Recently Susan Rice implied that the reason she was being looked at for, at best, unethical behavior is because she is a woman and she is black. So in plain english it is because we are racist and sexist. Really? I has nothing to do with the fact that you are a proven liar?

Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg thinks all American’s should be guaranteed a decent living wage. Of course that will mean higher taxes for everyone to pay for it.

How about this Mark, give away all of your money, not in your lifetime but right now. Just give it all away. The huge house, the fancy cars…all of it and live like people in the real world. Pay yourself a hundred thousand a year, a fairly generous sum considering most American’s do not even earn that. Everything else gets given away. Live on a hundred thousand and see for yourself what that feels like. Fly economy a couple of times, drive a car that is more than a year or two old. Have debt out the ass with no way out and then see if you can still spew your nonsense.

Point is you can do whatever you want with your money but I am about sick of people trying to make me feel guilty because I don’t want to give what little I have away to people that are too lazy to work.

If you really believe what you say then prove it. Put your money where your mouth is or shut up. Same with Oprah.

Instead of spending ten thousand dollars on a purse, go to Marshall’s and spend $39.99 because you need a purse and that is what you can afford.

It seems to me that the press and the wealthy elitists are either completely detached from reality or they are playing a shell game. They say we should be doing all of these things but they do not do those things themselves.

Just like the issue with illegal immigrants. You think there should be sanctuary cities…cool. I have a suggestion. Invite a few MS-13 gang members to come stay at your house. You think these people should be here so take responsibility for it and let them live with you in your neighborhood.

In addition, has it occurred to anyone that if we were not paying the medical expenses of over ten million illegals in this country we might be able to afford to pay for our own healthcare? Does anyone have any idea how many billions of dollars are wasted in this fashion?

I am sure I sound cold-hearted to many bleeding hearts but I am fed up with the stupidity of the arguments the left makes. I can not pay all of my bills and then pay all of your bills too. This is the squeeze that is being put on the middle class. We do not have billions or even millions or even thousands stashed away for a rainy day. We live paycheck to paycheck in most cases.

I am not saying soak the rich and tax them out of existence. What I am saying Mr Buffet is that if you want to pay more in taxes then you are free to do that but stop telling me I should too. In fact your tax forms allow for you to give extra money if you believe in your premise so strongly. Just send it to the IRS. Trust me they will not give it back saying you gave them too much.

We no longer have the luxury of being irresponsible with money. We are 20 Trillion dollars in debt and that is just the amount the government is willing to admit to. If you add in the un or underfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare you are looking at closer to 200 trillion.

Another little tidbit of fact and a civics lesson as apparently not only did the left fail math but theirĀ understanding of the Constitution leaves much to be desired.

The rights protected in the Constitution do not apply to people in this country illegally. Period! Jeez I wish you people would educate yourselves instead of calling everyone else names. Just because you can not do math and have no understanding of the rule of law does not make me stupid or sexist or racist or a xenophobe or islamophobic or any of the other things you call me.

In fact I am none of those things and it is all a smoke screen to cover for your hypocrisy.

You are free to believe all the things you believe but you can not guilt me into believing the same things. If you want to lie then go right ahead but stop trying to make me feel bad because I called you a liar. You can give all of your money away to people too lazy to work but you can not force me to do the same thing. You can say that you believe in sanctuary cities and all are welcome but then go live amongst those people yourself and don’t get angry when I call you a hypocrite if you don’t.

And Russia, Russia, Russia has got to stop. You have lost all credibility. Meanwhile the real crimes go unreported.

Loretta Lynch tried to block the email investigation of Hillary Clinton. Obama was spying on American’s for political purposes. Susan Rice unmasked people for no apparent reason other than politics and most probably leaked those names to the press or at the very least started the leaking process. James Comey admitted leaking to the press. I mean how much more…?

Oh but I forgot, calling this shit out is “Not Fair” because you are just trying to do your jobs, according to Brian Karem.

I remember Josh Earnest, President Obama’s press secretary, lying directly to the press and literally laughing at the press and not one whisper of protest, but god forbid people trying to be honest should call you out on your lies…now it’s a big deal.

Here is a news flash, normal, sane people have had about enough. The left preaches tolerance and then goes and breaks stuff to keep people that do not agree with them from speaking. The left tells those same people they are ignorant and yet the left can not even do math. The left tells you they believe in the rule of law and then go break the law and then claim that I am racist because I think they are wrong.

This whole thing is completely insane. Regular American’s need to understand that this behavior is destroying what is left of our country. They also need to understand once and for all that this is the goal of the left. They hate freedom, not their freedom…just yours.

The left needs to accept that their way does not work. I never has and it never will. There is too much hate in the things you believe. I know you always speak of caring more about people than conservatives but that is simply not true. I you really care about someone you let them be free. Everything you stand for destroys freedom.

I do not claim to understand why you hate so much nor do I understand the greed but I do have common sense. You people say you are trying to spread the wealth so everyone can have a fair shake. Fantastic! Again put your money where your mouth is. Hell you can start with me. I could use about a hundred grand right now to pay off debt from a failed business venture. One of you write me a check. Trust me, like the IRS, I will not refuse it.

Otherwise just shut up, I have listened to this rubbish long enough. I suspect their are many who feel the same way I do.