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Lead Generation – Update 2

lead generationSo here we are…finally. It seems like this setup took forever but I realize it is only a few weeks. There were quite a few details to make sure were completed before I started mailing. I needed to make sure all my links worked, tracking was in place etc…Now this probably sounds very confusing especially for someone new to this. In reality the simplest thing to do, at least for me, was to spend an extra $30.00 and have an expert set it up for me. Now all that is complete and I am ready to start my first mailing. From here on out we are either going to see results or not. I ran a small test campaign over the past few days and the results are very promising and this was not even targeted traffic I mailed to.

The Plan – Lead Generation

If you have not already done so then go to http://liveyourdreamlife.org and download your free copy of our guide to earning 100K a year with solo ads. Once you have this tutorial it will be much easier to follow along and more important this is your map to duplicating what we are doing here.

This report is chock full of valuable information and is a complete strategy for building your list in the least amount of time possible and in the most efficient way possible. Most important is that once you have this information you will have your complete roadmap to the “Internet Lifestyle”. I mean let’s face it…isn’t that what we are chasing?

  • Freedom to work on our own terms
  • More time to spend with family
  • traveling to exotic places
  • new homes and nice cars

We all have our own idea of what that lifestyle looks like. The point is that with this system you can achieve it. We give you the plan. If you implement it your results will be the same as the results we achieve. How do I know? Simple the guy that showed this to me, Dale Calvert, is very successful. Google his name and you will understand you are dealing with someone that actually does this and is qualified to lead.

I have always been a firm believer that if you want what somebody has then you need to do what they do. Well, Dale has laid it all out in a simple plan and even gives you the exact resources he uses. Start there. Once you have your feet wet then you will discover many other resources for solo ads. In fact the additional resources I have found will be compiled in a list on this site.

In any case as I said I ran a small test campaign and mailed to 500 people. These were not targeted prospects interested in internet marketing, these were just regular people that were in my personal contacts list on Gmail. The results were pretty powerful. I had about a 5% optin rate, which is not great but again it was not targeted and this was free traffic. Of those 20 optins though I have at least 4 people that are getting started with MCA. Not bad for a test since each of those 4 people is worth $80.00 to me. This is simple math. If I can make an extra $320.00 in a couple of days without even trying imagine what will happen when this is going to people that are actually interested in starting or expanding their own online efforts?

Running Solo Ads – Lead Generation

So to recap, we have built the lead generation funnel, we have set up our autoresponder┬áto make the whole process work automatically and we have tested our links to make sure all is working properly. Everything checks out so now we are ready to send solo ads. There is an extensive list in the the eBook I am giving away “Earn 100K Per Year With Solo Ads”. Feel free to start with these. This list is 147 of the best solo ad sources that Dale uses. Again if you want what they have then do what they do.

In addition I have also compiled a list of solo ad sources that I will test as time goes buy. The ones that proof credible and effective I will add to the list so stay tuned for more.

Tomorrow or Saturday I will select my first vendor’s. I intend to run 2 or 3 small mailings to spread it among a few different provider’s. I will check back in with the results in a few days. Till next time…