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Lead Generation – Progress Report

Working With A Budget – Lead Generation

Lead Generation
Okay so I did not properly budget out of the gate so everything is going to take a little longer than expected with regard to Lead Generation. Maybe saying I did not budget properly is being a little too harsh. The fact is that I am starting over and so do not have the budget of thousands of dollars to spend to develop my business. I am just like everyone else now, starting with not much and budgeting the best I can. The fact remains though that if I want to grow this I am going to have to invest some money. This idea that you can start and grow a business with no investment is pure folly. Now that is not to say you need to mortgage the farm to start a business, just saying that you are going to have to spend some money. If you are not willing to then don’t even get in the game. You will just lose you ass and blame others for your failure. So having said all that let me tell you where I am.

Honestly I realize now that this is the most critical part and it is the part I have always tried to shortcut. Don’t skimp here, if it takes you a few extra days or even weeks it does not matter in the big picture. If you set it up right the first time then you do not ever have to go back and fix it. It literally becomes a one and done. So what have I been doing the last couple of weeks?

Well first of all I have to work within my budget which as I stated is not what it used to be. This is not necessarily bad news, especially for someone starting out with no money. If it works for me it will work for you. Period! So I guess we will see what happens when you are starting with a budget of literally fifty to a hundred bucks a week and not every week. I suspect as I have already seen that this takes a bit longer than I had thought. Once I generate a bit of cash flow I will be able to grow much quicker. So again what have I been doing?

The first thing I wanted to make sure of was that I had my lead funnel set up properly. So I did all that but let’s face it we are in this to make money. I needed to find some real “no-brainer” opportunities. It is actually surprising how many great companies are out there once you start looking. So I wanted to make sure I had something of real value to offer to people that subscribe to my list. All that costs money. The getting started part I mean. There is no way around it, you are going to lose some money out of the gate. Not really lose but you have to put that money out there in front and then look for the return on the back end. So I got involved with Motor Club of America (MCA). I figure that anyone that has owned a car or owns a car and has been broken down on the side of the road will see the value in MCA. This creates an immediate market and a sustainable one. Even if I am not making money right away with MCA…it is still a service I need and would buy anyway so why not set up a business where you can get paid for what you were going to do anyway? See? I am going to do this with several businesses. I think it makes sense. I know there are no shiny buttons and flashy phony sales letters but I believe if I provide a product that people need and are going to spend money on anyway then it is not too far a stretch to encourage them to see if they can’t make a few bucks in the process.

This process started from the beginning. My first goal in building this project is to make sure that whatever businesses are attached to it make sense to people. The only precedent I have for what makes sense to people is what makes sense to me. To me, MCA makes sense. I spend $19.95 per month for a service I need anyway, plus all the additional perks you get in the process. Anyway I pay $19.95 per month, get a service I need and get paid $80.00 every time I introduce this to another person…driver. Think about how many customers and potential business partners you have in a country with 350 million people. Plus this is in Canada too. So I spend $19.95 per month and get paid $80.00 for every new referral. Essentially I need to bring in a new referral every 4 months to break even…lol…are you shitting me?…lol. I don’t care how limited you think your skills are I think you can recruit one person every 4 months. You say you can’t…really? Think about that because this is your break even point. Every person you bring to this after the first person is pure profit.

Simplicity In Online Marketing

That is what I like about this…it appeals to my need to be conservative with my money. I am starting completely over and in the process of building my list of subscriber’s I want to earn some money for value provided. I can provide a solid service from a company that has been in business more than 75 years and get paid for it while my break even or at risk money is very low. Still it is costing some money.

To set up the whole sales and lead funnel will cost me about $140.00. I have spent about $100.00 of that to this point. I need to do one more thing on Friday that will complete the funnel. …I am not off the hook yet. That was the easy part. Now comes the part where I really need to take a chance. Starting next week I am going to begin running solo ads. I will tell you who I use and what the results are. I also will be testing different squeeze pages over time and all that fun stuff but for now I am going to use the systems in place and run with it. My budget for the solo ads is about a hundred dollars a week for the first few weeks. Hopefully if all goes as planned then the budget will increase dramatically over the next few months. I will keep you posted on what is working and what is not.

That’s it for now but in a quick synopsis…all should be set up by the end of the week and ready to roll next week. I just need to make sure my budget is secure. Till next time…