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Lead Generation Works

How Lead Generation Works

Lead GenerationSo I know you have all been waiting for an update on what has been happening with the efforts I have been putting into lead generation. Well your wait is at an end. Now listen I have not built a list of 20,000 people in the last couple of weeks but I have done a bit of advertising to test this out and the results are in. By the way my first solo ads are just scheduled to start this week so more to come but the early results look very promising.

So far I have only mailed to my LinkedIn connections and to be honest these connections are not very targeted. They are business associates and friends but most are not into Internet Marketing, Building Lists or Lead Generation and yet of about 400 emails sent I got a pretty solid response.

I would estimate that about 75 of those 400 are targeted to Internet Marketing / Biz Ops. Of those 75, 30 are now on my list and 6 have signed up for my Primary offer. Frankly that is pretty awesome. I have already earned almost $500.00 – net profit but more important to me is that I have tested the conversion on this myself and the numbers hold. Now to scale it up. But before we go there I want to take a closer look at the numbers and show you the real potential of this and where you can go with this.

Let’s use my primary business as an example. So far the six people I have involved with me are business builders. So let’s just say for the sake of argument that none of us ever does any better than what I have accomplished in the first 2 weeks of actively promoting this.

This math will blow your mind.

If I and my first six business builders only do what i have done…you know what scratch that…let’s say the results are even less than I have gotten. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that we all bring in one person a week. Doesn’t sound like much does it? Honestly it is not and if you are serious this should be your lowest goal you can set. One person a week.

If each of us does just that little bit at the end of 30 days there will be 30 people in this opportunity…still no great shakes. Although each of us will have earned an additional $320.00 in pure profit. Okay I hear you…but what about my advertising costs for running solo’s? Well that is the best part! Even if you were to get such dismal results (which you won’t) you would still make a small profit. Not bad for your first 30 days in business. Now let’s look at month two.

This month we are starting with 30 people, all of which are doing the same thing…just one person a week. So in month 2 we add 120 people to our business for a total of 150 people at the end of the month. Now again still a small profit from the advertising because of the back end offer but you also must realize your are filling a forced matrix at the same time so now you have some residual coming in too. Plus now your list has over one hundred people on it.

You can obviously see where we are going with this. Now let’s say in month three, now that we have a bit of cash flow we scale our efforts up a bit and now instead of bringing one person in a week we are bringing 2 people a week. This is how you build a business. This is how I built my pizza shop and this is how I built my cleaning business. Both were madly successful. Had I used the same approach upon entering the online arena I dare say I would be well retired by now.

In any case I digress…at the end of month even sticking with the 1 person a week scenario there are now 600 new people coming into the business by the end of the month for a total of 750 people in the organization.

No Pie In The Sky – Lead Generation

Now for those of you that are more experienced you know not everyone is going to do those numbers. Some will do nothing…as usual…they will be the people that cry that nothing ever works except this time even they will make money because as you will also be aware…there are some that will go get 100 people all by themselves and so the numbers even out. More importantly because this is a forced matrix the efforts of each and all are going in the same direction so all benefit.

Please make no mistake, this is not an invitation to the slacker’s to get involved with us. In fact we would prefer you did not. If you honestly think with a complete system in place that does all the heavy lifting for you that you still can’t manage even one person a week then keep your day job.

**Note – The last paragraph is not meant to discourage but the simple fact is that we can show you how to do it but you still have to DO IT!!

I am not trying to be crass or uncaring but if you can’t find one person a week with this system then you are not using this system and you wasted your time and money. I just ask that you don’t waste our time and our money. We want to use our efforts with people that are engaged not people looking for a free ride. That’s what HYIP’s and Cyclers are for and they will be very happy to steal your money.

This blog is about List Building, Lead Generation and the reality that you will have to do something to get the results. Granted you don’t have to do much but you do have to do something. If it was as simple as planting my flag and the money would just somehow miraculously come to me then all would be living the dream. I have fallen into this trap too many times to do it again.

There is no free lunch!

Back on point. Even if we go with the meager test numbers and I never scale it up from there the math says I will have a list of over 1000 people at the end of year one. Again the numbers say that each of those people is worth about a dollar a month to me. So that is a thousand dollars a month coming in right there!

Would an extra grand every month change things in your life?

If so pay attention. This blog is not about showing you how to push a magic button to make a million dollars in a month. It is a blog to show you how to build the magic button and that button is your list. In the meantime you can make a ton of money If you have a converting offer. If you do have that converting offer already then that’s awesome but if you don’t then you should have a look at our offer cause it converts like mad.

Check it out. It costs you nothing to look and if you have been looking for ways to build your list then the free ebook is worth it. To get you ebook on Earning 100K a year with Solo Ads Click Here.

Remember it’s free. For real…FREE! What you do with it is up to you.

I could go on all day about the numbers but I will assume all here know how to do math so you can run the numbers further out for yourself. The simple fact is this – if you want to be successful online you need a list. To build that list you must have a compelling offer that will get your prospects attention and you must have a converting offer. If you want to search for the next couple fo years like I did for an offer that converts…well…carry on. If you are tired of the hype then start doing math. Marketing is Math!!!

To your success