Skinny Body Care Update

Skinny Body Price ListAs I write this article it occurs to me that some people just do not get it. As you may recall, a few months ago, I was getting involved with a company named Skinny Body Care. The company seemed to have all the tools to make a successful run at it but as they say “What the big print giveth, The fine print taketh away”. This could not be more true in the case of Skinny Body Care.

Things started out great. The company has wonderful products, no debt and an awesome pay plan for its distributor’s. The problem arises as you get further involved with the company.

On their website for distributor’s they have a phone number for you to call if you have questions or issues. Sounds good right? There is only one problem, no one ever answers the phone. They also have a “Live Chat” service. Frankly they should call that lip service. When you contact this company with an issue through Live Chat all you get is the run around. They do nothing to resolve the issue and then ask if there is anything else they can help you with today.

So then you try email to get an issue resolved. Of course at this point you are ready to blow your cork because you have jumped through all these hoops and still are where you started.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Recently I decided to take this product to an event in Oklahoma. I ordered media and business cards to take with me. I ordered this a couple of weeks in advance and thought that was plenty of time. This would seem a reasonable assumption as I can go to VistaPrint and get business cards in 5 days. My bad. When my literature and cards had not shown up after more than a week I tried calling the company. No answer, just a recorded message. So I tried their Live Chat. They finally told me it would be 3 weeks before my media arrived. That would be one week after the event ended.

I naturally asked them to cancel the order. They tell me they can not as the order has already been processed. I naturally ask, if the order has already been processed then why will it take 3 weeks to receive at which point they say that is how it is and is there anything else they can help me with. These idiots have not helped at all and they are asking if they can help some more…frigging incredible.

Now I am pissed and so send off an email threatening to sue the company if they do not refund my account for the money spent. Finally they respond to my email and say they will refund the cost.

So now I am in Tulsa. I have invested over a thousand dollars to make Banners and other signage. I have paid a thousand dollars rent for my location and invested another thousand into inventory to display and sell, only to find out that I can go on Amazon and buy the product cheaper there than I can sell it for. In fact it is cheaper on Amazon than the company will even sell it to me for. Turns out the company is the one selling their product on Amazon and when challenged on this they simply ignore the emails sent by myself and my upline.

I then turned to the Facebook Group that was set up by the team I was on. I raised this issue with them and was promptly banned from the group. It seems they know exactly what is going on but are only interested in the money they are making and not how they make it.

I can not work with a company that purposefully misleads their customer’s and distributor’s and that is what seems to be going on here. Short term it will work for the company and the people at the top but in the long term they are undermining their distributor’s and that is just bad business.

With that in mind I have cancelled my participation and am urging all my distributor’s to do the same.