Should We Believe The Polls?

poll numbersDonald Trump and others have raised two important issues. The first is whether the election is being rigged. The second issue is tied to the first. Are the poll numbers accurate or are they rigged too?

Whether the election is being rigged on purpose or not is certainly a concern and evidence regarding polling machines says it is a possibility. Let’s face facts. When you touch the screen section that says vote Straight Republican and everything comes up Republican except the Presidential choice then there is a problem. To read more about this follow the Link.

Please do not tell me this is a mistake or a conservative conspiracy theory. We can build a car that can drive itself and yet we can not seem to make a touch screen work properly on a polling machine? C’mon. Again you must suspend disbelief to think nothing is happening here. And the press has already set it up by stating that Texas is “In Play” for Clinton.

Anyway let’s move on to the polling numbers as I have a somewhat unique perspective on this. You see my wife and I drive much of the United States in the work we perform and so we see many different people with many different perspectives.

Anecdotal evidence would show that Trump is trouncing Hillary. Allow me to explain.

Recently we traveled to Tulsa, OK to participate in the Tulsa State Fair. We started our journey in Pennsylvania and traveled through West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Finally arrived in Oklahoma. You could count on one hand and frankly less than that how many signs you saw for Hillary for President. You would have lost count of the signs you saw for Trump for President but that is not all.

In speaking with literally tens of thousands of people at the event we attended and the people we met on our journey the approval for Trump was resounding and, frankly, inspiring. After all of the nonsense the main stream media has spouted about the polls saying Hillary is running away with this election it was refreshing to see that this is just another lie to discourage people from participating. The logic being, why vote if you have already lost!

Okay, I hear you. This is just one section of the country and is historically conservative. So let’s have a look at where we went next. This next trip is somewhat convoluted as we were not supposed to go where we went.

It turned out that a guy I had a business partnership with is a thief and he was stealing a lot of money from us and so we had to travel to the North Carolina State Fair to put an end to it and in the process had to finish that event and then move equipment to Florida for our next series of commitments.

So here we go. Starting in Pennsylvania we traveled through Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida. Again the same thing. Almost no visibility for the Clinton campaign and hundreds if not more than a thousand signs for Trump.

While we were at the North Carolina State Fair we saw thousands of people wearing Trump stickers on their shirts, people carrying Trump lawn signs and yes there was one lone girl wearing a pink Hillary 2016 T-shirt.

So you tell me, are the polls rigged? or is this just nonsense? Well…let’s look at some of the numbers. Keep in mind I am not a reporter or a journalist, I am just another businessman that has an opinion but let’s look at some numbers.

Did you know that some of the polls being cited are stacked 65% Democrats polled to 35%Republicans and Independents polled? And yet these polls even with their uneven numbers only show Hillary with a 2 or 3 point lead! How can that possibly be? Either she is getting her butt kicked or these pollster’s need to find a new job that requires less competency.

Think about it, if the numbers are stacked in that direction it would stand to reason that Hillary should have a massive lead. That is unless Democrats are running in the opposite direction and polling for and prepared to vote for Trump! That would also fall in line with what my own eyes tell me. Can you say “Reagan Democrats”?

You must understand most if not all of these polling institutions are run by the same media companies that stack the deck against Trump so why would their polls be any different? Interestingly the one poll that has gotten it right the last three elections is the IBD Poll (Investors Business Daily) and they say Trump and Clinton are virtually tied!

Let’s go back to North Carolina State Fair for a second. Probably the coolest thing I saw was the level of excitement and pride the people supporting Donald Trump have in their candidate. They know he will do for the country the same thing he does for his business. He will bring us back under budget and in record time.

I know this, if we do not lose hope and we cast our vote Trump will win and I think he will win in a landslide, even with the obvious rigging. Just please remember to check your vote before you cast it. The power’s that be will do whatever it takes to steal this election. All you have to do is educate yourself to know this is true.

To the people who still choose to remain in ignorance I urge you to reconsider. Do you really want a president that rigs everything they touch? To women who are voting for Hillary because she is a woman, do you really want this person to be the one to represent women in America? and if so do not get mad at men who disrespect you as you will have brought it on yourselves! To the African-American’s in this country, aren’t you tired of the “New Plantation” you have been put on by the Democrats? Face facts, the cities have been run by the Democrats for the better part of the last 100 years! How is that working out for you? How much worse could it be under a Trump leadership?

It is time for all people to wake up and deal with reality. Obamacare sucks! It does not work. I would rather pay the mandated fine than have that crap insurance and so would most others. The Democrat solution, increase the fine! Hah…I will go completely off the books if you keep this stuff up and then how will you collect my money? The election process is rigged and it is rigged to discourage you from voting and for you to lose hope. This is the work of the Democrats, just read the latest Wiki Leaks out this morning. The polling numbers are rigged as referenced above! Is this what you want for America? Do you want to be hopeless and helpless?

If not there is only one choice for you and that is Trump! It is time to take back our country. If not now When? Do you want it to become more violent? By the way, again via Wiki Leaks, this violence so far has been the coordinated efforts of the liberals and progressives! My fear is that if we continue in the direction we are headed there will be a flat out civil war. Frankly it is one the liberals will not win, they are just too soft. That is why they try to steal things. You have not the ability to earn things but America will have to be earned. My advice, stop now before it is too late for you. Believe me when I say that when the conservatives have had enough of your BS they will rise up and kick your A%$.

You can get all upset and tell me about my “Anger Issues” all you want but I am just telling you the truth. I am not a violent man but sooner or later you will have gone too far. Actually you already have but our integrity and respect for others has held us back. Please do not push any further or you will see what winning looks like! Trust me you will not like it as you will be on the losing end.

The corruption must stop and you are either going to be on the stop side or the continue side. It is up to you but please do not think you can take a Prozac and make it all go away. You can not. It is time to decide.