Right Wing Conspiracy?

director comeySo as Hillary likes to say “Here we go again” There is only one problem and that problem is that Hillary is always present when things blow up. I learned a long time ago that when problems arise in my life I am the only common denominator.

This would be a lesson that should be well learned by now in the Clinton campaign. They are constantly pointing the finger at someone or something else. First it was Trump. Then it was the Russians and now it is apparently James Comey that is the problem.

Here is a news flash. Adults take responsibility for their own actions. They do not blame others for the problems they create for themselves.

Here is another reality check. There is no way FBI Director Comey would have reopened this case, 11 days before the election, if the “New Evidence” was not huge. He already lost all credibility among his peers for not convening a grand jury in the first place. Do you really think he would jeopardize what is left of his reputation by playing politics?

To hear Clinton tell it this may be nothing at all. Are you kidding me? She says let’s get all the information out there. This is of course after stonewalling on her private server for over a year, erasing emails after being ordered by congress to turn over all State Department Information, after lying to Congress, after a secret meeting with her husband and Loretta¬†Lynch…jeez I can not even remember all of the things she has supported to do exactly the opposite.

This person has no desire for the truth to come out or she would have participated readily prior to this. In fact she has done the opposite. The only reason she is saying this now is because she knows the FBI will not do that because the investigation is ongoing. Personally I think the FBI should release just to shove it to her but then again I am deplorable and irredeemable.

Of course the liberals in the media are saying Comey is just doing some CYA. Two months ago they were praising his integrity for the truth and his thoroughness regarding the investigation.

As I write this I am listening to Geraldo Rivera spewing nonsense on Fox News about how there was no intent to disclose secrets and that there must be intent to prosecute. This is completely false.

That would be like saying I walked into a convenience store, with a gun and with the intent to rob said store. I just brought the gun to scare the clerk and the gun accidentally went off and killed the clerk. Did I commit murder or was it just an attempted robbery?

Another example, I go out to dinner with my wife, during dinner we have a few drinks and on the drive home I get pulled over and the police officer charges me with a DUI. Do I get to make the argument that it was not my intent to get drunk? How do you think that will work out for me?

It is complete insanity to make this argument and under any other circumstances it would be laughed out of the room but when it comes to Hillary these arguments apparently are all on the table.

To anyone that was actually being honest about the situation, she would have been in jail a long time ago. If it was you or I that did these things, orange would be the new black!

This is a good lesson for people that think they will never get caught. Sooner or later you will get caught and it is usually your arrogance that catches you. People like Hillary think they can do whatever they want. You can’t and frankly many people are disgusted with people like you.

The best thing the liberal media could do is stop carrying water for Hilary. The longer you do it the more foolish you look. Worse, the longer you do it the more dishonest you prove yourselves to be.

Now Fox News has a guy on for Yahoo News. Almost to a man these people are hanging on the fact that Comey states that they are not sure yet whether the emails are pertinent to the investigation of Hillary’s email issue.

Has it occurred to any of these mopes that the only reason he stated that was to make sure his choice to pursue this did not over-shadow the election to the degree that it could? Do you really think he would have reopened this if it was not a slam dunk? Wake up people. It is time to put our thinking caps on.

Personally I do not necessarily believe it was Anthony Weiner’s issue that brought this to light. I have a completely different theory. I think Wiki Leaks showed some more emails to the FBI and specifically Director Comey and told him either you investigate or we will release the emails and let the American people decide.

Comey was caught between the rock and the hard place. If he did not release this information he would be guilty of obstruction of justice and Hillary would still go to jail. At least this way he can redeem himself somewhat and save his own ass.

Fact is that anybody that thinks this thing did not stink from the get go is so deluded it is not even funny. I mean if Hillary had nothing to hide then why did she go to such great lengths to hide it.

My hope is that people will finally realize the type of person you are dealing with when it comes to Hillary. If you elect her for President, get ready for our first American President to go to jail. She will not be able to “Pardon” herself!