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Keyword Tools

Success with Lead Generation starts at the very beginning, this being niche selection and solid “Keyword Research”. In the following sections we will try to explore several different options to do your keyword research.

In our open blog there are posts on the actual process of keyword research. These pages are primarily devoted to the actual tools we use and how they work. Ultimately we will add video tutorials for all of the tools we are using so stay tuned for more.

Having said that I think we would be remiss in not stressing just how important keyword research is and using the proper tools is critical to your success. All of the keyword tools are available for free. If you are willing to spend some time learning how to do proper keyword research and what makes a good search term then you can do this part for nothing except a bit of your time. More to the point is that if you do this part well then the payoff will be huge.

If you’re like me and try to take things to their simplest, most automated form then there are Keyword tools that are automated that eliminate the need for the tedium of doing your own cross checks. Essentially you just input your “seed” keyword and the program does the rest. I do believe if you invest in the right tools then the process becomes much simpler. Let me be clear, you do not need to spend money to do keyword research as their are many free tools out there. But…if you want to save a ton of time and simplify the process there is no better investment you can make in your business than automation.

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