List Building – Update

Building Your Sales Funnel

Hey you guys. It is 1:00 AM EST. I actually finished a major project to do with List Building a few hours ago and wanted to give you the skinny. I spent the day building my first Sales Funnel and Lead Capture Funnel. I had built squeeze pages before but this is the first time I actually planned out the process and was not just throwing darts. The Lead Capture and OTO page I built are integral to developing my list of subscriber’s.

I am inserting the link Here so you can check it out. It will give you an idea of how you want this to flow. You can also get a free eBook on Social Media Marketing. This eBook is a complete no-fluff report on developing and managing your Social Media Presence. Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Google is crazy for social and that does not look to change anytime soon.

The cool thing about taking your SEO social is that the traffic you will develop will not be subject to the will of Google and at the same time since this is what Google wants they reward you with high rankings. So goes the wisdom of a couple of SEO guys that are highly reputable and recognized. When we get into website building I will go into more detail about these authorities.

Sorry I digress…

This project took me about 7 hours to complete and that was only because I hit a couple of hitches when it came to getting the video right. Point is that if I knew what I was doing this project would have taken less than half that amount of time. Another simple fact is that I could not do this type of work on my own. I used a WordPress Theme called Optimize Press.

I have to tell you that I invested in this theme about two years ago and it has come a long way. Now granted I did not know what I know now either but this theme is amazing in its simplicity and it will allow you to set up so many different things. I realized that this is a theme designed around ways to monetize the internet. Lead Capture Pages, Sales Funnels, Lead Funnels, Product Launches, all no problem. What I did not realize is that the same theme also has a template for a membership site. There is just so much you can do with this theme and I can tell you I am only scratching the surface.

Anyway it is late and I am tired but I will definitely talk more on this topic over the next few days. Thing is I want to try and keep this in order so next we will be talking about Hosting and Domain Names.

To Your Success…