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Making Money Online

Make Money OnlineFor a minute now I have been focused writing solely on the political landscape, so I wanted to take a minute and discuss business as much of what I see in the political climate also exists in the world of business. Specifically I am addressing the level of honesty in business. In my opinion, no where is the comparison more stark than in the world of making money online.

Beware Deceptive Marketing

It seems many if not most online marketer’s will say what ever they have to when it comes to getting the sale. Case in point is a webinar I was watching last night.

This webinar was a bonus I received upon purchasing a new product. Fyi, once I have tested the system I bought I will post my results. Back to the webinar. It was touted that I was going to be shown a method to drive unlimited free traffic to my websites.

The first 45+ minutes was the guy showing me fancy pictures of all the places he had been to in the last few years as he was making money online. The next half hour was touting the use of email, in combination with CPA marketing, to make money online.

For people that have no experience it was useful information except he only told half the story. Therein lies the problem, having just enough knowledge to be dangerous. I am certain his strategy works but at what cost? In fact I have used the strategy myself. The problem is that there is a high rate of attrition in this strategy.

Essentially you go out and buy email addresses and then send what are called “email submit” CPA offers to those emails and you get paid when people take the action required. What he did not say is that those supposed offers for a “Free” IPAD or the “Free: gift card are not free. You must agree to purchase several product before you get the free IPAD. This tends to tick a lot of people off and guess what happens then? You guessed it, they unsubscribe from your list.

In addition, because you purchased their email from a third party, they never actually opted in to your list. So you run the risk of getting your IP’s banned and thus being shut down.

Now comes the “Big Reveal”. This supposed “Free Traffic Method” costs…wait for it…$1495.00 to initially set up. This will not be your only cost however. Remember your are going to be ticking off a bunch of people so to keep it going you are going must constantly replenish your list of emails and that costs more money.

This type of marketing not only damages the credibility of the marketer on the webinar but also the marketers that said it was free in the first place, thus casting doubt on the viability of the original product you bought. It seems though that marketers do not care about their reputation or their integrity. It is also noteworthy to mention that so long as people continue¬†to deal with dishonest marketers like this, the dishonest marketer’s will continue to sell their snake oil.

Lastly, I can set up this exact program that this guy wants to charge near $1500.00 for about $500.00 total initial cost. Again the problem arises that most new marketers are not aware of this.

Personally I think it is unethical to take advantage of a person’s lack of experience just to make a buck. I sell to people all the time that need my services but I believe in full disclosure so my clients and partners can make an intelligent decision. Sadly from my experience most marketer’s do not see it this way. It makes my angry because it also effects my reputation.

Will it stop? Probably not. Has it stopped in politics? I think we all know the answer to this.

Integrity and our word is all we have at the end of the day and it seems to me that is in short supply these days.