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Having the proper tools to perform Web Analytics is crucial to determining your competition. The tools on this page are the “go to” tools I am using for my Keyword Research. While I have invested in the Pro Versions of each of these tools it is something I have done over time. Frankly I wish I would have invested in these tools sooner as they save me hours of work but in the beginning I was more concerned with saving cash than investing in automation tools. I have since learned that automation is the only way to go. There is no way to live the “Internet Lifestyle” if you do not automate the repetitive chores. Keyword Research Software is the first tool to help make this happen.

Keyword Spy – Keyword Research Software

Keyword Research SoftwareKeyword Spy is a really cool piece of software. It can literally cut my research time to a tenth of what it would take to accomplish everything that this tool does if I had to do it manually. Talk about powerful, Listen to this…you will have the ability to see the exact keywords your competition is trying to rank for and all of the link info necessary to duplicate their results. Most important is that this all happens at the push of a button. Imagine the time you will save just not having to figure out the keywords your competition is ranking for. This is all time you can focus on what really matters which is developing your authority and social presence. This is another tool that offers you a free trial but this is a paid service and most definitely worth every dime.

Keyword Canine – Keyword Tools

Keyword Research ToolKeyword Canine has a complex algorithm in place to determine how difficult any particular keyword(s) would be to get ranked in the top Search Engines. This algorithm takes into account several critical data points and works on a 0 to 100 scale. The Niche Finder Tool is basically auto brainstorming! It allows you to quickly and easily browse thousands of niches and filter the last 30 days of keywords by CPC, search volume, avg. KCRank and more to quickly find HOT niches to target! Couple that with the EXTREMELY powerful Explorer feature, which generates huge lists of keywords, and you have more keywords and data than you’ll ever need!
As a smart Internet Marketer, you likely understand the importance of not only monitoring the backlinks of your own websites, but also that of your competitors websites. With KC’s backlink analyzer you can do both, while seeing backlink breakdowns, PageRank breakdowns, Anchor Text breakdowns, nofollow breakdowns and much more!
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