It’s Not About Me!

Donald Trump 2016This is the message Donald Trump must hammer home. I have heard him say that a few times but then he focuses on himself. I get it but the press is already trying to make it all about him, he needs to make it about the ideal. About America.

This election is not about Mr. Trump or Hillary Clinton. This election is about whether we leave America a democracy for the next generation or do we want a socialist society?

Before you answer that question consider the effects of Socialism everywhere else it has been tried and failed.

This is the part I just do not get. It’s not like the Progressive’s and/or Socialist’s can point to this record of success, where country after country that has tried it is now a bastion of success. In fact, quite the opposite is true and yet there is at least half our population that apparently thinks it will work…this time.

They can never seem to tell you why it will work but they assure you it will. My experience is that time after time the Progressive’s never seem to be able to explain the math. Perhaps that is why they want to make it about Donald Trump.

This is exactly why “The Donald” must stick to the ideal. The idea of what America is or could be and what we can become. It is our choice. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are secondary to the bigger choice. You must explain to people exactly what it means to have 4 more years of current policies, let alone decades when it comes to the choice of Supreme Court Justices.

The Progressives claim this is Fear Politics. It is reality politics, not fear. The Progressives want everything to be free. Listen, whether that is Hillary or Bernie, that is the ultimate goal. Arguing about how fast we get there is a bit disingenuous.

Yet this is what they do. The paint this Pollyanna scenario, where we pay for all or part, depending on who you talk to, of college with no real details on how to make the math work. Pay for everyone’s healthcare and yet the system they put in place sees costs rising by 10-40% annually.

To hear them tell it things are great, the market is at new highs, unemployment is 4.9%, doesn’t get much better than that. Until, of course, you look into the numbers and then the picture is a bit different. Seems that’s always the case with the Liberals.

Turns out that more than 70% of the run up in stocks is due to corporate buybacks of stock. This courtesy of the Fed that gave away free money for the last 8 years. Much of that money wound up in the hands of big corporations. It became much easier for them to increase earnings per share just by buying back their own stock than it was to grow earnings through increase in business. What happens when the Fed finally takes away the punch bowl?

It’s the same for Unemployment. The real unemployment rate is estimated to be somewhere between 10-20%, depending on who you ask, not 4.9%. This in an economy that is supposedly humming right along? Question, what happens when things get bad?

As things continue to deteriorate economically do not expect the violence to subside. It will only get worse. When people lose the power to choose they tend to lash out. When you do not have full pockets you’re choices are, most assuredly, more limited. If the Progressive’s really wanted to decrease violence they should focus more on prosperity for all. Not give-aways but rather real prosperity.

The Progressive’s will tell you that lying to achieve the greater good is okay. The problem is that they are not lying to protect state secrets. They lie to protect their incompetence or to protect their secret.

Let’s face it, the Progressive’s will have you believe only one of two possible scenario’s. One, either they are so incompetent that they do not know what ransom is, they do not understand what Classified means and big government fix anything, even if they have to mortgage the next 100 years. Two, they are doing this on purpose to destroy the United States. These are their arguments, not mine.

So our choices are either rank stupidity or treason. Ironically enough these are the exact things they state about Donald Trump. Funny how the Libs always do that. They accuse the opposition of exactly the thing they are doing.

Think about it. The Progressive’s are accusing Donald Trump of those two scenarios. He is either stupid and treasonous or he will destroy the United States. Yet the track record for these behaviors is all on the Progressive side and specifically Barrack Obama And Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump needs to stick to the issues. He also needs to explain to people that it does not matter whether you like him or not. It matters what you want our country to look like when you are sitting on the porch with your grand-children and children.

We are totally off in the wrong direction and if we do not get back on track quickly the road will continue to narrow.

It is clear the opposition does not want to talk about these things. They want to know whether Milania’s Green Card was issued properly. Really? Apparently they are concerned about illegal immigrants after all. Not the illegals getting free school, Medicaid, food stamps, not the sanctuary cities or the criminal’s….no…no…no, a woman who immigrated to this country almost 20 years ago and did it legally. This is how absurd this has become.

This is not an election about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It truly is about an ideal. Do we really want to become so pathetic and petty that just to get our way we will say and do whatever it takes or is integrity going to have any part in the conversation?

That is what this election is about. Integrity. Integrity for economics. Integrity for our security. Integrity for our selves. Freedom comes with a price and that price is integrity. That is why the Progressives try to undermine integrity. They know that without it there can be no freedom.

Mr. Trump, stop talking about yourself, love your story but stop. Talk instead about integrity. Integrity of service and how the opposition is attempting to make this a non-issue and you will win!