It Is Like A Road Runner Cartoon

Donald Trump Is The Road Runner

corrupt media

And the leftist Media and the liberal left politician’s are collectively Wile E. Coyote. It really is like a cartoon.

Think about it, they scheme and plan for the destruction of the Road Runner, Donald Trump, and the dynamite always blows up in their face.

It is actually becoming quite funny. It is like Saturday morning TV that I watched when I was a kid. I used to wake up early Saturday morning anticipating the latest Road Runner cartoon. I am finding myself having much the same response watching the antics of the liberal press and the liberal left.

The Latest installment has the “Road Runner” trying to fix the mess “The Swamp” has created over the last 50 years and Wile E. Coyote is screaming Russia, Russia, Russia and claiming obstruction of justice.

As is now coming to light President Trump obstructed nothing and has no ties to Russia but…wait for it…It now appears that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch did all of the obstruction to protect Hillary and Bill Clinton. This of course also implicates the hero of the left, otherwise known as Barrack Obama.

Leftist Media

I gotta’ hand it to the liberals though. Once they get their teeth into something they do not let go. No matter how many times they get blown up with their own dynamite they continue to chase the Road Runner.

You liberals crack me up. You are worried about Russia interfering in our election all the while you are trying to hijack the entire criminal justice system and you call us deplorable…ROTFLMAO!!!!

The sad part is that there are also some on the right that are doing the same things. Take for example John McCain, the esteemed Senator from Arizona. Hey John here’s a shout out to you and a bit of advice…Shut up as you appear to be an enemy of the state every time you open your mouth. You may not like President Trump but you seem to be willing to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The question that continues to roll around in my head is this…why do people refuse the common sense solutions that are right in front of them?

For example, it makes no sense to allow people to enter our country that we can not vet. If there were not people blowing other’s up or running people down with trucks, in the name of Allah, this would not be the case…but there are and the number’s are increasing. You can not discount this fact when making your choices.

To be honest I would not care what you choose if it had no effect on me but your choices do effect me and so I would appreciate a sensible approach and not just an emotional response.

Sorry I digress. What happened to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the rest of their ilk? A few weeks ago we could not get you to shut up about Russia and collusion and obstruction. Where are you now that the investigation has turned on you and now focuses on Hillary, Lynch and Obama? Boom!!!  

More concerning though and the larger question is this, when are the knuckleheads that support these people going to wake up? That would be directed at the American’s that continue to believe their nonsense.

Let me give you another example of your flawed premise. You seem to think that the people on Food Stamps need that help. While some do, most do not. Want Proof? The state of Wisconsin just published a paper that stated that Food Stamp applicants reduced by 85% as soon as they required people to work to receive them. A) Are those 85% no longer hungry? or B) were they just taking the free hand out because they could?

In case you are struggling with the answer it is “B”

So a question to the liberals, aren’t you tired of paying for people that are just gaming the system? or are you those people? If you are those people here is a news flash and you had better listen. The days of the “Free Lunch” are over. Get a job!

Listen, conservatives want to help people that really need help. We do not want to help people that are too lazy to help themselves. Please also explain to me why I should?

I got my first job when I was 14 years old, bussing tables in a restaurant. I am now 52. The only time in my life I have been unemployed was when I did not want to work. I may not have always been doing what I wanted to do to earn a living wage but it was more important to me to have my independence and self respect than to worry about the type of work I was doing. If it is legal and ethical then I am willing to do it if that is the only option for me.

I for one am so sick of hearing there are no jobs out there. There are plenty of jobs and you would be amazed what can happen. One time I started out mopping floors in a sub shop, many years later I owned a janitorial service. Guess what, I did not like mopping floors in a sub shop but I sure as hell loved the money I was making with my own cleaning company. Another time I delivered food for a pizza shop and later leased that same shop from the owner and made a ton of money.

The liberals have convinced you that you are a victim. They lie to you because they want to enslave you. However if you continue to volunteer then you have no one to blame but yourself.

This is what is at the core of liberal politicians. They want to enslave all but themselves. That is why people like Bernie Sanders say everything should be free and soak the rich, meanwhile he owns three houses and did not even have a job until he was 44 years old and that job he got was Senator.

The “Swamp” stinks! It is time to wrap up the hearings. It is time for the press to get honest or shut up and it is time for the liberals in this country to face facts.

We have a real opportunity to take this country back and fix what’s broken. If you don’t want to fix it, fine but get the hell out of the way of the people who do.