It Doesn’t Get Any Crazier Than This

Russian / American Conspiracy

Wow! It has been a while since I have had a minute to speak my mind and, in the meantime, things have gotten even nuttier.

The last time I posted was back in the beginning of January. President Trump was still President-Elect Trump. Barrack Obama was still in office. We thought Chemical Weapons in Syria had been completely eradicated. The “Russian Conspiracy” was just getting started. Susan Rice was not yet shown to be a pathological liar, just a bit of a liar and the Liberals / Progressives looked insane but not yet bat-shit crazy.

My how things have progressed…pun intended…

It was not my intent to be silent this long but I was out of town on business and quite frankly just ran out of time to write.

The thing is I have had so much on my mind, that I have wanted to comment on, that I did not have the time to formulate my thoughts. I am not a professional writer or journalist and so it takes me a minute to produce something I feel is worth reading

In addition, so much has transpired I felt dizzy. Trying to attach logic to the rhetoric the Progressive agenda spews can have that effect on me.

Susan Rice or Russian Conspiracy?

Holy Crap! Both scenarios are so completely off the hook it is hard to choose. I think I will go in the order they hit the news. So Miss Rice you win.

Okay here we go. according to Susan Rice she had no idea about any surveillance on Mr. Trump or his campaign and going forward. She also said she had no clue with regard to the “Unmasking”.

Both complete fabrications we come to find two weeks later.

As a matter of fact not only did she know about the surveillance but she was the person who requested the Unmasking of the Americans in question. As an aside, the leaking of this info is a felony.

Personally I think we should investigate this but the Liberal Press seems to think this is a non-event. Forget that this violation of privacy is a violation of federal laws. Forget that this is one of many in a long list of Obama Team Members caught lying about something that occurred.

Let’s stop right there so I can ask a question. Do the liberals really believe that if they are doing the right things they really need to lie about it? Also do the people who are putting their faith in these people (The liberal 47%) really believe these Progressive Leaders really believe the things they are doing?

In other words, do liberal people really think  their leaders believe the crap they are trying to sell?

I mean supposedly the deplorables are the ones who have no regard for human life and yet the liberals think bringing in a few thousand refugees from Syria is the humane thing to do. Is it? Think about it for a second. If you were really humane you would try to help the people that are getting gassed by their leader.

The liberals say they are helping the people by bringing them here but that is not the truth. I meant all of the people not just the select few. That of course would require bringing stability to the region.

But I digress…So back to Susan Rice. She has proven herself over time and in several examples to be a liar. First with Benghazi and the latest with the surveillance. Now while all the Libs have their skirts all twisted up about Russian involvement in the election the real crime goes unreported and not investigated.

Meanwhile for at least eight months we have been waiting for even one shred of evidence to confirm the conspiracy theory and uh-oh here come those crickets again.

Seriously another question for the Press. Do you people have any idea how f$%king crazy you people are sounding? It is like the real time version of “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest”

Conspiracy One – Trump and Putin Stole The Election

I mean first the Russians and President Trump colluded to win the election, granted not one shred of evidence but it happened anyway. That is why the Susan Rice thing does not matter, right?

Honestly you would think that after just about nine months of investigation something would have cropped up by now don’tcha think?

Meanwhile it has been proven that, at the least, Susan Rice acted in excess of the norm and at the worst broke the law. There is actual proof people. Time to put down the crack pipe and deal with reality. Or at the least keep your collective mouths shut. Even a fool appears wise until he speaks. There I go with that damn Bible stuff again…but it sounds like pretty good advice to me.

Conspiracy Two – Bombing of Syria Was A Ruse

Frankly, this one is my personal favorite. It does not get much nuttier than this. Try to follow the logic in the videos below. If you can you may be schizophrenic.


So the story goes something like this.

Vladimir Putin comes up with this ingenious plan to throw the dogs off the scent. He will tell Syria to gas his own people but only in a small way to get the attention of Trump. Then Trump will retaliate with an airstrike to make it look like Trump is the enemy of Putin and so could not possibly have colluded with Russia and Putin to steal the election.

So basically here is what has happened. The first conspiracy begets the second and the second conspiracy proves that Trump colluded with Putin to the point of gassing people in Syria…Forget the little issue of proof. Who needs that? I swear to God you people are completely out of your minds or worse, you know exactly what you are doing and are flat out evil and without conscience. Either conclusion is not good.

This is why it is sooo important for the left to appeal to your emotions and not logic. The second you actually apply logic to the crap these people are slinging you just have to laugh out loud.

You know what I mean, if you were sitting in a bar or standing in a public place and you heard this shit you would be like shut the “F” up you’ve had too much to drink and if it is some fool on the street you look and shake your head in pity.

Because the Press still has a bit of credibility, not much but some, people still tend to believe this stuff. That is until they apply logic and then I hope the masses are embarrassed. You know like you are when the drunk uncle over-indulges at the holiday party and starts doing a strip tease in the living room. You know he’s nuts but what can you do?

The thing is you can not pick your family. You can pick your congressmen and you can choose what kind of media to expose yourself to.

My biggest Questions though are for the average person who identifies with the liberal agenda and those questions are as follows:

1) If the establishment (read liberal) agenda really wants to solve the crisis’s in the Middle East then why have they tried to alienate every ally we have in the region and why when we have fought did we fight to  lose?

In addition why have we formed alliances with Iran who, by the way, wants to destroy America. Are you people nuts? Sorry that was redundant.

2) If that same establishment really wants to promote peace and harmony then why do they keep trying to cause racial disruptions by promoting false propaganda. Ie: Ferguson, Hands up Don’t Shoot! What a crock that was.

3) If Black Lives really matter then why will the gun violence in our inner cities and specifically Chicago not be talked about and addressed? You would think if they really believed that black lives matter they would address the “Black Community” and work to resolve the fact that more blacks are being shot by their own people than any cops have ever killed, not a few more but a staggering number more.

4) If you really care about the “Rule of Law” then why do you allow people to remain in the country that are here illegally? Don’t you think you have to enforce the law to have it work?

5) How is everything “Free”?  Just because you are not paying for it does not mean it is “Free”. All it means is you stole the money from someone else to get what you want! Do you really want a system in place that requires the theft of someone else’s property so that you can get yours? And how will you feel when it is your turn to give your stuff?

6) Why are people that are getting the “Freebies” not required to work for those same “Freebies”? I have to work to pay my rent and if I do not I get kicked out. Why is it not the same for people getting checks from the government be it federal or state? There is certainly plenty of work do do? At the very least you can pick up the trash in your neighborhood!

7) Why am I forced to buy Healthcare I can not afford and the care I can afford is not really care at all?, as there is a five thousand dollar deductible, last I checked to have it. Then you think you have the right to penalize me if I choose not to participate in the charade?

8) How do you have the gall to call Trump a Fascist when the protests you arrange cause situations where other people are not allowed or able to speak their minds? Isn’t one of the definitions of Fascism to stamp out the opposing point of view? Isn’t that what the Left’s protests are designed to do? Also what makes you feel you have the right to break shit that is not yours?

9) How can you call Trump a Racist when you allow, through your silence, the mass slaughter of African-Americans in our own country? Think about it…Logically…Trump is a Racist because he does not want people in this country illegally. The Left is humanitarian because they continue to allow the mass annihilation of black people in Chicago?…oh but I forgot, they support “Black Lives Matter” Really?

10) The biggest question of all though is this…Do any of you have any room in the emotional side of your brain to ask yourselves whether they really believe the things you believe or are they just playing you for fools?

Look at their record and apply just a smidge of “Common Sense” and tell the truth. If you really think they have the best interests at heart then check your meds. You may need to cut back on the dosage.

Finally I would like to know why if you truly believe the things you say…why won’t your answer questions when asked directly? and why do you always want to change the subject?