Integrity Matters!

wiki leaksYou know it should be obvious but apparently it is not. We still have a significant percentage of our population that think integrity is an afterthought or an inconvenient principle. To be honest I do not quite get it as, in my opinion, integrity is all we have at the end of the day. When people consider you do you want them to think you are honest or a liar?

At the core of it this is the question integrity asks. I think part if not all of the problem lies in the fact that people for the last 30 years have slowly slid down the slippery slope with excuses for their own dishonesty, not realizing it was a trap set by liars.

They told you things like everyone is doing it. They sold you on “Corporate Politics”, a cute way of saying you are full of Sh&t. But it is okay because that is how you get ahead…Right? If you tell the truth your boss will penalize you and call you a trouble maker. I guess hindsight being 20/20 it is better to be a trouble maker than a fraud! Problem is that it is not how most people see it.

So now we find ourselves in a situation where the man who tells the truth is demonized and the woman who lies is canonized. Go figure.

I sit here and watch as Wiki Leaks reveals a level of corruption that has never been seen in this country and a full 40+ percent apparently think it is no big deal. The things that have been done are not only unethical but completely illegal. So many federal laws have been broken it is hard to keep count and what does the Clinton campaign do?…well they blame it on the Russians. Are you kidding me?

Does it ever occur to anyone that if they had not done these things in the first place they would not have to worry about the repercussions as there would be none, no instead they blame the Russians for exposing their lie. If it was not so sad it would be laughable. This attitude reminds me of a girl I used to date.

She used to complain that I was too honest and when I told the truth it made her look bad. I tried to explain to her that if the truth made her look bad then perhaps she should change her behavior. She of course would have none of that. The difference being that she will never be trusted with State Secrets or the Nuclear Codes. And you people are worried about Trump? At least you know where you stand with this guy.

I have to admit I do not get where the disconnect is. Many people are so cynical of the political process and yet they continue to support the exact corruption that got us here in the first place. If you want the corruption to stop then you need to start making different choices. By the way, first in your life and then your political choices.

I hear all the time from the cynics that all politicians are crooked. Okay, let’s assume that is the truth for a second. How about this as a solution…STOP VOTING FOR ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS!

The sad fact is that people want to elect people that are like them and think the same way and believe the same things they believe. Now you may not like this but if you are voting for Hillary then you are essentially saying you believe in corruption, dishonesty, Pay for Play, breaking the law, lying to Congress and the American people about it, having a public persona and a private persona…etal…in other words you are as corrupt as she is. Period!

After you take your meds I am sure you think this is no big deal but perhaps that explains why a third of our population needs to take a pill to deal with life. To hear them tell it you would think it is because of this, that or the other thing but it is never them. Same thing Hillary does.

It is not that she is a liar and has no respect for the law…it is those Damn Russians trying to influence our elections. Really?

When questioned about it all she says is that she is not going to discuss it. What does the press do…nothing…they barely even report on it.

Yet when it comes to Trump speaking the truth on a “Hot Mic”…god…three weeks later they are still talking about it. Still waiting for someone to dispute the truth of his words and by the way, while the press is saying that he did these things, if you listen to the tape that is not what he said. What he said was that if you are a celebrity you can do these things and get away with it. He did not say he did those things, he said you could do those things and get away with it.

Meanwhile women are supposedly in an outrage over this, women like Meghan Kelly who a few short years ago was strutting around half-naked in Esquire magazine. Where was your outrage at women being objectified when you were doing that? Oh that’s right you were getting paid for that!

Or the latest woman to accuse Trump of kissing her without her permission. Sorry honey but you’re a porn star. You get paid to suck D$ck! and have sex with different men every day. I do not think it is a stretch for a man to think it would be appropriate to give you a kiss when they meet you.┬áMy biggest fear would be what I was going to catch from kissing you. Oh there I go being deplorable and irredeemable again.

I think people need to begin to deal with reality. It seems the people always claiming they deserve to be treated equally are the ones that are living their lives in a completely corrupt way. I am sorry but I am not going to treat a porn star with the same respect I would treat other women. Why?…simple…if you have no respect for yourself then I am not going to waste my respect on you.

I have tried that in business and it does not work. In business I have attributed the same level of respect to people I have partnered with, that I give to myself, whether they have earned it or not, assuming they would honor that. The truth is they don’t. What happens nine times out of ten is they screw you over and steal from you.

This is another lie you have been told. Not everyone deserves the same level of respect. Respect is earned. Period! If you do not do respectful things you should not expect to be respected. Yet people think the opposite is true. It is the same thinking that blames the Russians for telling Hillary’s secrets. She is not upset or feeling guilty because she thinks she did something wrong…oh no…she is angry because she got caught! This is the definition of a Sociopath!

Watch the video of the woman who accused Trump of feeling her up on the plane. Apparently she had no issue with him feeling her boobies, it was when he went for third base that she drew the line. So essentially she was arguing a matter of degrees. I am only a bit of a slut, not a complete one. I mean c’mon, you meet a stranger on a plane and let him feel your boobies and then get upset because he goes for more? But what do average people do? Well they go batsh#t crazy and say Trump is a predator!

Please introduce me to the man that would not go for more if he got some breast. And please all you ladies out there getting your panties all in a bunch…just stop. You are not dealing with reality. You can not act inappropriately with a man and expect us not to take advantage of it. It is the way we are wired and what we do. Men will lie to you and tell you otherwise but they are just lying. I repeat, any man in that situation would have done the same thing unless they were gay. And do not even get me started on Gay men as they are bigger sluts than straight men will ever be. Believe me I know. I am an ex ballet dancer and know exactly how gay men are.

Listen I could go on all day and site example after example but the bottom line is this, all of these supposed issues are just noise. The real issue is, do you want more corruption or do you want to put an end to it? Your vote will determine your stance. Whatever you decide please do not lie to yourself about the real choice! And for God’s Sake Own It!