How Many More Must Die?

Terrorists Attack In London…Again

How many more people need to die and/or be critically injured by Radical Islamic Terrorism before the left wakes up? Do their children need to die or themselves?

I woke up this morning to another atrocity performed in the name of Allah and the Mayor of London essentially says “nothing to see here” His actual quote was “London is the safest city in the world” Meanwhile people are lying dead in the streets. Really?

London Terror Attack






London Terror Attack






London Terror Attack






Does this look safe to you?

Yet Europe and the Left in this country seem to think that the Paris Climate Accord is the “Big Issue” Tell that to the seven dead and dozens injured yet again in the latest terrorist attack at London Bridge.

Are any of you people aware that even if every stipulation in the Paris Accord is reached it will only drop the temperature of the world by a tiny fraction of 1 degree by the year 2100?

Question, do you think the thousands of people killed by “Radical Islamic Terrorism” give a rat’s ass? What about the people that have been scarred for life either emotionally or physically?

Listen I am all for tolerance but when people refuse to deal with reality in the name of tolerance it takes on the looks of insanity…Not tolerance.

This idea that if we just destroy President Trump then all will be well is absurd and yet that is exactly what the left and liberals are trying to do.

President Trump has been called a racist and Islamophobic because he wants a travel ban from countries that export terrorism. The liberals, progressives or leftists, it does not matter what you call them have espoused this rhetoric continually for the last year. This is not true.

What is true is that he is trying to protect the citizen’s of the United States. Period! I suggest that if you do not want that protection then move to London but when you get you ass blown up do not come crying to me. There is no pill to fix stupid and that is exactly how you people look that continue to delude yourselves. The problem is that while you continue to fail to deal with reality you put the rest of us in danger too.

This behavior is incredibly arrogant and very selfish. Psychologists would call this pathological denial or the classic signs of psychosis. Yet you people call it enlightenment. Really?

Here is a news flash…You are not enlightened. You are not tolerant. All you do when your position is challenged is personally attack the other individual. You never discuss the actual issue. You just attack the person.

You protest in the name of freedom, all the while suppressing other individual’s ability to have their opinion. If shouting over top of someone does not work then you start with threats. If that does not work you start breaking shit. While you are doing these things you say you are trying to stop the spread of “Fascism”. Good Lord, if this was not so scary it would be laughable but you are the enlightened ones.

You spew nonsense about Russia, Russia, Russia. You have no proof but that does not matter. You spew about the climate and yet, amazingly, the Polar Caps apparently have grown thirty percent over the last few years but the facts do not matter. You spew about everything and yet when the facts become apparent you lose your voice.

Meanwhile people are dying every day from Radical Islamic Terrorists and you say nothing! Coptic Christian’s are being assassinated in Egypt and it barely makes the nightly news and yet if President Trump farts in public it is a world ending event.

We do not need cleaner air. We need some common sense! You people need to deal with the reality that states that we are the infidels and need to be obliterated from the face of the earth. That is the premise of Radical Islamic Terrorists. Period! Or we can convert to Islam. This is the reality of what you protect and make excuses for. How tolerant is that?

Instead of worrying about whether Jared Kushner set up back channels of communication with Russia, which by the way every President including your beloved President Obama has done, you need to start dealing with the reality that there are people on this planet that want to annihilate you.

My feelings are simply this. If you want to die that is your business but please stop trying to kill me with your poor choices.

I had a mentor that explained it to me this way. He said there are people out there trying to kill you. They do not wake up in the morning and say today I am going to kill someone. What happens is the choices they make and the ideas they share are deadly like poison and if you listen too long you will die.

This is the way the thinking is with the liberals and progressives. Their ideas, which by the way do not work, have brainwashed an entire generation if not two generations. They have slowly infested our educational system with their rhetoric to the point that up is now down, left is now right, and right is now wrong!

You have a whole generation that thinks free speech is wonderful for them but not for you. They will tell you that your ignorant and uneducated if you do not believe the things they say and when you try to show them the facts they do not want to talk about it anymore. The whole thing stinks of hypocrisy but since they are the enlightened ones and you are the racist, you must be wrong.

So here are the recommendations that an uneducated, racist, Islamophobic, misogynistic, white privileged,deplorable and irredeemable person like myself will make.

1. There are thousands of people around the world on terror watch lists of various law enforcement agencies. Round them up. Find out who they are and if they are connected to terrorists then throw their asses out of the country. Period!

2. The Imams that want to preach radical and violent ideals. Let them…in Iran or Syria but not here.

3. Take hundreds of MOAB’s and blow the living shit out of these radicals. Oh you’re worried about all of the innocent people that will get killed. Two points. One, you seem not at all worried about the loss of innocent life unless it is Islamic and two, these people are not innocent. They have protected and allowed this behavior for years. If they did not tolerate this behavior it would not have traction.

The “Enlightened Ones” keep trying to make America the bad guys. It is like General Mattis said the other day. and I quote, “We are the good guys, not the perfect guys”. The “Enlightened Ones” keep trying to make us the bad guys. This is one of the big lies told by the leftists.

Again people it is long past time to wake up so either push, pull or get the hell out of the way and make room for those of us that want to solve the problems in our world! But most of all please stop with the self delusion. You are going to get us all killed.