Here We Go Again

Miss UniverseSo this time it is something Donald Trump said 11 years ago and everyone is upset at the language he used. Notice though that no one has stated that what he said is untrue…no just how he said it. You may not like the language but he spoke the truth.

The fact is that women allow themselves to be objectified and it would not happen if they did not allow it to. Remember there are no victims, only volunteers.

The fact is that celebrities do have different standards and get away with more. So do professional athletes, rock stars and people with a lot of money, not to mention politicians. You can feign outrage all you want but please tell me the last time a movie star went to jail for excessive drinking or drug use. Let’s leave Lindsey Lohan out of it as it was finally like the tenth time she got caught that she paid a consequence and didn’t they release her early cause the jail was too full?

How about Adrian Peterson, the running back for the Minnesota Vikings. Please show me a poor black guy in Harlem that ever even got his kid back after doing what Mr. Peterson did to his son. Or how about Hillary? Think you would ever get out of jail if you stored state secrets on your private server in your basement?

I could go on all day with example after example. Here’s my point, if women want to stop being objectified then they need to stop throwing their bras and panties at every man who is either a rock star, athlete, movie star or rich!

Here is a little reality check. Women actually control everything. We only act that way because you allow it. Please introduce me to the woman that would not get naked in an instant for George Clooney. Mother Theresa would have banged the guy. For gods sake will people ever get honest?

I remember when I was much younger and dancing ballet. I was pretty good and certainly better than most and every girl I danced with wanted me. In fact, I found out years later that there were girls that had crushes on me that I was not even aware of. As I got older I learned that money has much the same effect as an aphrodisiac to women. So what did I do? I of course set about making as much money as I could! Fact, if that was not what many of you are all about then I would not have been motivated to pursue that goal.

Think I am lying or being sexist? Okay let’s again look at the facts. How many women get a boob job because they had breast cancer and needed reconstructive surgery vs how many women get a boob job just cause they want bigger tits? Why can’t those women just be happy with what the good lord gave them? And what are men to think of the women that do this? You objectify yourselves and then get mad at the men who honor your choice!

Another example? How about the latino girl that was Miss Universe. Did it ever once occur to her that she was objectifying herself just competing in a beauty pageant? Obviously not and yet 20 years later she is pissed because Trump told her she was getting fat. Your whole premise for existence was based on how you looked and then when someone points out that you no longer look like the “Brand” you get pissed. Why? You allowed yourself to be bribed into strutting around in a bikini with your ass and tits hanging out and the carrot that was dangled was a scholarship and notoriety and you were all in! Yet no one is supposed to call you out on that. Really?

Women, allow a man to tell you the truth for once, not many do. Most men are motivated by one thing and one thing only and that thing is sex. Period! Any man that tells you different is a liar. Believe me most of us wish this was not the case but it is a scientific fact. We have much more of this thing called testosterone than women do and it causes us a great deal of problems.

Point is everything else we do whether it be the pursuit of money or accolades or fame is all for just one thing. To get laid! Now most men will not tell you that because the truth decreases our chances of getting laid! So we feign outrage when men like Trump tell the truth. Women do the same thing in reverse. They will say things like money does not matter to them, that is until you run out of money and then they say things like…wait for it…baby this isn’t working for me anymore.

Now I can hear the women reading this screaching not all women are like that. True enough but many if not most are.  It has been my experience that the prettier you are the worse you are. Again men will not tell you that because that won’t get you laid.

Let’s get back to men for a second. Ladies do you really think men go to the beach to play in the water? Bwwaaaahhhhh….hahahaha. Holy smokes! Really? How many guys do you see at the beach that are there doing beach stuff vs how many men are at the beach flexing, strutting and checking out women in bikini’s?

Most of us, unlike politicians, have not spent our entire lives watching what we say and do and the fact is that we as human beings say and do some pretty dumb stuff sometimes. Many of you reading will make the assumption that I am misogynistic, sexist and have a foul mouth. That’s okay too but I would suggest that before you try to clean up my side of the street you clean up your side first.

To women, if you do not want to be treated that way then stop acting that way. Period! How many of you incensed women out there had dreams of dating the quarterback in high school. Not because he was the nicest guy cause usually jocks are douches but because he was the quarterback. The sooner you realize that you have trained us to be this way the sooner you can train us differently!