Hate To Say I Told You So

So Who Really Colluded With The Russians?

Hillary ClintonCan you say Hillary? How about Obama? The DNC? I wrote about this months ago and have spoken about it continually and always get the same response from the libs, nothin’ to see hear.

Again to recap this is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Accuse the other side of the exact thing you are doing yourself. Keep telling the lie until it becomes the mantra.

This is exactly what happened with the false “dossier” compiled by the British ex-patriot, ex-spy.

The thing is it does not stop there. It is now also being exposed that the Uranium-One deal was dirty from the start and the FBI knew it. Guess who was the head of the FBI back then…wait for it…James Mueller. Yes the same James Mueller that is special council for the investigation into President Trump for colluding with the Russians. You just can not make this stuff up.

Again let’s recap. The FBI knew of a Russian plot to control uranium deposits in the United States. This information was presented to then President Obama. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State, at almost the same time a huge donation comes into the Clinton Foundation from above said organization and Hillary signs signs off on the deal that gave 20% of our uranium to the Russians.

For those of you in denial uranium is the shit used to make bombs that blow a lot of stuff up and we sold it to the Russians.

Now I am not sure how much more evidence you Trump haters need to shut up but this is really bad. You people are more worried about a made up story about Russian collusion during the election than you are about real collusion with the Russians that put our national security at risk.

The people that continue along this path look like fools. I am not sure if it is the meds or just no stomach for the truth. Your unfounded hatred of everything Trump has clouded your ability to reason.

The saddest part to me is I think you knew you were being lied to and wanted the lie to continue. I do not contend to understand why but if you can truly tell me with a straight face you did not know you were being lied to then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. It is really pretty and dirt cheap.

My Feelings of Disdain

I can not help but feel an incredible amount of disdain for the “True Believers” and “Enlightened Ones” that called people like me uneducated, stupid, irredeemable and deplorable…etal…How do you like me now?

Your education and your high brow attitude did nothing for you except make you look like fools. If I were you I would spend lees time in college protesting free speech and more time in math classes as anyone with a third grade education could have added this up.

Yet you still defend Hillary, Obama and all the other liars. My advice, the gig is up, we all know the truth…even you. Stop pretending it will go away. It won’t this time. Sooner or later you have to pay the piper no matter how well connected you are.

I learned that when I was a child. It was explained to me like this. If you are going to be a bully then realize, sooner or later somebody bigger and tougher is gonna come along and beat the crap out of you. Guess what? Donald Trump is that guy!

That is why we elected him. We needed a street fighter to defeat the corruption. It still amazes me that people can not figure that out.

You are so busy worrying about how the man said something that you completely miss the point. He promised to drain the swamp and that is what he is doing. From my point of view it is delicious to watch these people squirm.

I suspect that many if not all of the people that support people like this are exactly the same as they are and are squirming too. Good! It is about time you feel a bit of discomfort. You have been rigging the system for years and what have we to show for it? Twenty plus trillion in debt? Gee, Thanks. A system of government so corrupt that nothing can be trusted? Thanks again.

It really is time for the Lefties to shut up starting with the Main Stream Media. You lost and you will continue to lose. The reason you will continue to lose is you do not know how to fight a fair fight.

You people gossip about other people. You assassinate their character for personal gain. You lie all the time. Your motto is why tell the truth when a lie will suffice? Most important is you have no stomach for the truth and that is why you lose. You have no character and so you have no strength.

You should be thanking me for telling you the truth but you won’t because the truth is your enemy. That is okay. Your days are numbered. The truth is coming for all the freeloaders and liars and you will have no defense.