Free Keyword Tools

Free Keyword Tools and How They Work

Free Keyword Tools

On this page you will find the various free keyword tools I use and with each will be a brief outline of how each one works and more specifically what I use the tool for. You will see there is a method to follow and a way to cross check so you don’t target a keyword that was sending false signals or a keyword that you can not monetize effectively. Let’s face it…the ultimate goal is to generate a positive revenue stream and solid keyword research is where it all begins. So let’s get started.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Free Keyword Tools
Probably the most obvious place to start would be with Google AdWords Keyword Tools. This is not a suck up to Google but rather a simple fact. While the data you retrieve will need to be cross checked with other tools…still it is data from Google and they have had quite a bit of time to collect that data. Why not capitalize on it? Things I look for when using this tool are number of broad and exact match searches, globally and locally. Average CPC, trend and other long tail variations of the keyword. A quick trick I learned…after you have chosen your main keywords using Google’s free keyword tools…then I go on over and do a Google Search for my keyword and see what comes up. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see related searches, Yes? These are great long tail keywords to use for additional links and rankings.

There are a couple of things I would like to add here. First, I am not necessarily concerned with how competitive a search is. I just want to know what I am in for before I begin the process. If I am entering a niche it is because I believe I can add value to it. It may be that a niche that I have interest in is very competitive. So be it. It just means I may have to be a little more patient. If I believe in what I am building my blog on then this part is much easier…the patience I mean…lol. Secondly…in relation to what global and local mean to Google (many people confuse this), Global means exactly that but Local means in the country you are searching from and not just…let’s say NYC…capise?

Overall I think the Google Keyword Tools are really solid and provide good initial data to begin your keyword research.

WordTracker Keyword Tools

Keyword ToolsSo here is another tool I use called WordTracker. I primarily use it to confirm what I have discovered using Google’s Keyword Tool. But another advantage of using WordTracker is that it is a great resource for Long Tail Keywords relevant to your main keyword. These can be great keywords for monetization purposes.
The thing you need to know about WordTracker is that they will give you free access for an indefinite period of time and for the purposes of what you need it for regarding Keyword Research…free is fine. Having said that the paid version gives you features that are well worth the cost. Again for now free is fine. We are just looking for confirmation of what we already suspect we have learned from Google.

Traffic Travis Keyword Tools

Keyword Tools
The third free keyword research tool I use is Traffic Travis. This is probably my favorite tool just for all the things it can do and this is in the free version. Imagine that now you have checked your keyword a few times with three different keyword tools and they all point to a positive outcome. Now you can check the top twenty sites for the keyword in Traffic Travis and see how many backlinks they have, what is the page rank, whether they have solid On-Page Optimization and how hard to rank for the search term. All right at your fingertips and all free. Me like…
Again the Pro Version is much more powerful and certainly a tool you want in your arsenal but for the purposes of what we need the free version is quite good and it will show you the power of this tool before you make the investment. I think that is pretty cool.

So for now that is it for free keyword tools. Soon to come is a video series on the “how to’s” Stay Tuned!

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