Exposing The Lie

To hear many people tell it women are exploited to no end in this “Man’s World”. I want to examine just how accurate this is. To hear women tell it, and specifically many of the powerful ones, women have been exploited and objectified for years.

In my opinion, none of these women ever complain when their looks or body helps to advance their agenda or career.

Meghan KellyCase in point, take a look at these pictures of Meghan Kelly of Fox News, a reporter clearly carrying water for Hillary Clinton.

Where did the nice innocent girl go?

Not quite racy enough to make the point? Fair enough. How about the second image?

Meghan KellyNow I don’t know about women much but I do know that I do not walk around with “My Junk” hanging out. Apparently the rules really are different for women.

Can someone please explain to me how it is okay for women to exploit themselves like this and then somehow it is wrong for a man to point that out?

Along the same vein, why is it we never see a fat and ugly woman reporting the news. Is there no woman, that is not beautiful, that can do just as effective or a more effective job than the “Hot” one? This hypocrisy just astounds me.

Women are perfectly happy to exploit themselves to get what they want but are the first ones to complain when that exploitation is exposed. Women are the first ones to complain when a man exploits them but are suspiciously silent when they exploit themselves.

I hear so many people complain that the media is corrupt, politician’s are corrupt, cop’s are corrupt etal…Meanwhile the real truth goes completely ignored. People are corrupt!

I wrote the other day that we live in a very sick society. We do. The problem is that most people think it is the other person, read conservative, that is the problem. The same also applies to many conservatives.

I, for one, am getting a little sick and tired of hearing the rhetoric. If you don’t want me to make comments about your boobies then put them away. In addition, stop using your bodies to advance your agenda’s and perhaps men will stop talking about it.

To me it seems like basic common sense. Then again I am just a misogynistic “Alpha” male. What could I possibly know or understand?

I am not a journalist, I am just your average American male. By the way, men also have a word for women that dress like that and act in objectifying ways. We call them Sluts! I would much rather be called Misogynistic than a slut. Oh there I go again.

People really need to start telling the truth. You think my language is abhorable? You should hear how catty women talk about each other…lol. Uh oh….no…don’t tell the truth.

Ever been a fly on the wall when a bunch of women get together to gossip about the one person not present? Not pretty!

Women will have you believe that they can dress and act any way they want and it is up to men to deal with it. Here’s a news flash. We deal with it just fine, just not the way you would have us deal with it.

Here’s the thing, if I walked around with my D$@K half hanging out women would go nuts, pun intended. In fact I would be in jail for indecent exposure. Yet a women can walk around half-naked and then bitch when a man makes a comment about it. Talk about a double standard.

The power’s that be would have you focus on these inconsequential and moronic issues, meanwhile the real issues like equal pay, a rigged political system, pay for play, stagnant economy, declining wages, illegal immigration, ISIS, etc…all go un or under reported.

Personally I do not care who Donald Trump did or did not have sex with! I do care whether the constitution of the United States is upheld and enforced. I do not want to hear what Donald Trump did 20 or 30 years ago. I don’t care. I did a lot of stuff thirty years ago too.

What I do care about is whether we elect a President that will uphold the law and not break it! How long are the Hillary supporter’s going to ignore what is staring all of us in the face? How long are the women of this country going to vote for Hillary, not because she has earned their vote but because she is a woman? How long are the Progressive’s going to chant Hillary’s name to appear enlightened?

I have zero issue with electing a woman President. What I do have an issue with is the woman that you chose is evil incarnate. I mean really, you could not have found a woman to represent women that would edify women the world over? You had to pick the most disgusting example of what we are as a people?

I think I read somewhere that before we try to pull the splinter out of someone else’s eye we should pull the lumber out of our own! Pretty good advice. Clearly disregarded though because it comes from that ancient and antique book called the Bible and we all know those ideas are out-dated.

Here are a few solutions to the situation we find ourselves in. First, rather than telling everyone else what is wrong with them, how about taking a look in the mirror and examine your own life. Second, if you want to stop the corruption then stop it in your life first. Perhaps then you will stop voting for corrupt people. Moreover you will not accept that corrupt behavior in the first place!