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Web Hosting

Web Hosting is probably the most critical choice you can make in the long term success of your online business. In the beginning it may seem like no big deal but finding reliable web hosting with solid customer and technical service 24/7 can be a bit tricky. This section of our site is aimed at helping to clear away the mystery and confusion regarding web hosting and exactly what your needs are.

As with everything on this site we are only going to focus on the companies we actually do business with for our own hosting services. Hopefully we will give you some options that fulfill your needs.

Having said that there is one company that I really would avoid and that is CoolHandle Hosting. This is just my opinion but it is based on personal experience in dealing with them. Their customer service is completely unresponsive and you can never actually deal directly with their tech advisors so if something is going wrong…well…good luck getting it fixed.

Okay my rant is over and now onto the companies we like to do business with.

Web Hosting – Top Picks

Web Hosting

Still probably my most confidant recommendation I can make for web hosting is Host Gator. I have worked with this company since I first started online. They Have amazing customer service and their technical support is second to none.

Having a live body to talk to when something is not working properly whether it is technical or otherwise is like gold in the 21st century. Just wait till your sites go down and you get a recorded call or get told by the supposed 24 hour customer service that they are sorry but there is no way for you to speak to a tech person to get the problem fixed. That is the day you realize you should have made sure the hosting company you chose has real 24/7 technical support and not a ticket system that is automated.

Another company we really like is called GVO. We like them because their service is very reliable but also because of the flexibility of the platform.

Home Business Web HostingThere is also another very compelling reason to use GVO. GVO is not just hosting, it is a platform of services that every marketer needs. Online or Offline you still need to have some sort of an online presence to survive in business today. The platform that GVO offers is in the online communication arena, meaning email, auto-responders, etc…in addition to hosting. I also feel that for the price of $9.95 you get an awful lot of bang for your buck. Here’s the thing with GVO that I see as a negative. The only way to contact them is through email. If you prefer to communicate this way then that is not an issue for those of you that do want a live body…well that is why Host Gator is the same price just for hosting, they have 24/7 live tech support. That is not to say this is not a good option. As I stated we use them and have found it to be a solid resource for hosting with zero down time that we have seen.

Go Daddy for Hosting?

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I have used GoDaddy for years but not for hosting. I have bought domains from them for years but back in the day their hosting was only okay at best. They did not really have a proper domain manager and control panel for the hosting side of their business.

All I can say now is look what they offer. Probably the thing that I am always seeking is to streamline my process. Less steps, Less work. It’s simple I am a bit lazy. Hel that is why I like to make a lot of money…it is so I don’t have to work, that is not to say I won’t work but it is a much different thing to do a thing because you want to than to do a thing because you have no choice…lol. With that in mind using GoDaddy really stream lines the process even more by allowing you to buy your domains and host your domains in the same place with all the bells and whistles that Host Gator also offers.

So with all said and done I personally don’t think you can go wrong with any of these companies. All are reliable and all have their benefits. It really comes down to just picking one and more importantly is if you intend to grow your online presence then using all three is the way to go. The reason for this is quite simple. It spreads your IP’s throughout different areas of the globe. So not only are their IP’s unique but so are their locations. If you decide to start a blog network or have more than one site in a particular niche you will learn the importance of this.

As always if and when we start working with any new hosting companies we will update this page…

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