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Well I gotta tell you that here you have many options regarding Domain Registrars and for the purposes of buying a domain there are a few good sources out there. I use GoDaddy but that is not to say they are the best, it is just who I am used to working with.

Having said that let’s talk about the companies we do like and why we like then. In all truth this list could become very long but I will stick to the best ones, in our opinion. I am certain there will be many different thoughts on this topic and we really do welcome your comments to please feel free.

I have already told you I love working with GoDaddy. There are several reasons for that and I will list them below.

Go Daddy – Domain Registrar

Domain Registrar¬†So what is it About Go Daddy that get’s my number one vote?

Number 1 – Always first and foremost in my mind is being able to get 24/7 support whether it is billing or technical. By that I mean being able to speak with a live human being, not a machine or having to try online support.

Number 2 – They offer incredible discounts for the experienced domain buyer but the discounts are even better for the new customers (see the banner to your left). I don’t get those discounts until I am buying more than 25 domains at a time.

Number 3 – They have a complete solution from start to finish. They have many additional services including email and hosting and many more that as your business develops you will need.

Overall I have to tell you that me personal experience with GoDaddy has been amazing and I would highly recommend in full confidence this company. Check them out. They are by no means the only company I have worked with or recommend so let’s talk about the next company we have used.

Network Solutions – Domain Registrar

Domain Registrar






So I have got to tell you when you compare Network Solutions to GoDaddy these two stack up pretty even Network solutions also offers a wide variety of service including, purchasing your domain name, hosting, web design, email hosting and mailing services. Again another really solid company and one you can be very confident with doing business. The only thing I don’t like about this company is their support is not 24/7 but while saying that I must admit that their hours are rather good so don’t rule them out just for that. When you see their services you will see many benefits to dealing with this company. – Domain Registrar, Domain Names and Hosting

So is the last of the Domain Registrar’s I am going to talk about today. Leaving this for last makes them by any means the least. Their services are competitive with the first two companies I mentioned. They have been around for a while now and they have a significant reputation within the industry.

To be honest when comparing the Domain Registrars side by side there really seems to be  many companies that are providing strong services and the costs are dirt cheap in many cases.

These are my favorite Domain companies we see out there. As we find more quality domain registrars we will add a brief review and give you our thoughts. I encourage you to use all of these domain registrars and see which one has the best deal on your domain names you choose.

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