Domains and Hosting

Domains and Hosting

Domains and Hosting – Buying Your Domain

There are many options to choose from when it comes time to buy domains and hosting. As with everything online some companies are better than others and it really does matter who you use. Buying your domains and hosting are literally the first things you do after you have determined your niche and keywords you are trying to target.

While having an exact match domain (EMD) does not have the power for ranking it used to…it still has impact so try to get an exact match domain. Another thing to keep in mind is that in the past it made a huge difference if you had a .com, .org or .net domain. That is not such a big deal anymore either so feel free to use a .info for example if you can get the exact match you are looking for.

While I am on the subject, for those of you that do not know what I mean by an exact match domain, this is a domain that matches exactly the keyword you are targeting. So let’s say your main keyword is Make Money, you want a domain that is makemoney.whatever…com, .org, .net, .info, etc…

Domains and Hosting – What Is Your Motive?

Now to tell you the truth that is one philosophy to give you an edge with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And the fact is it will help. Having said that I tend to take a bit of a different approach. Different might not be the best word so bear with me and I will try to explain.

I currently own a domain I did not buy this domain for the number of searches or the level of competition. I bought it because I believe it conveys a vision I have for the opportunity attached to it. This is something you must consider. in fact just out of curiosity I am going to do a quick Google search in the keyword tool and see what that keyword has to offer if anything…brb…Okay I am back….let’s hope I am not depending on Search Engine traffic to make this site visible…lol.

I think you want to try to balance communicating the idea of your site with the reality that is if nobody is looking for it then you have to consider that. Of course that all depends on what the purpose of your site is. In the case of this site, while I would love to see it rank very highly, the purpose is to provide quality content, honest editorials, quality products and a complete start to finish training that ;eaves nothing out. As such I am not so concerned with an exact match domain as I am with communicating the idea that this will get you where we have both been trying to go…and it does!

So as you can see the choice of domain names is subject to several considerations. With that said I suggest you also buy your own name as a domain, especially if you are going to try to build a brand and/or business.

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So we have talked about domains but this section is about domains and hosting so let’s talk about the next most important or maybe even the most important thing and that is hosting.

Choosing Your Hosting Company – Domains and Hosting

So what about hosting? Well it is only the most important piece of the puzzle. Picture this, you send a thousand hits to your site but your server or hosting company  can’t handle it and you just wasted your money. And by the way when you question them on this the utter bullshit you will here is beyond belief. They actually try to convince you it is your fault…lol. So to avoid all that chaos I suggest a couple of things.

  1. Make sure you have a live number with a live person to talk to and not just any person but someone that actually knows what they are talking about.

As you are well aware there is nothing more frustrating than talking to an absolute idiot on the phone when the issue you are having is costing you money. I don’t care whether it is your cell phone company you are dealing with or your hosting company. What was that that Forrest Gump’s mom said?…”Stupid is as Stupid does” I can tell you there is no more frustrating experience than having your sites down and the people on the other end of the line are saying things like…so sorry our technical people are out till Monday…or pretending…hopefully…that they really have no idea how to fix the situation. Think it does not happen, think again. Meanwhile your business suffers. 

So things to consider when hiring a hosting company are the ability to talk to the tech department if you have an issue, bandwidth limitations, cpu usage and obviously cost. Hopefully the next few pages will give you the info you need.

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