Do You Want A Revolution?

Hillary ClintonI am going to go on a bit of a rant today. I am sitting in Tulsa, OK at the Tulsa State Fair and this is the question that I keep asking myself. The answer is…wait for it…you must. You being the Hil Liars of the world.

Supposedly incomes are up 5.2% as of the latest figures. Sounds pretty good right? Oh but yet again the devil is in the details. What our fearless leaders have decided, to massage the numbers, is to double count withdrawals of retirement funds as income even though that was counted as income 30 years ago.

Now I could have told you incomes are not up as I actually own my own business and so when people are making less money they tend to spend less money and my business goes down. So how bad are things really? Well let me tell you my business is off over 50% this year!

Now you could make the excuse that I am just a horrible businessman but apparently everyone else is too because I speak with other vendors and their business is down about the same percentage. You could also say this event just had a bad year but this has been the case at every event we have done in 2016.

The simple fact is that people are broke. By the time they are done paying rent, healthcare, food and gas there is nothing left. Period! And so it should come as no surprise to you that I am sick and tired of paying for other peoples free stuff.

Yes I am talking about illegal immigrants that get Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Education and the like and all at my expense! I am one of the deplorables’ that is tired of paying for shit that I can’t even get for myself. I am also talking about people that are fully ambulatory and yet seem to think they don’t have to work to pay their way. And of course the government has told them they don’t have to by simply giving them free stuff.

I am so tired of people telling me there are no jobs out in the marketplace. This is pure bullsh@* and it needs to stop. You may not want to do the jobs that are out there but their are jobs. I have, in my career mopped floors, scrubbed toilets, waited tables, delivered pizza’s, been a stockbroker and run several of my own businesses.

I am not an educated man in the sense of a college degree, hell I never even finished high school and yet somehow I have managed to make my way in this world without ever having to ask for a hand out from the government. Please tell me what your excuse is? Realizing that that is all it is, an excuse!

Here’s the thing, people like me are tired of paying for people like you. Pretty soon we are going to stop entirely and then what will you do. I will be so bold as to tell you exactly what my plan is.

If Hillary gets elected I am going completely off the books. I will no longer contribute to a corrupt system. I have paid my fair share and have nothing to show for it except disgust in my heart. When people like me. the Producers are gone what will you do?

Do you really think the reason large businesses have left this country is because they would rather do business overseas? News Flash, they are leaving because they can not afford to do business here. You people hate the producers! We are the scum of the earth until it is payday.

You people that think it is okay to go to work and spend half your day on Facebook and then wonder why you don’t get a raise. Let me tell you why. Because of your lack of productivity it now takes at least two people to do the work of what one person could do twenty years ago. Worse, that is counting the increased productivity from automation. So the next time you think you deserve more money how about you start doing your job first! How about when I go to McDonalds you get my order correct the first time so I don’t have to come in the store and complain, wasting more of my time!

Add to that the ridiculous tax burden you put on business and you have the makings of a revolt. This revolt though will not come with guns. People like me will just go away. Good luck finding a job then!

Many of you that read this are probably thinking, good and go away. You won’t be thinking that when we leave. Who will employ you? Who will write your check?

You people think the producers need you and can not survive without you. There lies the flaw in your thinking. We do not need you and never did. We have always known how to survive and take care of ourselves. Can you say the same for yourself?

It really is time to get honest. People like myself have been biting our tongues for many years while you fiddled while Rome burned. It is time for some cold hard truths.

Many of you reading this will get your panties in a bunch because I used some foul language and keep saying You People. Yes you people who have never produced a thing in your life, that are only able to survive because people like me created the foundation for you. You people that think everything is free and if you don’t get it then life is not fair. Then you take it anyway even though you have not earned it. You people that are more concerned with how it looks or sounds than how it actually is.

It is absolutely disgusting and yet you think you are the enlightened ones. Hah! You will find out soon enough just how stupid and irresponsible you are. Then when everything has completely gone to hell you will want us to return but it will be too late.

The thing is we will start over because we know how to create something from nothing. Can you say the same thing? I think we all know the answer to that. In case you are still delusional you will be able to test that theory very soon for yourselves.

The fact is that even if Donald Trump gets elected President things are still going to blow up. The point is that he knows how to rebuild and will be able to rally the producers to help. Please tell me what Hillary has ever built in her life? Other than a house of lies and corruption.

You people are going to get exactly what you asked for and boy will you be shocked. Who is going to pay for all of it when people like me are gone? You? Have you ever paid for anything in your life? Have you ever built anything in your life?

Worst of all is that you know your arguments are all lies. That is why you believe in “Freedom of Speech” until it is the other persons turn to talk, as witnessed by Tim Keanes’ performance the other night in the Vice Presidential debate! You think you will just keep stealing from the producers and we will just take it. I am here to tell you times are a changin”.

We have no issue with the opposing point of view. What we take issue with is that the math does not work and if any of you actually knew how to do math anymore without a calculator you would know that too! Just go back to that same McDonalds and watch the person try to give you change when the register freezes and see the “deer in the headlights” look and you will not argue with my last comment!

I realize I am generalizing a bit but there is something fundamentally wrong with the way many people think when they have decided that a person with zero integrity is the person they want to hold the highest office in the land. You should be ashamed of yourselves and you will be ashamed of yourselves when it all comes crashing down. Don’t say you were not warned. You have been and called us deplorable and irredeemable as your way of thanking us!

So in closing, you will probably get what you asked for and I hope you enjoy the fruits of your lack of labor.