Could You Please Read It First?

Schumer Is At It Again

chuck schumerCould you please at least read the bill before you start with the nonsense? I am sitting here listening to the hyperbole coming from Chuck Schumer’s mouth, the Senate only released the details of the bill moments ago and Mr. Schumer is already denigrating it.

Please make up your mind. On the one hand you say you do not even have the time to review it and on the other hand you certainly have apparently had enough time to cast judgement on it. So which is it? Apparently you have enough time to bitch about it but you do not have enough time to add anything to it. Typical liberal response.

To read the entire bill Click Here

Color me silly but I believe the rhetoric coming from the left was pre-written and no matter what the GOP puts on the table they would say exactly the same things. The issue that they refuse to deal with is this…

Obamacare is in a flat spin. It does not work. It never did work. Insurance is not insurance if you can not use it. Forgetting about premiums for a minute, let’s look at what Obamacare offers. With deductibles as high as they are unless something catastrophic happens then your insurance is useless. With co-pays skyrocketing it is cheaper to go to the doctor and pay cash. So my question is, What insurance?

Mind you I have no verified “Hard” numbers but anecdotally speaking it seems to me that a family of four is spending more on health insurance than they pay for rent or mortgage. Please explain to me how that can be? Oh that’s right you can not explain that. Well I can.

Everyone on the left has their panties in a bunch over MedicAid. Apparently all of the people on the public dole take higher precedence that the people that are doling it out in the form of taxes.

This is the first lie that must be exposed. No one is saying they are cutting this program. Having said that I hope there is means testing for these types of programs. I have no issue giving people help that need it but people who do not need it need to contribute.

Why is it such a blasphemy to¬†ask the people that are taking the handouts to do some work to receive them? There is plenty of work that needs to be done so why not have these people do that work. Oh that’s right they have no skills or education. Not sure whether you need a GED to pick up the trash in your neighborhood or deliver pizza but last I checked…not!

Listen there are genuinely people that need help financially to make ends meet but most on the dole just take the money because they can. I feel fairly certain if you forced people to work to collect their benefits the people applying would drop dramatically.

That is what is at the crux of the whole thing. MedicAid does not cost nearly what we spend on it but for one thing. That thing is many of the people collecting MedicAid do not need that assistance. Because they game the system they drive the costs up, not just for MedicAid but for the entire Health Care System.

Here is another fact and why securing our border is so important. The medical cost involved with taking care of over 10 million illegal aliens in this country is staggering. Remember they do not pay taxes and yet they collect the benefits of US Healthcare. Here’s the thing, when their child has a cold they go to the emergency room because they typically can not get health insurance. Then they stiff the hospital for the bill and guess who pays that bill? Yep, legal tax paying citizens. Can someone explain to me why that is fair?

The bottom line is this. People need to start paying for what they use. The amount of people that truly need assistance is relatively small and we can afford to help those people. What we can no longer afford is irresponsibly throwing money at people that have no respect for it. Those people are thieves. Period. Do you give the keys to your house or your car to a thief?

If we start holding people accountable the behavior will change. Stop looking for the way to game the system and start working towards leveling the playing field for all American’s. That is my message to the liberals and my prayer for America.