Conspiracy Theory?

Obama 2016This is what our current leaders, a term which I use loosely; leaders that is, would have us believe. Am I the only one that is getting tired of hearing this excuse. Let’s face it, there is a full 47% of the population that is Bat-Shit Crazy.

These people thinks that Donald Trump is the devil because of comments that he made about Women in Hollywood and women that seek out the rich and powerful and famous. Still no one has disputed the truth of those comments. Again you might not like the language but we all know he was not lying.

Moreover how many have heard the things women will say about men in the ladies room of a nightclub. I can tell you from what women have told me it is also not pretty.

Hillary ClintonMeanwhile Hillary is caught on audio laughing at the fact that she defended a rapist, had him take a polygraph, which he passed and as a result has lost all faith in any polygraph test and then laughs out loud. Do the 47% find anything completely evil about that? She basically admits the guy was guilty a sin and then laughs about it!

With regards to the emails, now it is a Russian conspiracy to help get Trump elected. Now who is touting conspiracy theories? Will you people ever wake up. Read your history books. This is exactly the corruption of power that led to the rise of the Soviet Union.

The Russian Czars were so corrupt with power that the people finally had enough and they thought the answer was to take all of that unearned power for themselves and along came Stalin.

Think it can not happen here? Think again. Unless we learn from history we are doomed to repeat it! It can and will happen here. In fact it is already happening.

Just listen to the audio tape of Hillary laughing about a young girl that was raped and her client getting away with it.

Listen Here

Now that you have listened, just how sick is that? This is the person almost half of our country wants to elect President of the United States? And you think I am wrong for calling you Bat-Shit Crazy? What would you call it?

And what about her emails basically calling Catholics and Christians delusional at best? What if we said that about Muslims? How crazy would the liberal media go over that one? Probably not at all if it was the liberals who said it but what if it was Donald Trump? or the Republicans?

I said in a previous article you people are going to get what you want and oh are you going to regret it but by then it will be too late!

Oh that’s right this is all a conservative conspiracy that Vladimir Putin is spear-heading….

How come it is always a conservative conspiracy? If it was anyone else…ask yourself….if your child constantly made excuses for getting their hand caught in the cookie jar would you lose trust in them? And that is your child! Why do you continue to give Hillary a pass on these things?

It has gotten to the point of laughable. Your apathy is going to destroy the last parcel of freedom left. Is that what you want? If it is, at least have the courage to say so. Don’t pretend to be looking out for the little guy and the under-represented. You are not.

That little girl that was raped and Hillary laughed about was one of them, the under- represented I mean….

Needed to take a break so I went to my local watering hole to relax…as soon as I walked in the owner could not wait to try to egg me on with the comments about Trumps latest. So I asked her if she had heard the audio of Hillary laughing about the young girl that got raped and the man she defended against the charges and she had not even heard about it. So much for the unbiased reporting of the liberal media.

When I made her aware of it, go figure, she did not want to talk about it anymore. See this is the problem. You people know exactly who Hillary Clinton is and you still want her. Sorry but that is about as fucked up as you can get. You people are truly as sick as they get but you do not think you are. This is what scares me most of all. To hear you say it you are the enlightened ones and, as Bill Clinton put it, I am just a Redneck although I was born and raised in the Northeast…Bwwwaaahahaha!

What really sucks is that as you destroy yourselves you are going to take many others with you. You are sociopaths and think you are sane. If you would only get off the meds for a minute or two you might realize how twisted your brains have become but that would require a moment of clarity that you are all incapable of.

So after I return home I happened to catch a portion of an episode of Empire’ Let’s see…what was it about? oh just Lucius Lyons’ wife getting her vajayjay licked by the UPS guy to make her husband jealous and you are offended by Trump? oh so sorry there goes that locker room talk again. One of the most popular shows on TV glorifies the slut like actions of some people and you think Trump is the problem.

You people live your lives like it is a TV show with no regard for the fact that real people are at the other end of your actions. Please make no mistake, the writers of this show would not deliver that content if that was not what you wanted to watch.

People really need to wake up and smell the coffee. We live in a very sick society that has no respect for integrity or common decency and then feigns outrage when someone points it out and all because they told the truth.

Worse is the 47% that wants even more of it.