Common Sense 101

Warren Buffet

Okay folks, it’s time for a little common sense here. I am not sure where the disconnect is occurring but you had better stop before it is too late, if it’s not too late already.

Do you really believe that the 1 percent’s are all lining up behind Hillary because she is for the little people? God, please wake up. Warren Buffet could not care less about you. This is a man that while speaking out of his mouth saying rich people should pay more taxes, his actions say something entirely different.

What do I mean by that? Weellll…how about the fact that he is currently in a legal battle with the IRS to pay less taxes than they say he should. What happened to pay more in taxes? Complete fraud and yet no one seems to care.

Let me ask you a question. Are you voting for Hillary because you think she is going to make things worse for you? No? Then why would a guy like Warren Buffet vote for her if he thought she was going to make things worse for him? I hear nothing but crickets chirping…

Please start using your head for something other than a hat rack.

Here’s the thing, Let’s assume for a second she has both of your best interests at heart. Not true but let’s assume it anyway. Who do you think is going to win the fight when it comes down to Warren Buffet and what he wants versus what you want?…crickets again?

This is just one reality you people refuse to deal with.

I understand that people are very cynical and fearful but to just give up is not an option. I say that because from where I am standing it seems like people care more about getting their slice of a corrupt system than they care about cleaning the system up.

How about this, as opposed to trying to figure out how you can scam the system too why not rise up and say “No More”.

In case you haven’t figured it out it really is a fight for the American Dream and whether or not it survives is up to you. So stop bitching about how bad things are when you keep electing the same criminals over and over again. Instead get honest in your own lives and perhaps you will be less willing to associate yourselves with liars.

You may think you have no choice but this is not true. It is a lie perpetuated by the people that are trying to destroy freedom.

Warren Buffet made his fortune on Wall Street. If they are the enemy as Hillary claims then why would Buffet back her? Still no answer? C’mon people get off the Prozac and wake up.

Warren Buffet has actually never built a single thing in his life and made all of his money off the efforts of other’s. This in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. What is bad is trying to crucify the guy that has actually built stuff with his own money and along the way has made some mistakes.

Mr Buffet, have you ever laid anyone off when you took over a company? If so then you also cost people their jobs. There is nothing worse than a hypocrite.

Warren Buffet was and is one of the greatest benefactor’s of the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. Fact is Goldman Sachs would have been belly up had it not been for the 700 billion stimulus program and Quantitative Easing. The reason I mention Goldman is because that was a huge investment Buffet made right after the financial meltdown.

Now you can blame all of that on the Republicans if you want and you would be right, partly. Thing is you are missing the bigger picture. The real power that made all of that happen was not Republican or Democrat, it was the big money that stood to lose everything that made it happen and both parties have been bought and sold by the big money. You can take that to the bank.

The thing is when you try to make these points to the supposedly enlightened progressives, they don’t even want to discuss it. They are much like the Evangelical Christians who refuse to acknowledge that perhaps they do not have all the answers after all. Please do not take that as Christian bashing. It is a fact, not bigotry. I happen to be a recovering Evangelical.

Here is another reality you people refuse to deal with. Donald Trump does not need you! You need him. The worst thing that will happen to Donald Trump if you all decide to vote against him is he will go back to his very successful business and prepare for the fall of the United States of America. What will you do?

If you worked for yourself you would understand the only reason you need other people is to make more money than you need. I work for myself and I can tell you for a fact that there is better than 90 percent of the population that is completely useless and just takes up space. You do not have the balls to produce anything on your own because you are too afraid to fail and yet you Do have the balls to criticize every bad choice that was made in the process of giving you a JOB.

Hillary and the rest of the elites know this and love this. They know because of your fear you are powerless. They also know that people like Donald Trump do not suffer this fear and so can not be controlled. This is why they so desperately want you to believe their lie.

Donald trump is literally the only candidate that stands in the way of the “New World Order” This new world order consists of appointed people at the top that do not answer to you. You will have no freedom of choice, let alone the other freedoms so many of you take for granted.

You do not understand that there is a price to be paid for freedom. You are too afraid to look at the price. That is why when the elites tell you that you need to be willing to give up your freedoms in trade for safety you make the trade. Cowards all!

The only possible reason you would vote for a liar like Hillary Clinton is fear. Ignorance is also part of the problem but ignorance alone does not account for the complete lack of clear thinking. Ever heard the saying “Even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts now and then?”

Point is when you are constantly voting for mediocrity and then blaming the system for your circumstances…well that is just pure insanity and the thing that causes this kind of insanity is fear!

You think a pill or a boob job or implants in your pectorals is going to eliminate this fear. It will not. The only thing that will cause this fear to dissipate is to take a chance, fail a little and realize you will live and get through it.

You people think Donald Trump tried to fail and file bankruptcy. Are you complete fools? Nobody tries to fail. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says “Today I will fail at everything I do”, do they? do you? Think people, please think before it is too late.

Please do not think for a second that because you are liars that it is okay to be a liar. This is the mantra of the Progressives. They always make their argument by pointing out what the other guys failures are instead of pointing out their own achievements. Perhaps that is because they have none.

Look at the last forty years or so of Hillary’s life. Her first job out of law school was with the justice department. She worked on the Watergate investigation. Guess what happened…oh you don’t know…this should come as no surprise, she was accused of being dishonest and unethical. Don’t believe me? Check it out. She was 27 years old and already being called unethical and dishonest but apparently nothing ever sticks to her.

For over forty years this person has had nothing but accusation after accusation fired at her for her lack of honesty and yet you people somehow think she is going to give you a straight shot.

I have been in business most of my adult life and upon occasion have done business with people that were not honest. It never ended well for me. The latest example of this comes from a person who encouraged me to help him build his wholesale business for him, which I did. The outcome was he stole every single one of those people doing business with me by undermining my reputation. The worst part of it was that a very good friend of mine tried to warn me but I did not listen. Worse even than that was that I almost lost the friendship as a result.

He used all the same arguments that the elites use. To hear this guy tell it he is a friend of capitalism and that he did nothing wrong. Yet if you ask anyone he has done business with you will here an entirely different story.

What I can tell you is that there is justice in the world. The fact is that this guy is so incompetent that even while stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in business from me he is almost out of business himself. Why?…he spends most of his time trying to figure out how to screw the next guy rather than spending that energy producing something for and by himself. Sound Familiar?

The real problem though is the average American. I was at my local watering hole yesterday and one of the guys there said he hated Donald Trump. Now normally I would be inclined to challenge that but instead I started asking questions. I asked him pointedly to please tell me why he felt that way. He had no answer, he just said I don’t know. I pressed and insisted that to have such a strong feeling towards a person would imply you have good reason to feel that way. His answer, it’s just how I feel. This guy won’t even ask himself why which leads me to believe that the problem is not Donald Trump and in fact the problem lies with him.

Here is what I believe. People that live in fear can not stand people who don’t. I have seen it in my own life. I have never been one to cow tow to the status quo. As a result there are many who dislike me for no apparent reason. There have been people so desperate to destroy my reputation that they will make up all kinds of lies to protect their lie.

There is another thing that I possess that most do not and that is the undying belief that I will win eventually. In a society where “everyone is a winner” this is not a popular position. I also pisses a lot of people off because they do not believe that they will win in their lives and so they hate.

Give you another example. I had a vicious downturn in my life about 5 years ago and lost everything I had worked for. I was dependent on a roommate to help me out and he did.

I told him that as soon as I was on my feet again I would repay him and not just repay him but repay him ten-fold. I did. I found a new business opportunity that the friend I almost lost showed me and made my roommate a partner and shared everything with him 50/50. Keep in mind he did none of the work but I gave him half anyway. It was my way of saying how grateful I was for his help when I needed it. His answer to that was about three months in to steal $10,000.00 worth of inventory from me. I had a natural response, I kicked his ass! Well he told everyone he could how I kicked his ass but conveniently forgot to tell them what he did to instigate that.

Now I knew all along that this was a guy who felt great and superior when he had people in his life that needed his assistance. It gave him a level of control. Unfortunately for him he met a guy that got back on his feet after the fall and he hated that. The question becomes why would you hate that? You should be excited to see people succeed but he was not. Why? Fear! He had lived his entire life steeped in fear and so when he saw what no fear looked like it scared the shit out of him.

Please do not misunderstand, I in no way presume to be in Donald Trump’s league but I can relate. If experiences like that have happened to me, imagine what fearful people would be willing to try to do to Donald Trump.

Here is another example. About 7 years ago, at 44 years old I decided to return to Ballet dancing. I started to get into shape and then returned to where I danced when I was younger. I waited to go there because I did not want to have a heart attack where I knew people. My ego. So I am killing it. Clearly the best male dancer they had there. Well there was one guy there that felt threatened and started whispering in people’s ears all kinds of negative stuff. At the same time I was dating their newest star that happened to be significantly younger than me. That pissed him off even more. Especially because I told him she wanted me and he thought I was full of it. I was not. So he started talking again.

Around the same time he asked me to help him with a flooring job that he was working on. I did exactly that. His response He tried to back out on paying me. His excuse was I made plenty of money and he was a poor slob. I am paraphrasing but that was the gist of it.

These are the things fearful people do. They will or try to destroy your reputation just to suit themselves. They would rather live in fear than do what is necessary to get out of it. I don’t know what happened to this guy but my bet is he is still floundering away.

I also see it all the time with my current wife who also happens to be significantly younger than I am. Women hate me because I am a dirty old man 🙂 Men hate me because they wish their wife looked and acted like mine. Black people hate me and my wife because she has denied the “Brotha’s”.

Never once have these people asked if we are happy, which we are. No they are too busy being fearful because they either don’t look like her anymore, could not get a woman like her or whatever else they can come up with.

Many people assume she is with me only for my money except I don’t have much. Let’s assume for a second though that that was true. I am happy so why do you care? She is happy so why do you care?

Point is that most people are focused on the wrong thing. Focus your energy on making your self sane and secure and you will see your pettiness for what it is and you will stop. You will also stop electing leaders that think that way because you will no longer have anything in common with them.

Just my two cents worth.