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So as I said last time I want to try and stay in order as Lead Generation and building your business can be confusing, so today we are going to talk about Hosting Companies.

Take my word for it when I say that nothing is more important than picking a reliable hosting company. That said there are literally hundreds if not thousands of companies that provide hosting for websites but not all are created equal. If you have done anything online you know how important  having a good hosting company is. If you are brand new let me provide you with a scenario that just happened to me. I feel it will really shed light on the importance of reliable support.

When I first got involved in internet marketing I bought this “Push a button and you’ll get rich” system…lol (They do not exist). Anyway I wound up using a company named CoolHandle Hosting by default as that was the hosting company the guy that sold me the product had worked a deal with. Little did I know just how important dealing with a reputable company would become for my business.

Fast forward two years and it all comes home to roost. About a month ago I received an email from CoolHandle telling me that my account had been suspended. This is the third or fourth time this has happened. Apparently someone hacked into my account and sent a gazillion emails from my server. Thing is that I do not have any email accounts on this hosting and I have checked everything on my end and they are not getting in through my end. They are getting in through CoolHandle somehow but CoolHandle does not want the responsibility for it. So they keep passing the buck. Meanwhile almost a month later my sites are still suspended and I can not get a response from CoolHandle that addresses the issue.

The fact is that I should have switched from this company long ago but it is a pain in the ass to move sites after they are built and I did not want to hassle with it. Anyway, finally I am forced to do something about it but now instead of just having to buy hosting I also have to pay my tech guy to move all of my websites to the new hosting. If I would have done my research properly I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars paid to someone to move all of my domains and sites.

So water under the bridge but I can tell you that nothing is more pleasing than when I have an issue I can pick up the phone and speak to a live human being. See most of these hosting companies do not even have a way for you to contact them if something does go wrong, except by email. Now in the case of CoolHandle they do have a phone number but just to their sales team. When you try to get to tech support the only way to reach them is by email. My experience has been that if this is the only way to contact a company there is a reason they do not want to take calls and it is not because their service is sooo good. Quite the opposite, it is because their service sucks and they want a barrier between them and their pissed off customer’s.

How To Spot A Reliable Hosting Company

Well as I said, having a phone number is critical but more importantly is having a phone number to someone that is technically able and willing to assist you. There are only two companies with these credentials I would recommend using.

The first company  that meets this basic criteria is Host Gator. I have actually been working with them for quite a while now so, fortunately, the bulk of what I have done is already with them but as I said there are several sites that will have to be moved. In fact it is happening today.

Let me give you the exact same scenario as it would play out with Host Gator. My account gets suspended and I call Host Gator on the phone where I am immediately greeted to the option of speaking to someone in sales or tech support. I choose tech support. When I am transferred it is not to a recording but to a live person that actually knows what they are talking about and more important are eager to help.

I explain the issue and while I am on the phone the issue is resolved. In fact they will not let you get off the phone until the issue is resolved. Ten minutes or so later I am on about doing my business and my sites are fixed. No going back and forth with people in another country that do not really care whether your business functions or not. It does not take a month for the issue to be addressed. No gatekeeper’s telling you they have no record of the support ticket you sent in. No excuses! Just results.

Think this is no big deal? Think again. I have literally wasted hours calling CoolHandle and writing support tickets to CoolHandle and still a month later am no closer to resolving the issue than I was before I contacted them. How frustrated do you think you would be in that circumstance. All that energy and time wasted.

Reliable Web-Hosting is Critical To Your Online Success.

Bottom line is that if your sites are not functioning properly it will not matter how many links you build or how pretty your site is or how good your offer is because no one will see it. This is your business. Imagine if you own a pizza shop and you are open for business but there is no way to get in the store as the front door does not work. Think you are going to make any money. What if your landlord (Hosting Company) refused to fix the door? Simply you will go out of business. Maybe it takes a week or a month or a year, depending on how deep your pockets are but sooner or later you will go out of business or give up in frustration.

There is also another option though I have not used them for hosting so I can not say how good their service is but as a company I can vouch for them and that is Now in the interest of full disclosure I have never used GoDaddy for hosting but I have bought numerous domains from them and their service has always been top-notch. I see no reason why their hosting would not be top-notch also. But…as I said I have not used their hosting so make sure you do your own research here.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

Cloud Hosting is a relatively new service that I have just started to investigate. Again the problem I have run into in my initial foray into this is that the support sucks! No phone numbers to tech support means that every time you have an issue you need to send an email and god knows when they get back to you. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to take three days emailing back and forth to fix a five minute issue and yet that seems to be the case when their is no phone number. I don’t know why but that is what it is. All these technological breakthroughs were supposed to make it easier to communicate but that depends on the level of professionalism that the other company is bringing to the table. While email and instant messaging can speed the process this is only if the company you are dealing with actually has the desire to resolve the issue. If they do not care then it is a great wall between you and them.

In theory I love the idea of cloud hosting as each of your sites would have their own unique IP address and so if Google was looking it would not appear that all site are owned by the same person. Think building out several sites in the same niche…if Google suspects you are trying to lock up a search term they do not give any credit to the sites at all and won’t rank any of them. But if each of your sites has its own unique IP then there is no way for Google to know that they are all owned by the same person or company. This is crucial to ranking high when trying to build a network.

**As a side note, you can do the same thing with a dedicated server from Host Gator but there are certain limitations with HG that are not present with cloud hosting. 

Stay tuned for more info on this as I will surely be doing more research over time. I just do not want to recommend this course until I know all the ins and outs.

So anyway there you have it. My two best reco’s for hosting with Host Gator at the top. I hope you trust me on this one as the headaches to come if you don’t are just not worth it. I learned the hard way. The right hosting company is absolutely crucial to your online success.