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President Obama Using The “N” Word

President Obama and PC

President Obama

President Obama exiting Air Force One in San Francisco on Friday. The comedian Marc Maron interviewed the president for an episode of his podcast that was released on Monday. Credit Zach Gibson/The New York Times

Recently we saw the tragedy that occurred in South Carolina. Now to be completely frank I do not understand what makes a person think this kind of behavior is in any way justifiable. I realize the “Head Shrinker’s” will give you all kinds of psyche reasons for this but that is a topic for another day.

What has me miffed is the statement that President Obama made after this event took place. I am referring specifically to the comment he made regarding racism. He said that “just because people have stopped saying Nigger does not mean that racism is gone from this country. He is right…but was only partially honest.

Has The African American Community Stopped Using The “N” Word?

Anybody who has spent any time in an ethnic neighborhood knows the answer to that question. For those of you who live in a bubble the answer is no.

Just spend an hour there and you will hear it all over the place. Things like “Hey Nigger”…”Hey my Nigger”, “What’s up Nigger”, and on and on it goes. This is the truth and I am sorry if it pisses the PC crowd off but someone needs to start telling the truth.

I know because I lived there. I spent almost two years in East Harlem. This neighborhood is predominantly Latino and Black. In this neighborhood you do not hear the Latino’s greeting each other by saying “Hey what’s up Spic…etc…

Here is a news flash…If you want people to start treating you with respect then start treating yourselves with some. Dark-skinned people…actually let me amend…African American people continually disrespect each other with their language towards each other and then wonder why they get no respect. Yet somehow because I am a white male I am racist to point this out and frankly this is a bullshit cop out for people that do not want to take responsibility.

Let me give you some more background. My fiance is from Ivory Coast in West Africa and the way African Americans treat each other and speak to each other is a complete embarrassment to her, to the point when you say “You’re my sister” she makes it clear she is not! Most people from Africa feel this way.

You Will Not Get Respect Until You First Have Self-Respect

This goes for all people, white, black, olive or whatever your skin color. This is what seems to be the problem with society. Trust me on this. Just try being a long-haired white boy driving a sports car and see what the cops do to you…lol. Again I know because that was me twenty or so years ago.

The reason people are the way they are is not because of your skin color. The reason people act the way they do is because they have no self-respect. Are you listening Mr. President? This includes you.

The President Has No Self-Respect?

By now you probably think I am crazy. That’s okay. I am not writing this for your approval. I am writing this because it needs to be said out loud.

Mr. President I voted for you because you promised to change things and make politics more honest and not fall prey to special interests and then what did you do…well…exactly all of those things. How could you have any self-respect?

Mr President, I remember a day when it would never occur to anyone to refer to the President of the United States without even the courtesy of putting a Mister in front of it. Have you ever even called anyone out on even that? NO!

You are the leader of the supposed free world or at least what is left of it and you don’t even have the balls to chastise someone for having basic courtesy. I can tell you this…if my child ever met you and addressed you as “Obama” I would be shocked, embarrassed, humiliated and more. He would also get such a dressing down that such rude behavior would never happen again in his life.

As the leader of the “Free World” you have a unique opportunity to reach people in a way that no other has. This comes with great responsibility to teach and teach you have. Problem is the things you have taught.

I am not saying that racism does not exist in this country or for that matter the world. Hell just look at the Chinese and the Japanese. They make race relations in this country look like a walk in the park. I also know of this. I dated a Japanese girl for quite some time…just talk of the Chinese and she would practically spit on you. The same applies in reverse.

What I am saying is that we, as a society, need to begin to speak the truth and stop lying to ourselves and everyone else.

In closing…Mr President, You are the leader of the free world. It is up to you to lead. Rather than worrying about your legacy with healthcare worry more about the message you are sending to the people you are leading. I understand it is not just your responsibility but your part is all you need to worry about. It is the only part you can fix.

Here is the Podcast interview republished from YouTube.