Burnin’ Down The House

Obama Caught Again

Obama 2016

I gotta’ tell you it just doesn’t get any better than this. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes President Obama with another scandal. Since when do we pay ransom to terrorists to release hostages. And if it is not ransom how come this money transfer happened under cover of darkness. I didn’t know the banks stayed open that late. Oh that’s right it was cash…oops!

The current powers that be are so corrupt they don’t even try to cover their tracks anymore. I swear to god it is like having a conversation with a six year old. You know what I am talking about, the one where you find your kid standing on the kitchen counter, reaching into the cookie jar on top of the cabinets, chocolate covering his mouth and you ask “what are you doing?”, he says “nothing” and you say “Why do you have chocolate on your mouth?” he says, “I don’t know”. You press and say “tell the truth” and he says “they did it too”, pointing at their brother or sister!

This response from the administration that says, Donald Trump is “unfit to be President”…Am I on Candid Camera? I feel like sooner or later the host of the show is going to come out and show me the camera and tell me I’ve been punked and it was all just for fun, to see my reaction.

Donald Trump Will Burn Down The House

Get ready! The simple fact is that daily we see that the house is infested with termites. It can not be saved. The termites have eaten through the frame and if we don’t tear it down it will collapse on us.

Sorry folks. No we can’t live in it anymore. If we would have fixed the termite problem 10 or 15 years ago the house may have been saved but now…not so much. This is not a “Bad Thing”, unless you are a termite. Yes it will cost us to rebuild but…

Aren’t you tired of living in a house that when you come home you have to worry whether or not the roof is going to cave in?

Don’t you want to live in a nice new house with no termites?

This is why we need Trump! He knows how to build stuff and not just any stuff but really, really nice stuff.

No…No…I hear you but it is the whole house that has to go. Not just the Democratic side of the house but the Republican side too. Yes we will be able to reuse some of the wood but most of it has to go. It is too compromised.

As a country we need to face some cold hard truths. First of those and the most dire is we are broke. Previous people running the show have mortgaged the next 3 generations to live in the style they wanted. They did not stop to consider whether this was fair or not. They just did it and now we have to be accountable to it and make the necessary changes to fix it.

No more excuses and lies. Mr. Obama likes to talk about how well the economy is doing and points to the stock market trading at record highs as an example. This may be the worst of the smoke and mirrors. Were it not for public companies buying back their own stock with the free money the Fed has made available….no not for us, just for the people and companies that matter, the stock market would be no where near record highs. As a matter of fact the market would probably be trading at half the price it is currently trading. Some experts argue that 70 percent of the run up from the financial crisis lows has been due to corporations buying their own stocks. Not improved earnings but financial engineering has led to new highs in the market.

It is the same type of financial shenanigan’s that our fearless leaders use to convince you we are not in as much debt as we are. They will admit to almost 19 Trillion which by the way is more than 100% of what we produce every year as a nation but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What they fail to mention is the other 200 Trillion in debt that they are carrying off the books in the form of IOU’s to Social Security and Medicare so the real number is about 10 times more than they admit.

For most, these numbers are just too big to comprehend so allow me to take the liberty of bringing them down to size. Imagine you make 50,000.00 per year and you are carrying 500 thousand dollars, a half a million, in debt. Could you pay it? Let’s do the math. Let’s assume all of the half million is 30 year debt like a mortgage. Just the principal payment on that debt would be around 30 thousand of your 50 thousand earnings. Add in what it would cost for interest, at least another 10 thousand per year and now you are at 40 of your 50 thousand gone. That leaves you 10 thousand dollars for the year to live on or around 850 dollars per month or less than 200 dollars per week for food and everything else. Could you do it? Right!

So if you can’t do it how does the government? Two words, Printing Press. If you and I do what the government does they call it forgery or in the case of Social Security a Ponzi Scheme and we go to jail. However if you are the US government you call it business as usual.

See that’s the thing, the Progressives tell you that is just the way it works. News Flash, that’s not how it works. They had the luxury of disassembling a country and a way of life that was incredibly strong. So for many years while companies and governments cooked their books we could withstand it and things did not look so bad. Now…well again I ask you, how strong would you feel if you could not pay your bills every month?, and make no mistake without that printing press that is exactly where we would be.

So here’s the thing, do you want to burn down the house and start over or do you want the house to collapse on your head? The first option gives you control of the outcome, while still messy at least you control it. The second option leaves you totally out of control and yet will still be messy and your skull will get crushed when one of those rotten beams hits you smack between the eyes. It really is that bad!

If you open your mind you can learn a lot from Donald Trump. In my opinion the most important thing to learn is when to cut your losses. Because we have become a nation that no longer understands that things ebb and flow we can no longer deal with a downturn in the economy. If we would have let the chips fall where they may during the financial crisis then the excesses would have been wrung out of the system. Instead we doubled down on a bad bet and now look where we are.

In case you’re wondering just where we are, we have a government that is completely corrupt with excess. In every action they take they express their contempt for common sense and you have businesses cooking their books in the form of stock buybacks propping up a sick stock market.

This can not last and in my opinion it is completely irresponsible to continue to bury our collective heads in the sand. I mean how much lower can we go? Our leaders have decided that it is okay to pay ransom to terrorist nations. If that does not disgust you I don’t know what will and then, perhaps, we deserve the house to fall on our heads.

I encourage all of you to read “Atlas Shrugged”. Written back in the 1950’s by Ayn Rand it documents the decline and fall of the American empire. Twenty-five years ago, when I first read this book, I estimated we were about two-thirds through the book on our journey. I estimate we are now about seven-eighths through. Please read how it ends. It’s a good news, bad news scenario. Again bad if you are a termite. Good if you build things.

It is time to decide which side of history you want to be on. Do you want to help rebuild or do you want to continue to eat what’s left of the house?