Breaking News: FBI V Clinton

Hillary ClintonBreaking News

Wonder if she is laughing now. The FBI has just announced that they are reopening the case against Hillary Clinton. For the record, this is a criminal investigation.

Apparently the FBI and Director Comey sent a letter to Rep. Jason Chaffetz to inform him that they were reopening a criminal investigation into Hillary’s email debacle. All I can say is thank God. Finally some sanity from the Justice System.

You had to know that sooner or later there was just going to be too much evidence of impropriety to ignore it any more. I am wondering how the Clinton Campaign is going to spin this.

Hmmmm….let’s see…oh I know, Director Comey is really a Russian mole intent on destroying the election process and that is why he is pursuing this now. The reality of course is that it just could not be ignored anymore.

The Clinton’s tried to ignore it. The main stream media tried to ignore it and 40+ percent of the population tried to pretend these issues did not exist.

All of you Hillary fans please explain to me how you are now going to vote for a person under criminal investigation by the FBI…again! Time to wake up folks. You bet on the wrong horse. Apparently integrity does matter to some of us. Shame it was not your candidate.

Good luck over the next ten days spinning your way out of this one!