Make Money Online – Medium Term

How To Make Money Online

As we have discussed in previous posts the key to make money online is to have enough cash flow to build your online presence. The first section of businesses I am involved with covered the ways I generate cash flow to build my home based business. This next section is going to cover the medium term companies I have chosen to build the next level of my business.

While generating cash flow is a necessity it is just as important for you to have companies that you want to build a longer term future with As I try to make money online I have the short term for immediate cash needs and now we are going to look at the medium term which will make me more money and be much more stable than the short term but also these things take a minute to build. That is why we need the cash flow. See how this begins to piggyback on each other?

The fact is that any of these medium term opportunities have a very strong business model and may very well turn into long term opportunities. The reason these are more medium term is they pay better on the front end than my long term biz ops do. Again though with these higher payouts comes additional risk that you won’t find in the longer term companies.

All of what we are doing here and setting up is all designed around reducing risk. You will never be able to eliminate all of the risk but you can reduce it dramatically if you do a few simple things and the main thing is to spread your risk.

Having said all of that it is time to look at our first medium term business.

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