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Flare CopterFlareCopter is actually an offline method to generate huge amounts of money in a short period of time. To be honest If you had told me 2 months ago that I could turn my gym bag into an ATM machine I would have scoffed at you and just written you off as another “Pie in the sky” salesman. In other words I would have thought you were an idiot and just trying to steal my money. Thank heavens the guy that introduced Flare Copter to me is a good friend and respected business associate because since I started demonstrating this toy I have earned a net profit of around 5 thousand dollars and with no end in site. I expect this month to earn closer to 10 Grand and that may be a very conservative estimate. This is the only offline method I use to generate cash flow and boy does it do just that.

Selling Flare Copter – Really?

Yeah I know. Frankly the first thing my buddy Greg told me was the hardest thing about selling Flare Copter is getting your ego out of the way. It turns out that statement was not accurate. The hardest thing about selling Flare Copter is keeping it in stock. From day one we have been behind the curve on this thing and literally can not order product fast enough to keep it in stock.

By the way…selling Flare Copter is also not an entirely accurate statement as I have not really sold a Flare Copter yet. So what do I mean by that? Let me give you a pretty typical scenario.

I go out and demonstrate Flare Copter by shooting it into the sky. It goes up about a hundred to a hundred and fifty feet in the air and then floats down like a parachute but looks like fireworks as the LED light reflects off the wings and it looks really cool and is really a lot of fun. So here is how the following conversation goes:


Hey buddy what is that?


It is called a Flare Copter


Wow that’s pretty cool…where did you get it?


I sell them


How much does it cost?


3 for 10 Dollars


Let me get one of those…3 for 10 you said?



And then they hand me ten dollars and I have just turned my gym bag into an ATM machine and the vehicle I used to do that is called Flare Copter. Listen folks I did not believe it either when Greg told me this but I have first hand experience that tells me that you don’t sell this you demonstrate it and it sells itself. The only thing you need to do is get where there are a lot of people. Think Sporting events, Block Parties, Festivals, Fairs etc…

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