Better The Devil You Know

Than The Devil You Don’t?

Hillary Clinton

I was somewhat surprised yesterday when talking to a business acquaintance. During the conversation he mentioned that Hillary was his best choice for President. For those of you following my blog, I have made no secret of my lack of understanding of why this is what many people want. So again, I started asking questions, as I am want to do.

What he told me was very enlightening. His basic opinion was better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. That feeling go me to thinking and I began to look at how this mentality is effecting daily life and not just politics and voting decisions.

When I think about this my mind naturally moves to business and how I earn a living. What I am seeing is, to be frank, a little disturbing. Bottom line is people just Fear change.

The business I am in, List Building, I believe is a very strong barometer of how people are feeling and I can tell you many are feeling very scared. What puzzles me is just how powerful fear can be. It literally paralyzes people into doing nothing.

The reason I get puzzled is that if you do nothing then nothing changes and yet that is why most people join one of my lists. They are looking for change…but they are also very afraid of it. The thing many do not grapple with is the reality that doing “Nothing” is doing something it just is not very productive.

Think of it this way. If you continue to do the same things you have always done you will continue to get the same results. Failure is part of building your own business. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do they are lying to you and move in the opposite direction.

I have failed many times in my life. I can tell you it is humiliating, it hurts, sometimes you may even cry but you will survive. More important is that if you stick to it you  will succeed. Remember it is almost never the most talented that rise to the top but rather the person that wants it most.

I also feel that part of the problem is that we can get discouraged. After getting beaten up a few times it gets harder to get up. But you must! If you do not keep trying then you will never achieve your personal dreams.

I am almost 52 years old and have been working at this my whole life. I started with nothing but my own ingenuity and a belief in the “American Dream”. I know that may sound a little hokey, especially in this day and age, but it is the truth.

I have made a ton of mistakes, personally and professionally. Most of the bad choices came from a decision made from a position of fear.

If you have been following my blog you will see what appears to be a contradiction as I have implied that I do not struggle with fear. What I should have said was that I no longer struggle with fear. It was not always that way.

I think what changed for me was that I finally got to the point, after many failures and many survivals, that I knew I would “live to fight another day”. So now if I am struggling with a scary proposition I ask myself “What would I do if I was not afraid?” and that is the choice I make. I may have several different choices I can make and it still might not work the way I hoped it would…but and this is a big but…I increase my odds dramatically for success if I make my choices from a position of strength.

I encourage you to adopt this as your Mantra. I may make the difference for you.

Let’s face it, their are many things to be concerned about as you grow your business but the things that seem to paralyze us have more to do with Ego and the fear of it being bruised. Get used to it. 🙂

Think about it. What are the thoughts that run through your head? What if I fail? What will my friends think, those same friends that said it will never work? What will my spouse think? The same spouse that shakes their head every time you try “One of these things”. The list goes on and on but you get the point.

The game is played between our ears. Yes there is some actual work involved but the thing that will get you to the finish line is your mental toughness. You must understand that these other voices are just as afraid as you are. As such, their advise and council may not be what you should be paying attention to.

You must accept that failure is the opposite of success, two sides of the same coin. You can not have one without the other.

This fear of failure and fear of change is what is driving this election cycle. Very many people love the candor of Donald Trump. They know if he is President things will change dramatically. What holds them back is that they have a fear of the unknown. This is the same fear that keeps you from taking chances in business.

Fact. If you knew for sure that if you invested your time and energy into a business that would make you $10,000.00 per month every month but it would take two years to do it, how much would you invest in that business? Especially if after 2 years you knew you never had to work again for that money.

See this is it in a nutshell. The problem is you won’t know if you have found the right opportunity until you try it. Some things work for some people and some things work for others. You have to try it to see if it fits you.

I mean really, what else do you have to do? Being a “Serial Free Position Person” get’s you nowhere. How is it working out so far? You have got to put your money where your mouth is.

You say I don’t have any money to put. Fair enough, but if you keep doing what you are doing you never will! You may have to rob from Peter to pay Paul for a minute and if it does not work then you try again. Keep doing that and sooner or later you will have your dreams, the road may just get a bit bumpy along the way.

I also believe we tend to focus more on outcomes than the journey. Learn from your failures and keep going, there will be high points too.

I think it is also important to point that out in this election. Learn from our failures! Washington has been doing things the way they do them for a long time and how is that working out for us? As uncomfortable as that may be, change we must or perish we will.

Make no mistake the longer we resist change the shorter our lives are. Even if you breath for a hundred years are you really living if everything you do is based on fear?

Think about it.

To your success,