Are We Really This Dumb?

We Must Be Stupid!

Obama Ransom Iran

I really think it is time to ask ourselves this question, especially since it seems the current administration seems to be testing the limits of reason.

In case you missed it yesterday President Obama essentially, in his condescending tone, said anybody who thinks we paid a ransom for hostages is a boob! I know those were not his exact words but that was the general idea.

Let’s review, In January you announce that as part of the Iranian Nuclear Deal we are going to return money to Iran that was seized when the Shah was deposed, what like 40 years ago. I am no fan of that deal but a deal is a deal and so far so good. Then we come to find out that 400 million of that money is going to be made in a cash payment in foreign currency, in the dead of night, and that some of it will probably be used for terrorism against us, ala Josh Earnest. Really. Oh and we find out about this almost 8 months after the fact. Then you say we told you.

It all would have worked but for one thing. You forgot to tell the Pastor your plan….Bwaahahahaha. Turns out the good Pastor stated that he was told by the Iranians with the hostages at the airport that, “You will not leave until the other plane arrives”. What other plane? Oh, you mean the private jet that was carrying 400 million dollars worth of Euro’s and Swiss Francs? That’s not a ransom?

Please Mr. President. We all know…really. Even your staunchest supporters do not believe the string of lies. Oh, they will never say that but nobody is stupid enough to believe this fantasy. I think you know that but that is what is scariest of all.

You don’t care whether we believe it. The mentality seems to be you can do whatever you want and there is nothing we can do about it.

I watched Josh Earnest in a news conference and then President Obama in a news conference. At times, in both conference’s, it seemed like they were both laughing. Not out loud, but in their expressions and body language.

I put these two video’s up of the statements made at both new conference’s and I swear to god, it looked like Josh was ready to bust a gut while he was selling his narrative and of course, Mr Obama’s attitude was, oohhh now you are being silly. What ransom?

The same attitude was portrayed when questioned on Donald Trump’s accusation that the election could be rigged. Mr Obama’s response….you silly wabbit. The proper response would have been much different, especially considering the fact that the Democratic nomination was clearly biased towards Hillary Clinton. I seem to recall Bernie being laughed out of the room when he made the same allegations towards the DNC. Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

I would love to play poker with Mr. Obama. This guy is the player that thinks every hand he holds is 4 of a kind or a Royal Flush.

The proper response to Mr Trump’s accusation’s would have sounded more like this.

While I am not a fan of Mr. Trump, these are very serious allegations and no candidate should have to be concerned with rigged elections and we will make sure there is complete transparency in the process so no unethical behaviors will be able to hide in the shadows.

This is the type of response you give when you are being sincere. Ridiculing the other party is a defensive posture and the type of response you give when you are not being, at the least full disclosure and at worst outright lying.

Media is in the Pocket of the Elitists

By the way, many in the press are using words like misleading to describe the conduct of the current administration and Hillary Clinton. We need to start telling the truth. They are lying. Plain and simple. Worse the mainstream media co-signs their BS.

I have yet to hear one reporter ask the question, “are we really supposed to believe this non-sense?

I mean, c’mon guys after what was heard yesterday you would think one reporter would have had the balls to stand up and cry “How stupid do you think American’s are?” These guys make a bigger deal out of whether a baseball player is taking steroids than they do on whether we are paying ransom for hostages! Are you kidding me?

I always think of a scene from a movie, also a broadway stage play, called “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”. It has been many years but it has stuck with me. It is a scene where the sheriff is exposed as a con man and he is doing this little “Shuffle Dance” as the reporters and people chase him around and he is laughing and singing about how funny it all is and how smart he is and how stupid they all are.

The Mantra of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton seems to be “Die with the Lie”. They will never actually reveal the truth even though we already know it. It is as if, until they say it out loud, we are all just fools for the taking.

Now the attitude of “Die with the Lie” is pretty fun to watch on “Christly Knows Best” but when I see it coming from the leaders of our nation it is disgusting to watch. On “Christly Knows Best” it is a couple of young kids and a pompous, albeit rich, dad saying these things and mostly harmless.

Mr. President we are talking about Nuclear deals and hostages and ransoms here, not how the car got dented! Hillary we are talking about state secrets and “Pay to Play” issues here, not where I was on Friday night when I was supposed to be home. Get it?

Has anyone considered that Mr. Obama is the “Inside Guy” for Radical Islam? It would make a great movie script. The President of the United States turns out to be the inside man in a plot to destroy the United States. All the while telling everyone he is the champion for the United States. Here is the not so funny reality. It’s not a movie.

The only way the things Mr. Obama does make sense is if you flip your thinking. Instead of asking yourself what you would do to make the United States a better place, ask yourself what would you do if you wanted to destroy this country?

Now take a look at what the Obama administration has done and look at what they are doing. Now look at what Hillary wants to continue to do. Pretty scary right? Oh, that’s just conspiracy theories cry the masses. Is it?

I do not believe in coincidences. This administration and Mrs. Clinton would have you believe that all of these things are just coincidences. Again I ask, Just how stupid do you think people really are? or are you just counting on the apathy of the masses?