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Opinion: They Say They Want Equal Treatment

The Hypocrisy of Racism


NFL Players KneelingYou really want equality? Boulderdash! I have never heard such nonsense in my life.

Now before all the lefties get worked up and start calling me racist and every other name under the sun, allow me to ask a question. What would happen to you if you protested at work? Hmmm?

I can tell you what happened to me when I expressed my personal views at work. I got fired!

You want to be treated like everyone else is the fallacy that these rich primadonna’s want you to believe. Sorry if the cops treat you unfairly. Guess what, I have been treated unfairly by cops and I am not a black man. It is what some cops do. Note I said some, not all. I have said it before and I will say it again, not all cops are good, just like not all doctors are good and not all attorney’s are good and not all people are good. Period.

Please tell me, all of you NFL Players that are kneeling, what are you doing in your communities to improve things on the ground? Or are you just taking a knee there too?

Rarely do you hear anything that these guys are doing in their communities to improve race relations. They all complain that , as black men, they are not treated the same as white people. Fine. I will concede that point for a moment. How about this. You get treated like this white man. Work 60 hours a week, make a little over $60,000.00 a year and get fired from your job because your views are a bit conservative and the bleeding heart owner’s do not like it.

A little back story is necessary. I worked at a bar that has many African American customer’s and some of them love to throw around the “Race Card”. When they do I tend to call them out. One Friday night, my co-worker, incidentally a black woman, starts a fist fight with another black woman and she is still employed and I am fired because apparently I like to start fights. Do I get to decry racism? No! Is that fair? No! But I do not have the time to take a knee because I am too busy trying to get my bills paid.

Now let’s have a look at an example of what makes the news. An African American NFL Player is partying in Vegas with his Posse and gets into an altercation with the cops and everyone, including the player cries racism. No mention of what the player did to draw the attention of the police. Naw, he was just minding his own business, doing nothing wrong and the police just manhandled him.

Why is this always the claim when a black man is involved? Can you say Ray Rice? Your answer is…wait for it… that is only one player and he made a mistake. Fine with that answer, except why is that answer not adequate when the roles are reversed. If one bad cop makes a mistake all of a sudden it is racism. Whoa to the poor black man that “Whitey” have been keeping down. Do you begin to see why many are sick of the rhetoric?

You Really Want To Be Treated Equally?

I have no issue with that. To be treated equally you must first stop manipulating the conversation and stop playing the role of a victim.

I have lived in the inner city and know the truth. If the black man wants to stop getting harassed and arrested by the police then stop breaking the law. Again I am not saying that there are no cops that are not out to get you but those cops are out to get everyone, not just you.

The vast majority of arrests of minority men are because they are doing illegal stuff. You can claim this is not true but the numbers are clear and indisputable. When you are selling dope on the street corner expect to get caught and do not cry foul when you do get caught. Stop carrying guns when you commit these crimes and brandishing them like you are in a movie and perhaps you will stop getting shot. Guys this is basic common sense. Nothing is going to change until you stop doing the things you do.

Let’s Level The Playing Field

Since the first thing you complain about is the attitude of cops and white people in general, the first thing you need to change is your attitude. Instead of taking a knee and bitching about your lot in life, which by the way is not so bad in the case of multi-millionaire football players, get off your knees and take action.

What do I mean by that? Instead of taking a junket to Vegas, go into the communities most affected and mentor a kid, read to them, educate them, empower them, become a “Big Brother”, explain to them there are no victim’s only volunteers. Teach them that violence is the uneducated response to a condition.

I mean isn’t that your main beef? Cops are violent towards minorities? So why would you not go teach kids, and people in general, to respond differently?

I have been saying for a long time that we really need to start getting honest, to anyone that will listen. Sadly we live in a society that has no stomach for the truth.

What the majority do not understand is that this is exactly what the people in power want. A divided enemy can not overcome. Make no mistake the people that are in power are the enemy and we are theirs. They want to keep you enslaved and there is no simpler way to do that than convince you that you are victim’s.

They play on your emotion’s with regard to the racism that existed in this country in the past. Again I am not saying that racism does not exist in this country but it does not exist to nearly the expanse that the power would have you believe. If you search your hearts you know that to be true. If you want something to change then stop falling for the lie.

Instead start discussing the issues that you feel matter but bring facts to the discussion. To have intelligent dialogue you must bring facts and leave emotions at the door. Trust me, when I was collecting DUI’s I did not feel it was fair. The facts said differently. I was drunk and I was driving. Period! I also felt the cops were being unfair because they were lying about the things that happened but if I had not put myself in that position in the first place then they would have had no opportunity to lie. Get it?

And you must stop with this double standard. If you expect the cops and every white person on earth to be perfect then hold yourselves to the same standard. In fact I will go one step further and encourage you to set the standard for perfection and we will see how you do. By my accounts you also have a bit of work to do. Perhaps if you spend more time on your faults and less on other’s you will be able to attain the standard you have set.

Perhaps this article will help begin the dialogue. That is certainly my hope.