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The Insanity Continues

Main Stream Media Is At It Again

In case you missed it, to hear Brian Karem tell it, it is President Trump and his administrations fault that people do not trust the press anymore.

Of course it is someone else’s fault, it always is with the liberal left. Forget about the truth of the matter. It has no bearing.

For the record though let us have a look at the reason for the dust up. CNN ran a story that Anthony Scaramucci had meetings with a Russian bank and blah…blah…blahhh. Guess what? Turns out the story was completely untrue and the CNN reporters that ran the story had to resign.

Also for the record this has become the new normal at most of the major news outlets. They no longer report the news. What they do instead is make up stories because they do not like the results of the election.

Then those same people that told the lies get called out and people like Brian Karem accuse the person that called them out as being inflammatory. Huh? Pardon my french but are you shitting me?

Personally I loved the fact that Sarah Huckeby Sanders did not back down but called him right to the carpet. The lies have got to stop and people need to start being held accountable but it is not only the press doing this, making excuses I mean.

Recently Susan Rice implied that the reason she was being looked at for, at best, unethical behavior is because she is a woman and she is black. So in plain english it is because we are racist and sexist. Really? I has nothing to do with the fact that you are a proven liar?

Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg thinks all American’s should be guaranteed a decent living wage. Of course that will mean higher taxes for everyone to pay for it.

How about this Mark, give away all of your money, not in your lifetime but right now. Just give it all away. The huge house, the fancy cars…all of it and live like people in the real world. Pay yourself a hundred thousand a year, a fairly generous sum considering most American’s do not even earn that. Everything else gets given away. Live on a hundred thousand and see for yourself what that feels like. Fly economy a couple of times, drive a car that is more than a year or two old. Have debt out the ass with no way out and then see if you can still spew your nonsense.

Point is you can do whatever you want with your money but I am about sick of people trying to make me feel guilty because I don’t want to give what little I have away to people that are too lazy to work.

If you really believe what you say then prove it. Put your money where your mouth is or shut up. Same with Oprah.

Instead of spending ten thousand dollars on a purse, go to Marshall’s and spend $39.99 because you need a purse and that is what you can afford.

It seems to me that the press and the wealthy elitists are either completely detached from reality or they are playing a shell game. They say we should be doing all of these things but they do not do those things themselves.

Just like the issue with illegal immigrants. You think there should be sanctuary cities…cool. I have a suggestion. Invite a few MS-13 gang members to come stay at your house. You think these people should be here so take responsibility for it and let them live with you in your neighborhood.

In addition, has it occurred to anyone that if we were not paying the medical expenses of over ten million illegals in this country we might be able to afford to pay for our own healthcare? Does anyone have any idea how many billions of dollars are wasted in this fashion?

I am sure I sound cold-hearted to many bleeding hearts but I am fed up with the stupidity of the arguments the left makes. I can not pay all of my bills and then pay all of your bills too. This is the squeeze that is being put on the middle class. We do not have billions or even millions or even thousands stashed away for a rainy day. We live paycheck to paycheck in most cases.

I am not saying soak the rich and tax them out of existence. What I am saying Mr Buffet is that if you want to pay more in taxes then you are free to do that but stop telling me I should too. In fact your tax forms allow for you to give extra money if you believe in your premise so strongly. Just send it to the IRS. Trust me they will not give it back saying you gave them too much.

We no longer have the luxury of being irresponsible with money. We are 20 Trillion dollars in debt and that is just the amount the government is willing to admit to. If you add in the un or underfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare you are looking at closer to 200 trillion.

Another little tidbit of fact and a civics lesson as apparently not only did the left fail math but their understanding of the Constitution leaves much to be desired.

The rights protected in the Constitution do not apply to people in this country illegally. Period! Jeez I wish you people would educate yourselves instead of calling everyone else names. Just because you can not do math and have no understanding of the rule of law does not make me stupid or sexist or racist or a xenophobe or islamophobic or any of the other things you call me.

In fact I am none of those things and it is all a smoke screen to cover for your hypocrisy.

You are free to believe all the things you believe but you can not guilt me into believing the same things. If you want to lie then go right ahead but stop trying to make me feel bad because I called you a liar. You can give all of your money away to people too lazy to work but you can not force me to do the same thing. You can say that you believe in sanctuary cities and all are welcome but then go live amongst those people yourself and don’t get angry when I call you a hypocrite if you don’t.

And Russia, Russia, Russia has got to stop. You have lost all credibility. Meanwhile the real crimes go unreported.

Loretta Lynch tried to block the email investigation of Hillary Clinton. Obama was spying on American’s for political purposes. Susan Rice unmasked people for no apparent reason other than politics and most probably leaked those names to the press or at the very least started the leaking process. James Comey admitted leaking to the press. I mean how much more…?

Oh but I forgot, calling this shit out is “Not Fair” because you are just trying to do your jobs, according to Brian Karem.

I remember Josh Earnest, President Obama’s press secretary, lying directly to the press and literally laughing at the press and not one whisper of protest, but god forbid people trying to be honest should call you out on your lies…now it’s a big deal.

Here is a news flash, normal, sane people have had about enough. The left preaches tolerance and then goes and breaks stuff to keep people that do not agree with them from speaking. The left tells those same people they are ignorant and yet the left can not even do math. The left tells you they believe in the rule of law and then go break the law and then claim that I am racist because I think they are wrong.

This whole thing is completely insane. Regular American’s need to understand that this behavior is destroying what is left of our country. They also need to understand once and for all that this is the goal of the left. They hate freedom, not their freedom…just yours.

The left needs to accept that their way does not work. I never has and it never will. There is too much hate in the things you believe. I know you always speak of caring more about people than conservatives but that is simply not true. I you really care about someone you let them be free. Everything you stand for destroys freedom.

I do not claim to understand why you hate so much nor do I understand the greed but I do have common sense. You people say you are trying to spread the wealth so everyone can have a fair shake. Fantastic! Again put your money where your mouth is. Hell you can start with me. I could use about a hundred grand right now to pay off debt from a failed business venture. One of you write me a check. Trust me, like the IRS, I will not refuse it.

Otherwise just shut up, I have listened to this rubbish long enough. I suspect their are many who feel the same way I do.

Could You Please Read It First?

Schumer Is At It Again

chuck schumerCould you please at least read the bill before you start with the nonsense? I am sitting here listening to the hyperbole coming from Chuck Schumer’s mouth, the Senate only released the details of the bill moments ago and Mr. Schumer is already denigrating it.

Please make up your mind. On the one hand you say you do not even have the time to review it and on the other hand you certainly have apparently had enough time to cast judgement on it. So which is it? Apparently you have enough time to bitch about it but you do not have enough time to add anything to it. Typical liberal response.

To read the entire bill Click Here

Color me silly but I believe the rhetoric coming from the left was pre-written and no matter what the GOP puts on the table they would say exactly the same things. The issue that they refuse to deal with is this…

Obamacare is in a flat spin. It does not work. It never did work. Insurance is not insurance if you can not use it. Forgetting about premiums for a minute, let’s look at what Obamacare offers. With deductibles as high as they are unless something catastrophic happens then your insurance is useless. With co-pays skyrocketing it is cheaper to go to the doctor and pay cash. So my question is, What insurance?

Mind you I have no verified “Hard” numbers but anecdotally speaking it seems to me that a family of four is spending more on health insurance than they pay for rent or mortgage. Please explain to me how that can be? Oh that’s right you can not explain that. Well I can.

Everyone on the left has their panties in a bunch over MedicAid. Apparently all of the people on the public dole take higher precedence that the people that are doling it out in the form of taxes.

This is the first lie that must be exposed. No one is saying they are cutting this program. Having said that I hope there is means testing for these types of programs. I have no issue giving people help that need it but people who do not need it need to contribute.

Why is it such a blasphemy to ask the people that are taking the handouts to do some work to receive them? There is plenty of work that needs to be done so why not have these people do that work. Oh that’s right they have no skills or education. Not sure whether you need a GED to pick up the trash in your neighborhood or deliver pizza but last I checked…not!

Listen there are genuinely people that need help financially to make ends meet but most on the dole just take the money because they can. I feel fairly certain if you forced people to work to collect their benefits the people applying would drop dramatically.

That is what is at the crux of the whole thing. MedicAid does not cost nearly what we spend on it but for one thing. That thing is many of the people collecting MedicAid do not need that assistance. Because they game the system they drive the costs up, not just for MedicAid but for the entire Health Care System.

Here is another fact and why securing our border is so important. The medical cost involved with taking care of over 10 million illegal aliens in this country is staggering. Remember they do not pay taxes and yet they collect the benefits of US Healthcare. Here’s the thing, when their child has a cold they go to the emergency room because they typically can not get health insurance. Then they stiff the hospital for the bill and guess who pays that bill? Yep, legal tax paying citizens. Can someone explain to me why that is fair?

The bottom line is this. People need to start paying for what they use. The amount of people that truly need assistance is relatively small and we can afford to help those people. What we can no longer afford is irresponsibly throwing money at people that have no respect for it. Those people are thieves. Period. Do you give the keys to your house or your car to a thief?

If we start holding people accountable the behavior will change. Stop looking for the way to game the system and start working towards leveling the playing field for all American’s. That is my message to the liberals and my prayer for America.

The Media and Leftists are Liars

Unbelievable Coverage By The Main Stream Media

To hear MSNBC, CNN and the broadcast networks tell it last Thursday was the worst day of President Trump’s presidency. The reason for their assertion was that former FBI director, James Comey, called him a liar.

The liberal media is running around with their hair on fire and swearing this is the case. I wanted to take a few minutes to examine the facts and what we learned on Thursday.

For those of you that tuned in it was a media circus and purely political and frankly all American’s should be ashamed. Ashamed not of Donald Trump but of the entire political process.

First and foremost is the fact was established that President Trump is not and never was under FBI investigation. Period! Please will someone on the left explain to me how that is bad for President Trump.

Second, it has now been determined that James Comey was one of the leaker’s. Again will one of you explain how that is bad for President Trump.

Third, we now know for a fact that Lorretta Lynch was trying to influence the FBI and wanted Mr. Comey to call the Clinton email investigation a “matter” and not an investigation, to water it down and make it go away.

By the way Mr Comey, where are your memos on that? Do you seriously want me to believe that you felt so uncomfortable with President Trump that you felt it necessary to make memos of conversations and yet when your boss tells you to bury something with words you have zero problem with that?

The insanity of the entire narrative is beyond belief. I have said it before and I will say it again. You must suspend disbelief to think nothing shady was happening here but the leftists in the media just won’t let go.

The media was essentially called liars by Mr. Comey. How is that bad for President Trump? He has been saying the same thing throughout his campaign and now as President. Mr. Comey proved him right.

Meanwhile as the MSM continues to froth at the mouth over the same old same old, much real news is going unreported. For example, why is no one discussing, other than Fox news, the fact that former President Obama covered up the truth about the “Fast and Furious” issue that got a border patrol officer killed? Ahhh…here come the crickets.

Or what about the new “Pay to Play” allegations against the “esteemed” Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation? Anybody care to comment on that? God forbid the leftists known as the main stream media should do that to their hero.

No, why report on those things when you can push the narrative that President Trump may be guilty of “Obstruction of Justice”? Once again absolutely zero proof but we all know there is very little of that with the media these days. Can you say Pravda? How about Propaganda?

This is very sick behavior and the media is swimming in it!

What I do not understand is how the liberal population, read as Hillary and Bernie lovers, can continue to claim moral, ethical and intellectual superiority? What exactly is the matter with you people? Are you so committed to the lie that you refuse to admit you are wrong? Are you willing to destroy everything just to protect the lie you told yourselves?

This morning is a perfect example. The cover story in The Washington Post states that Special Council Mueller is expanding his investigation to include collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Yep, you guessed it another unnamed anonymous source supposedly leaked this information. How many more times is WAPO going to play this card. If the truth be told they should have retracted most of their cover stories for the last 6 months as complete fabrications.

Again they are trying to distract you. They do not want the main news to be about the crazed “Bernie” supporter and campaign volunteer that tried to assassinate member’s of Congress. No that would hurt their narrative. They want you thinking about Russian/Trump collusion.

Remember their Mantra, Nothing to see here folks but take a look over here! It is sick and disgusting behavior and yet it continues on.

Saul Alinsky

This is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, as explained in his book “Rules for Radicals” written in 1971. As the title of the book states it is for radicals. I encourage you to read it if you are having a problem understanding what is going on. Once you understand you are dealing with “Radical” mentality things become very clear.

Having said all of this, it is still my belief that the core problem is the American people. We must stop pointing fingers and roll up our sleeves and get to work. There is much to do.

With regard to tax cuts and worrying whether someone is getting a bigger cut than you, stop it. Worry about how much you are getting as opposed to comparing your piece to someone elses. Stop worrying how big a tax cut corporations get. Frankly that is not your problem. Your concern should be how big your tax cut is.

Furthermore, successful businesses that are not over taxed have more money to spend on their workers. Can you say pay raise?

You have to be realistic about the options. We can continue to try to tax business out of business and they will continue to leave for other countries that give them more favorable tax status or we can decide that in order to keep American businesses in America we will give them favorable tax status vis- a- vis the rest of the world.

One choice will ultimately result in business fleeing this country for greener pastures and one will cause those same businesses to produce right here at home. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to continue to collect a pay check or not. Period! Take the emotion out of it or at least balance the emotion with some critical thinking.

Or you could always go build your own corporation and get the same treatment. Then you could hire other people and pay them to complain about how selfish your are.

Let’s talk about Healthcare for a minute. Obviously this is another hot topic. You know the solutions are very simple. I am not sure what the hold up is and frankly the GOP need to get it together and stop screwing around. So here are some obvious solutions.

First we must repeal Obamacare fully. It was based on a false premise and that premise is that you can mandate people to purchase something they don’t want. That is called socialism and it does not work. Never has and it never will.

We need to replace it with a healthcare program that is all inclusive but also competitive. The question becomes how do you accomplish this. I have a few ideas on that.

First and foremost we must establish that insurance companies can sell across state lines. It will provide competition in a monopolized market. This in and of itself will bring down costs.

Hand in hand with selling across state lines we must allow individuals to form their own groups so when they negotiate insurance premiums they are negotiating in large numbers. There is power in numbers and this will force the insurers to be more competitive on pricing.

Health Savings Accounts! We have talked about it for years. It makes perfect sense and would virtually eliminate people going to the emergency room for a hang nail.

Doctors also need to get on board. It should not cost me more to visit the doctor if I pay cash. If you are willing to accept a lesser rate from the insurance company than you should be willing to accept that same amount from an individual.

Fix the FDA. It should not cost a billion dollars and a decade of time to get a drug to market. This is absurd and partly the reason for high drug costs. Again though the pharma companies need to get on board too and stop gouging patients for pills.

This one will be unpopular but in my opinion health insurance companies should be set up as non-profit corporations. The final answer on health care should not have anything to do with earnings per share.

We also need to set up healthcare cooperatives where you pay a flat fee per month for basic services, like doctors office visits and then all your insurance needs to cover is the catastrophic things. This also will reduce premiums significantly.

Lastly we need to set up “High Risk Pools” for people with pre-existing conditions. This will prevent a healthy persons premium from rising while it will assure the the sick person has the coverage they need.

As a side note, the lie needs to stop that MediCare and Medicaid are being cut. This is not true. More money will be spent for these services year over year. What the left calls a cut is really just a slower growth in spending. I repeat no money is being taken away.

There are probably a few other things that I am forgetting but this gives you a common sense starting point. The operative words being common sense.

There is one more thing that needs to be addressed right away and that is term limits. It is the only way to insure that politics does not become a career path.

This of course is only a start but these are two very important issues that need to be resolved. Otherwise the next stop is “Banana Republic” status for our country. It is that serious and as Americans we need to realize that and deal with it.

We have no more time to waste on this childish behavior. I said it yesterday, it is time to put our big boy pants on and get to work.

Over the next few days I will take a look at Illegal Immigration and how it effects all of the large and complicated choices we have to make as a country. Buckle up this could get wild.

Another Bernie Supporter – John T. Hodgkinson

Virginia Shooter

John T Hodgkinson

Yes another radical left Bernie Sanders supporter. Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

In an article I wrote several months ago I told the liberals and progressives to be careful what they asked for. How do you like me now?

I tried to explain to people that this is what happens when you remove logic from the equation and base all of your choices on the emotional response. Nut jobs like this feel justified to do what they do.

When you tell people day in and day out that they have been wronged and the evil doers are the conservatives this is what happens. This is a prime example of what a society looks like without the rule of law. And let’s not forget Oregon a few weeks ago, another Bernie supporter.

Recently I had personal exposure to the radical alt. left in the form of an old friend. She was pathologically convicted to the “Bern”. Blocked all associations with people that did not agree with her and called you ignorant and uneducated and every other name in the book when you tried to point out the inconsistencies in the “Berns” agenda.

This is what happens when society breaks down. This is what happens when the rule of law no longer applies. This is what happens when there is no personal accountability. This is what happens when everyone is a victim and pointing fingers at everyone else. Get it?

I told you  and I quote, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it” I also stated emphatically that you did not have any idea what you were talking about. Is this what you thought “Free College” looked like? I bet not. Is this what you thought “Free Everything” for everyone except the rich looked like? Same answer. Is this what you thought “No Accountability” looked like? Again probably not.

I tried to warn you but you would not listen. I tried to explain that every time you drank the liberal Kool-Aid you were actually selling your soul to the devil. I tried to explain that when you take on the victim mentality that things can get ugly quickly.

The far left wants you to believe that it is President Trump and his supporters that are the violent ones but the far left has a history of blaming others for the exact thing they foster and promote.

If the “Establishment” and the people that support it refuse to wake up this will continue to get worse. Much worse. The radical left believe they are completely justified to take the actions they are involved in. The thing is they get you to do it for them. You people know who you are.

Do not think for a second Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton are going to pick up guns and shoot someone. Why should they when they can get you to do it for them? They incite their followers with half-truths and outright lies and then sit back quietly and chuckle as they watch you destroy our way of life. By the way this is exactly what the radical left wants. They want anarchy. They do not believe in the rule of law. Stop listening to their words and look at their actions and you will know this to be true.

They want to destroy the United States of America and you people are allowing it to happen. Shame on all of you.

We have many issues that need to be addressed but demonizing others is not the answer and yet this is all the left is capable of. We can fix these problems if only we would come together as Americans and take responsibility for what we are becoming. It is no ones fault but our own.

I have said it before and I will say it again. We are still a country founded on the premise of “By the people, for the people”. So let me ask the people, Is this what you wanted? Please for the love of God wake up!

It is time for all of us to put our big boy pants on and stop whining about how unfair it all is and start working to fix it, not shooting to fix it. It is time to stop focusing on all of this politically correct nonsense and address the real issues of our time.

The left has been preaching hate for a long time and blaming every one but themselves for the failures of our society. This behavior needs to stop. We are all at fault. We decided to leave the governing up to professional politicians and stopped paying attention. This is some of the results of that. Enough is enough.

Please wake up America. Your continued denial will not protect you from yourselves.

It Is Like A Road Runner Cartoon

Donald Trump Is The Road Runner

corrupt media

And the leftist Media and the liberal left politician’s are collectively Wile E. Coyote. It really is like a cartoon.

Think about it, they scheme and plan for the destruction of the Road Runner, Donald Trump, and the dynamite always blows up in their face.

It is actually becoming quite funny. It is like Saturday morning TV that I watched when I was a kid. I used to wake up early Saturday morning anticipating the latest Road Runner cartoon. I am finding myself having much the same response watching the antics of the liberal press and the liberal left.

The Latest installment has the “Road Runner” trying to fix the mess “The Swamp” has created over the last 50 years and Wile E. Coyote is screaming Russia, Russia, Russia and claiming obstruction of justice.

As is now coming to light President Trump obstructed nothing and has no ties to Russia but…wait for it…It now appears that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch did all of the obstruction to protect Hillary and Bill Clinton. This of course also implicates the hero of the left, otherwise known as Barrack Obama.

Leftist Media

I gotta’ hand it to the liberals though. Once they get their teeth into something they do not let go. No matter how many times they get blown up with their own dynamite they continue to chase the Road Runner.

You liberals crack me up. You are worried about Russia interfering in our election all the while you are trying to hijack the entire criminal justice system and you call us deplorable…ROTFLMAO!!!!

The sad part is that there are also some on the right that are doing the same things. Take for example John McCain, the esteemed Senator from Arizona. Hey John here’s a shout out to you and a bit of advice…Shut up as you appear to be an enemy of the state every time you open your mouth. You may not like President Trump but you seem to be willing to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The question that continues to roll around in my head is this…why do people refuse the common sense solutions that are right in front of them?

For example, it makes no sense to allow people to enter our country that we can not vet. If there were not people blowing other’s up or running people down with trucks, in the name of Allah, this would not be the case…but there are and the number’s are increasing. You can not discount this fact when making your choices.

To be honest I would not care what you choose if it had no effect on me but your choices do effect me and so I would appreciate a sensible approach and not just an emotional response.

Sorry I digress. What happened to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the rest of their ilk? A few weeks ago we could not get you to shut up about Russia and collusion and obstruction. Where are you now that the investigation has turned on you and now focuses on Hillary, Lynch and Obama? Boom!!!  

More concerning though and the larger question is this, when are the knuckleheads that support these people going to wake up? That would be directed at the American’s that continue to believe their nonsense.

Let me give you another example of your flawed premise. You seem to think that the people on Food Stamps need that help. While some do, most do not. Want Proof? The state of Wisconsin just published a paper that stated that Food Stamp applicants reduced by 85% as soon as they required people to work to receive them. A) Are those 85% no longer hungry? or B) were they just taking the free hand out because they could?

In case you are struggling with the answer it is “B”

So a question to the liberals, aren’t you tired of paying for people that are just gaming the system? or are you those people? If you are those people here is a news flash and you had better listen. The days of the “Free Lunch” are over. Get a job!

Listen, conservatives want to help people that really need help. We do not want to help people that are too lazy to help themselves. Please also explain to me why I should?

I got my first job when I was 14 years old, bussing tables in a restaurant. I am now 52. The only time in my life I have been unemployed was when I did not want to work. I may not have always been doing what I wanted to do to earn a living wage but it was more important to me to have my independence and self respect than to worry about the type of work I was doing. If it is legal and ethical then I am willing to do it if that is the only option for me.

I for one am so sick of hearing there are no jobs out there. There are plenty of jobs and you would be amazed what can happen. One time I started out mopping floors in a sub shop, many years later I owned a janitorial service. Guess what, I did not like mopping floors in a sub shop but I sure as hell loved the money I was making with my own cleaning company. Another time I delivered food for a pizza shop and later leased that same shop from the owner and made a ton of money.

The liberals have convinced you that you are a victim. They lie to you because they want to enslave you. However if you continue to volunteer then you have no one to blame but yourself.

This is what is at the core of liberal politicians. They want to enslave all but themselves. That is why people like Bernie Sanders say everything should be free and soak the rich, meanwhile he owns three houses and did not even have a job until he was 44 years old and that job he got was Senator.

The “Swamp” stinks! It is time to wrap up the hearings. It is time for the press to get honest or shut up and it is time for the liberals in this country to face facts.

We have a real opportunity to take this country back and fix what’s broken. If you don’t want to fix it, fine but get the hell out of the way of the people who do.


Turning 50K into 300K…Safely? – Renew Spinal Care

Renew Spinal Care Private Placement

Renew Spinal Care

I updated my LinkedIn profile about a week ago and have received many inquiries as to what I am pursuing. My first project is actually very exciting and quite relevant for many people in this country and for that matter around the world.

My company, Curtis Group, has become involved with Renew Spinal Care as a consultant for Private Placements to help open clinics around the country.

The reasons this is so exciting are many and I will try to address them in this post. First allow me to give you a little back story on this organization and how they came to be.

Renew Spinal Care is a newer venture from the founder of Laser Spine Institute. Dr. Bailey founded Laser Spine Institute and made it a household name. When Dr. Bailey discovered a new form of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS) he started Renew Spinal Care.

Let me explain. When MISS was first performed there was a tiny cut made at the top of the spine and a device was run down the spine to the injured area. While effective it created certain post-operative issues. The main issue is that as the device traveled down the spine it went through a lot of soft tissue. As that tissue healed there was scar tissue and that scar tissue could create pain in itself.

When Dr. Bailey discovered he could perform the procedure by entering laterally Renew Spinal Care was founded.

Since we can now enter the spine laterally with MISS there is far less scar tissue and so Renew can boast a 90+ percent success rate.

Obviously this is great news for people who suffer from chronic back pain and injury but it is even better news for investors.

Renew is opening clinics at a staggering rate around the country to meet the demand for this procedure and have taken a unique approach to funding these clinics. To date there are 17 clinics around the country and they are planning to open 83 more prior to going public. All seventeen of the operating clinics are hugely successful, not only for the patients but for the partners involved.

As stated, Renew has a unique approach to funding these partnerships.

First, Renew does not fund the partnership and then find the doctors/clinics to perform the procedures. They reverse this process. They find and vet the doctors and clinics first and then raise the money to open the clinic. The result of this is that the clinic is up and running within 90 days and distributions begin being paid almost immediately.

For those reading this that have participated in other Limited Partnerships the advantages are immediately apparent. Take for example a Real Estate LP. First you raise the money. Then you find or build the property and then distributions may or may not start. At best you are a year out before any distributions occur. As such many LP’s are considered Tax Shelters.

Make no mistake, the partnerships we are talking about here are for profit partnerships and the results can be huge.

Think about it for a second. Just in your circle of friends, how many people do you know that suffer from chronic back pain? What about you? Do you suffer? If so then you know exactly what I am talking about and just how huge the market is. Combine that with a 90%+ success rate and you have the makings of a windfall profit opportunity.

While Renew has created an investment opportunity by opening these clinics these investments are only available to those that are accredited investors. An accredited investor is an individual that earned 250,000 for the last two years and reasonably expects to earn that income in the current year or an investor with at least a million dollar net worth, exclusive of home and furnishings. (There are other criteria for investment clubs etc…)

Having said that, these Private Placements are amazing opportunities for an investor. There is a real opportunity to turn a fifty thousand dollar investment into three hundred thousand over the next five years. These kinds of profits are based on very conservative numbers but the best news is that the downside risk is, in my opinion, very low.

I am happy to further discuss this investment but I can only discuss these with accredited investors to comply with the law.

If you would like more information, including a prospectus, please contact me via LinkedIn and I can provide my contact information and we can evaluate together.

To Proceed To LinkedIn Click Here


Glenn Hoepfl

How Many More Must Die?

Terrorists Attack In London…Again

How many more people need to die and/or be critically injured by Radical Islamic Terrorism before the left wakes up? Do their children need to die or themselves?

I woke up this morning to another atrocity performed in the name of Allah and the Mayor of London essentially says “nothing to see here” His actual quote was “London is the safest city in the world” Meanwhile people are lying dead in the streets. Really?

London Terror Attack






London Terror Attack






London Terror Attack






Does this look safe to you?

Yet Europe and the Left in this country seem to think that the Paris Climate Accord is the “Big Issue” Tell that to the seven dead and dozens injured yet again in the latest terrorist attack at London Bridge.

Are any of you people aware that even if every stipulation in the Paris Accord is reached it will only drop the temperature of the world by a tiny fraction of 1 degree by the year 2100?

Question, do you think the thousands of people killed by “Radical Islamic Terrorism” give a rat’s ass? What about the people that have been scarred for life either emotionally or physically?

Listen I am all for tolerance but when people refuse to deal with reality in the name of tolerance it takes on the looks of insanity…Not tolerance.

This idea that if we just destroy President Trump then all will be well is absurd and yet that is exactly what the left and liberals are trying to do.

President Trump has been called a racist and Islamophobic because he wants a travel ban from countries that export terrorism. The liberals, progressives or leftists, it does not matter what you call them have espoused this rhetoric continually for the last year. This is not true.

What is true is that he is trying to protect the citizen’s of the United States. Period! I suggest that if you do not want that protection then move to London but when you get you ass blown up do not come crying to me. There is no pill to fix stupid and that is exactly how you people look that continue to delude yourselves. The problem is that while you continue to fail to deal with reality you put the rest of us in danger too.

This behavior is incredibly arrogant and very selfish. Psychologists would call this pathological denial or the classic signs of psychosis. Yet you people call it enlightenment. Really?

Here is a news flash…You are not enlightened. You are not tolerant. All you do when your position is challenged is personally attack the other individual. You never discuss the actual issue. You just attack the person.

You protest in the name of freedom, all the while suppressing other individual’s ability to have their opinion. If shouting over top of someone does not work then you start with threats. If that does not work you start breaking shit. While you are doing these things you say you are trying to stop the spread of “Fascism”. Good Lord, if this was not so scary it would be laughable but you are the enlightened ones.

You spew nonsense about Russia, Russia, Russia. You have no proof but that does not matter. You spew about the climate and yet, amazingly, the Polar Caps apparently have grown thirty percent over the last few years but the facts do not matter. You spew about everything and yet when the facts become apparent you lose your voice.

Meanwhile people are dying every day from Radical Islamic Terrorists and you say nothing! Coptic Christian’s are being assassinated in Egypt and it barely makes the nightly news and yet if President Trump farts in public it is a world ending event.

We do not need cleaner air. We need some common sense! You people need to deal with the reality that states that we are the infidels and need to be obliterated from the face of the earth. That is the premise of Radical Islamic Terrorists. Period! Or we can convert to Islam. This is the reality of what you protect and make excuses for. How tolerant is that?

Instead of worrying about whether Jared Kushner set up back channels of communication with Russia, which by the way every President including your beloved President Obama has done, you need to start dealing with the reality that there are people on this planet that want to annihilate you.

My feelings are simply this. If you want to die that is your business but please stop trying to kill me with your poor choices.

I had a mentor that explained it to me this way. He said there are people out there trying to kill you. They do not wake up in the morning and say today I am going to kill someone. What happens is the choices they make and the ideas they share are deadly like poison and if you listen too long you will die.

This is the way the thinking is with the liberals and progressives. Their ideas, which by the way do not work, have brainwashed an entire generation if not two generations. They have slowly infested our educational system with their rhetoric to the point that up is now down, left is now right, and right is now wrong!

You have a whole generation that thinks free speech is wonderful for them but not for you. They will tell you that your ignorant and uneducated if you do not believe the things they say and when you try to show them the facts they do not want to talk about it anymore. The whole thing stinks of hypocrisy but since they are the enlightened ones and you are the racist, you must be wrong.

So here are the recommendations that an uneducated, racist, Islamophobic, misogynistic, white privileged,deplorable and irredeemable person like myself will make.

1. There are thousands of people around the world on terror watch lists of various law enforcement agencies. Round them up. Find out who they are and if they are connected to terrorists then throw their asses out of the country. Period!

2. The Imams that want to preach radical and violent ideals. Let them…in Iran or Syria but not here.

3. Take hundreds of MOAB’s and blow the living shit out of these radicals. Oh you’re worried about all of the innocent people that will get killed. Two points. One, you seem not at all worried about the loss of innocent life unless it is Islamic and two, these people are not innocent. They have protected and allowed this behavior for years. If they did not tolerate this behavior it would not have traction.

The “Enlightened Ones” keep trying to make America the bad guys. It is like General Mattis said the other day. and I quote, “We are the good guys, not the perfect guys”. The “Enlightened Ones” keep trying to make us the bad guys. This is one of the big lies told by the leftists.

Again people it is long past time to wake up so either push, pull or get the hell out of the way and make room for those of us that want to solve the problems in our world! But most of all please stop with the self delusion. You are going to get us all killed.