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Reverse Racism?

Is This a Hate Crime?

You be the judge. Below is a video from Facebook Live that shows four African-American’s beating and torturing a mentally challenged White man. Please be aware that this is some of the sickest shit I have ever seen.

These are some of the people that support Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barrack Obama. Yet to hear the Libs and Progressives tell it you would think the opposite is true. Trump and his supporters are the racist, sadistic and immoral people.

This is something we really need to start talking about. There is much more racism Black vs White than the inverse. When I see something like this it makes me sick but it would make me just as sick if it was a black man being tortured like that.

The black community must take action. The fact is that if the roles were reversed there would be such outrage that the offenders would have already been hung out to dry. So why the disconnect?

I have some thoughts on that. First at the top of the list is our outgoing president has for years been vilifying the white man. It is all our fault, in his mind. He began sending that message when he compared the crusades to radical Islamic terrorism. The fact that the crusades happened many hundreds of years ago apparently had no bearing in his argument.

It has continued as we find out more and more that the supposed racially motivated shootings of black men by white cops were in fact a result of the black men having guns and trying to kill those same white cops. Oops but not all of the cops the black men are shooting are white. They just want to kill cops. What does Obama say? can you here the crickets?

Is there ever an apology for inciting racism based on false premises? I have not heard one time an apology or a reprimand from our esteemed leader!

This is the problem. A false narrative has been created by the Progressives to the effect that the reason black people have nothing is because white people have it all. The reason Latino’s are here illegally and afraid of the law is because white people don’t want them here.

Neither of these premises is true. Black people, in the ghetto, have nothing because they destroy everything they do have. They kill each other in massive numbers. But the only time you here about a black man being shot and killed is when it is a cop that killed him.

I am not saying there is not the occasional cop that is bad. There are bad cops just like there are bad doctor’s etc…However a more productive solution to stopping the death rate of black men would be to call out those same black men that are shooting each other.

Yet I will be called racist for even uttering an obvious truth. I suggest you watch the video and then see if you can still call me that and not throw up all over yourself.

I have spoken to many Black Americans and almost to a man they will tell you that blacks have been doing this to each other since the beginning of time. That is if they tell you the truth.

They tend to use the analogy of lobster’s in a boiling pot of water. When a lobster tries to climb out the others pull him back in. This is the history of the black man.

The black leaders in Africa sold their own people into slavery, first to the British and French and then to America. The narrative that this was the “White Man’s” idea needs to be abolished. It is simply not true. Black men sold their own people. Read the real history and stop blaming white men.

Obama has done the same thing. Deaths in Chicago are at an all time high. More shootings resulting in deaths than New York and LA combined. Most of them were black men. More importantly most of them were black men shooting black men. Where is the outrage from Black Lives Matter? Where is the leadership from President Obama?

And yet to hear the Sanders, Clinton and Obama fans tell it, Trump and his supporters are the problem. We are the racists. Hogwash!

Here is a reality that many do not want to face. It is President Obama’s and the Progressives desire to destroy this country. If that were not true then he would not have done any of the things he did and would have done many things he did not do. First and foremost is the simple fact that he has helped keep the lie alive.

He had every opportunity to diffuse the bomb that tells African-Americans that it is okay to torture white people. Instead he says nothing. We could not shut the guy up when it came to spewing lies about what happened in Ferguson, That is until the truth came out. Then he could not even acknowledge that he helped fuel the fire. He can talk all day long about racism in the criminal justice system but has nothing to say when Live streams of torture are on Facebook. Oh that’s right, the guy was just a white retard!

I am not sure how many more examples need to be made before the black community finally stands up and says enough! You can kill and torture as many whites as you want and nothing will change. We are not the ones killing you. You are Killing You!

You can assassinate as many cops as you want and still nothing will change. White cops are not killing you in massive numbers. You are killing you in massive numbers!

Stop killing each other. Start respecting each others lives and beliefs and then something will change. The thing that will change is you. It is the only thing you can change.