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Right Wing Conspiracy?

director comeySo as Hillary likes to say “Here we go again” There is only one problem and that problem is that Hillary is always present when things blow up. I learned a long time ago that when problems arise in my life I am the only common denominator.

This would be a lesson that should be well learned by now in the Clinton campaign. They are constantly pointing the finger at someone or something else. First it was Trump. Then it was the Russians and now it is apparently James Comey that is the problem.

Here is a news flash. Adults take responsibility for their own actions. They do not blame others for the problems they create for themselves.

Here is another reality check. There is no way FBI Director Comey would have reopened this case, 11 days before the election, if the “New Evidence” was not huge. He already lost all credibility among his peers for not convening a grand jury in the first place. Do you really think he would jeopardize what is left of his reputation by playing politics?

To hear Clinton tell it this may be nothing at all. Are you kidding me? She says let’s get all the information out there. This is of course after stonewalling on her private server for over a year, erasing emails after being ordered by congress to turn over all State Department Information, after lying to Congress, after a secret meeting with her husband and Loretta Lynch…jeez I can not even remember all of the things she has supported to do exactly the opposite.

This person has no desire for the truth to come out or she would have participated readily prior to this. In fact she has done the opposite. The only reason she is saying this now is because she knows the FBI will not do that because the investigation is ongoing. Personally I think the FBI should release just to shove it to her but then again I am deplorable and irredeemable.

Of course the liberals in the media are saying Comey is just doing some CYA. Two months ago they were praising his integrity for the truth and his thoroughness regarding the investigation.

As I write this I am listening to Geraldo Rivera spewing nonsense on Fox News about how there was no intent to disclose secrets and that there must be intent to prosecute. This is completely false.

That would be like saying I walked into a convenience store, with a gun and with the intent to rob said store. I just brought the gun to scare the clerk and the gun accidentally went off and killed the clerk. Did I commit murder or was it just an attempted robbery?

Another example, I go out to dinner with my wife, during dinner we have a few drinks and on the drive home I get pulled over and the police officer charges me with a DUI. Do I get to make the argument that it was not my intent to get drunk? How do you think that will work out for me?

It is complete insanity to make this argument and under any other circumstances it would be laughed out of the room but when it comes to Hillary these arguments apparently are all on the table.

To anyone that was actually being honest about the situation, she would have been in jail a long time ago. If it was you or I that did these things, orange would be the new black!

This is a good lesson for people that think they will never get caught. Sooner or later you will get caught and it is usually your arrogance that catches you. People like Hillary think they can do whatever they want. You can’t and frankly many people are disgusted with people like you.

The best thing the liberal media could do is stop carrying water for Hilary. The longer you do it the more foolish you look. Worse, the longer you do it the more dishonest you prove yourselves to be.

Now Fox News has a guy on for Yahoo News. Almost to a man these people are hanging on the fact that Comey states that they are not sure yet whether the emails are pertinent to the investigation of Hillary’s email issue.

Has it occurred to any of these mopes that the only reason he stated that was to make sure his choice to pursue this did not over-shadow the election to the degree that it could? Do you really think he would have reopened this if it was not a slam dunk? Wake up people. It is time to put our thinking caps on.

Personally I do not necessarily believe it was Anthony Weiner’s issue that brought this to light. I have a completely different theory. I think Wiki Leaks showed some more emails to the FBI and specifically Director Comey and told him either you investigate or we will release the emails and let the American people decide.

Comey was caught between the rock and the hard place. If he did not release this information he would be guilty of obstruction of justice and Hillary would still go to jail. At least this way he can redeem himself somewhat and save his own ass.

Fact is that anybody that thinks this thing did not stink from the get go is so deluded it is not even funny. I mean if Hillary had nothing to hide then why did she go to such great lengths to hide it.

My hope is that people will finally realize the type of person you are dealing with when it comes to Hillary. If you elect her for President, get ready for our first American President to go to jail. She will not be able to “Pardon” herself!

Breaking News: FBI V Clinton

Hillary ClintonBreaking News

Wonder if she is laughing now. The FBI has just announced that they are reopening the case against Hillary Clinton. For the record, this is a criminal investigation.

Apparently the FBI and Director Comey sent a letter to Rep. Jason Chaffetz to inform him that they were reopening a criminal investigation into Hillary’s email debacle. All I can say is thank God. Finally some sanity from the Justice System.

You had to know that sooner or later there was just going to be too much evidence of impropriety to ignore it any more. I am wondering how the Clinton Campaign is going to spin this.

Hmmmm….let’s see…oh I know, Director Comey is really a Russian mole intent on destroying the election process and that is why he is pursuing this now. The reality of course is that it just could not be ignored anymore.

The Clinton’s tried to ignore it. The main stream media tried to ignore it and 40+ percent of the population tried to pretend these issues did not exist.

All of you Hillary fans please explain to me how you are now going to vote for a person under criminal investigation by the FBI…again! Time to wake up folks. You bet on the wrong horse. Apparently integrity does matter to some of us. Shame it was not your candidate.

Good luck over the next ten days spinning your way out of this one!


Integrity Matters!

wiki leaksYou know it should be obvious but apparently it is not. We still have a significant percentage of our population that think integrity is an afterthought or an inconvenient principle. To be honest I do not quite get it as, in my opinion, integrity is all we have at the end of the day. When people consider you do you want them to think you are honest or a liar?

At the core of it this is the question integrity asks. I think part if not all of the problem lies in the fact that people for the last 30 years have slowly slid down the slippery slope with excuses for their own dishonesty, not realizing it was a trap set by liars.

They told you things like everyone is doing it. They sold you on “Corporate Politics”, a cute way of saying you are full of Sh&t. But it is okay because that is how you get ahead…Right? If you tell the truth your boss will penalize you and call you a trouble maker. I guess hindsight being 20/20 it is better to be a trouble maker than a fraud! Problem is that it is not how most people see it.

So now we find ourselves in a situation where the man who tells the truth is demonized and the woman who lies is canonized. Go figure.

I sit here and watch as Wiki Leaks reveals a level of corruption that has never been seen in this country and a full 40+ percent apparently think it is no big deal. The things that have been done are not only unethical but completely illegal. So many federal laws have been broken it is hard to keep count and what does the Clinton campaign do?…well they blame it on the Russians. Are you kidding me?

Does it ever occur to anyone that if they had not done these things in the first place they would not have to worry about the repercussions as there would be none, no instead they blame the Russians for exposing their lie. If it was not so sad it would be laughable. This attitude reminds me of a girl I used to date.

She used to complain that I was too honest and when I told the truth it made her look bad. I tried to explain to her that if the truth made her look bad then perhaps she should change her behavior. She of course would have none of that. The difference being that she will never be trusted with State Secrets or the Nuclear Codes. And you people are worried about Trump? At least you know where you stand with this guy.

I have to admit I do not get where the disconnect is. Many people are so cynical of the political process and yet they continue to support the exact corruption that got us here in the first place. If you want the corruption to stop then you need to start making different choices. By the way, first in your life and then your political choices.

I hear all the time from the cynics that all politicians are crooked. Okay, let’s assume that is the truth for a second. How about this as a solution…STOP VOTING FOR ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS!

The sad fact is that people want to elect people that are like them and think the same way and believe the same things they believe. Now you may not like this but if you are voting for Hillary then you are essentially saying you believe in corruption, dishonesty, Pay for Play, breaking the law, lying to Congress and the American people about it, having a public persona and a private persona…etal…in other words you are as corrupt as she is. Period!

After you take your meds I am sure you think this is no big deal but perhaps that explains why a third of our population needs to take a pill to deal with life. To hear them tell it you would think it is because of this, that or the other thing but it is never them. Same thing Hillary does.

It is not that she is a liar and has no respect for the law…it is those Damn Russians trying to influence our elections. Really?

When questioned about it all she says is that she is not going to discuss it. What does the press do…nothing…they barely even report on it.

Yet when it comes to Trump speaking the truth on a “Hot Mic”…god…three weeks later they are still talking about it. Still waiting for someone to dispute the truth of his words and by the way, while the press is saying that he did these things, if you listen to the tape that is not what he said. What he said was that if you are a celebrity you can do these things and get away with it. He did not say he did those things, he said you could do those things and get away with it.

Meanwhile women are supposedly in an outrage over this, women like Meghan Kelly who a few short years ago was strutting around half-naked in Esquire magazine. Where was your outrage at women being objectified when you were doing that? Oh that’s right you were getting paid for that!

Or the latest woman to accuse Trump of kissing her without her permission. Sorry honey but you’re a porn star. You get paid to suck D$ck! and have sex with different men every day. I do not think it is a stretch for a man to think it would be appropriate to give you a kiss when they meet you. My biggest fear would be what I was going to catch from kissing you. Oh there I go being deplorable and irredeemable again.

I think people need to begin to deal with reality. It seems the people always claiming they deserve to be treated equally are the ones that are living their lives in a completely corrupt way. I am sorry but I am not going to treat a porn star with the same respect I would treat other women. Why?…simple…if you have no respect for yourself then I am not going to waste my respect on you.

I have tried that in business and it does not work. In business I have attributed the same level of respect to people I have partnered with, that I give to myself, whether they have earned it or not, assuming they would honor that. The truth is they don’t. What happens nine times out of ten is they screw you over and steal from you.

This is another lie you have been told. Not everyone deserves the same level of respect. Respect is earned. Period! If you do not do respectful things you should not expect to be respected. Yet people think the opposite is true. It is the same thinking that blames the Russians for telling Hillary’s secrets. She is not upset or feeling guilty because she thinks she did something wrong…oh no…she is angry because she got caught! This is the definition of a Sociopath!

Watch the video of the woman who accused Trump of feeling her up on the plane. Apparently she had no issue with him feeling her boobies, it was when he went for third base that she drew the line. So essentially she was arguing a matter of degrees. I am only a bit of a slut, not a complete one. I mean c’mon, you meet a stranger on a plane and let him feel your boobies and then get upset because he goes for more? But what do average people do? Well they go batsh#t crazy and say Trump is a predator!

Please introduce me to the man that would not go for more if he got some breast. And please all you ladies out there getting your panties all in a bunch…just stop. You are not dealing with reality. You can not act inappropriately with a man and expect us not to take advantage of it. It is the way we are wired and what we do. Men will lie to you and tell you otherwise but they are just lying. I repeat, any man in that situation would have done the same thing unless they were gay. And do not even get me started on Gay men as they are bigger sluts than straight men will ever be. Believe me I know. I am an ex ballet dancer and know exactly how gay men are.

Listen I could go on all day and site example after example but the bottom line is this, all of these supposed issues are just noise. The real issue is, do you want more corruption or do you want to put an end to it? Your vote will determine your stance. Whatever you decide please do not lie to yourself about the real choice! And for God’s Sake Own It!

Skinny Body Care Update

Skinny Body Price ListAs I write this article it occurs to me that some people just do not get it. As you may recall, a few months ago, I was getting involved with a company named Skinny Body Care. The company seemed to have all the tools to make a successful run at it but as they say “What the big print giveth, The fine print taketh away”. This could not be more true in the case of Skinny Body Care.

Things started out great. The company has wonderful products, no debt and an awesome pay plan for its distributor’s. The problem arises as you get further involved with the company.

On their website for distributor’s they have a phone number for you to call if you have questions or issues. Sounds good right? There is only one problem, no one ever answers the phone. They also have a “Live Chat” service. Frankly they should call that lip service. When you contact this company with an issue through Live Chat all you get is the run around. They do nothing to resolve the issue and then ask if there is anything else they can help you with today.

So then you try email to get an issue resolved. Of course at this point you are ready to blow your cork because you have jumped through all these hoops and still are where you started.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Recently I decided to take this product to an event in Oklahoma. I ordered media and business cards to take with me. I ordered this a couple of weeks in advance and thought that was plenty of time. This would seem a reasonable assumption as I can go to VistaPrint and get business cards in 5 days. My bad. When my literature and cards had not shown up after more than a week I tried calling the company. No answer, just a recorded message. So I tried their Live Chat. They finally told me it would be 3 weeks before my media arrived. That would be one week after the event ended.

I naturally asked them to cancel the order. They tell me they can not as the order has already been processed. I naturally ask, if the order has already been processed then why will it take 3 weeks to receive at which point they say that is how it is and is there anything else they can help me with. These idiots have not helped at all and they are asking if they can help some more…frigging incredible.

Now I am pissed and so send off an email threatening to sue the company if they do not refund my account for the money spent. Finally they respond to my email and say they will refund the cost.

So now I am in Tulsa. I have invested over a thousand dollars to make Banners and other signage. I have paid a thousand dollars rent for my location and invested another thousand into inventory to display and sell, only to find out that I can go on Amazon and buy the product cheaper there than I can sell it for. In fact it is cheaper on Amazon than the company will even sell it to me for. Turns out the company is the one selling their product on Amazon and when challenged on this they simply ignore the emails sent by myself and my upline.

I then turned to the Facebook Group that was set up by the team I was on. I raised this issue with them and was promptly banned from the group. It seems they know exactly what is going on but are only interested in the money they are making and not how they make it.

I can not work with a company that purposefully misleads their customer’s and distributor’s and that is what seems to be going on here. Short term it will work for the company and the people at the top but in the long term they are undermining their distributor’s and that is just bad business.

With that in mind I have cancelled my participation and am urging all my distributor’s to do the same.


Should We Believe The Polls?

poll numbersDonald Trump and others have raised two important issues. The first is whether the election is being rigged. The second issue is tied to the first. Are the poll numbers accurate or are they rigged too?

Whether the election is being rigged on purpose or not is certainly a concern and evidence regarding polling machines says it is a possibility. Let’s face facts. When you touch the screen section that says vote Straight Republican and everything comes up Republican except the Presidential choice then there is a problem. To read more about this follow the Link.

Please do not tell me this is a mistake or a conservative conspiracy theory. We can build a car that can drive itself and yet we can not seem to make a touch screen work properly on a polling machine? C’mon. Again you must suspend disbelief to think nothing is happening here. And the press has already set it up by stating that Texas is “In Play” for Clinton.

Anyway let’s move on to the polling numbers as I have a somewhat unique perspective on this. You see my wife and I drive much of the United States in the work we perform and so we see many different people with many different perspectives.

Anecdotal evidence would show that Trump is trouncing Hillary. Allow me to explain.

Recently we traveled to Tulsa, OK to participate in the Tulsa State Fair. We started our journey in Pennsylvania and traveled through West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Finally arrived in Oklahoma. You could count on one hand and frankly less than that how many signs you saw for Hillary for President. You would have lost count of the signs you saw for Trump for President but that is not all.

In speaking with literally tens of thousands of people at the event we attended and the people we met on our journey the approval for Trump was resounding and, frankly, inspiring. After all of the nonsense the main stream media has spouted about the polls saying Hillary is running away with this election it was refreshing to see that this is just another lie to discourage people from participating. The logic being, why vote if you have already lost!

Okay, I hear you. This is just one section of the country and is historically conservative. So let’s have a look at where we went next. This next trip is somewhat convoluted as we were not supposed to go where we went.

It turned out that a guy I had a business partnership with is a thief and he was stealing a lot of money from us and so we had to travel to the North Carolina State Fair to put an end to it and in the process had to finish that event and then move equipment to Florida for our next series of commitments.

So here we go. Starting in Pennsylvania we traveled through Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida. Again the same thing. Almost no visibility for the Clinton campaign and hundreds if not more than a thousand signs for Trump.

While we were at the North Carolina State Fair we saw thousands of people wearing Trump stickers on their shirts, people carrying Trump lawn signs and yes there was one lone girl wearing a pink Hillary 2016 T-shirt.

So you tell me, are the polls rigged? or is this just nonsense? Well…let’s look at some of the numbers. Keep in mind I am not a reporter or a journalist, I am just another businessman that has an opinion but let’s look at some numbers.

Did you know that some of the polls being cited are stacked 65% Democrats polled to 35%Republicans and Independents polled? And yet these polls even with their uneven numbers only show Hillary with a 2 or 3 point lead! How can that possibly be? Either she is getting her butt kicked or these pollster’s need to find a new job that requires less competency.

Think about it, if the numbers are stacked in that direction it would stand to reason that Hillary should have a massive lead. That is unless Democrats are running in the opposite direction and polling for and prepared to vote for Trump! That would also fall in line with what my own eyes tell me. Can you say “Reagan Democrats”?

You must understand most if not all of these polling institutions are run by the same media companies that stack the deck against Trump so why would their polls be any different? Interestingly the one poll that has gotten it right the last three elections is the IBD Poll (Investors Business Daily) and they say Trump and Clinton are virtually tied!

Let’s go back to North Carolina State Fair for a second. Probably the coolest thing I saw was the level of excitement and pride the people supporting Donald Trump have in their candidate. They know he will do for the country the same thing he does for his business. He will bring us back under budget and in record time.

I know this, if we do not lose hope and we cast our vote Trump will win and I think he will win in a landslide, even with the obvious rigging. Just please remember to check your vote before you cast it. The power’s that be will do whatever it takes to steal this election. All you have to do is educate yourself to know this is true.

To the people who still choose to remain in ignorance I urge you to reconsider. Do you really want a president that rigs everything they touch? To women who are voting for Hillary because she is a woman, do you really want this person to be the one to represent women in America? and if so do not get mad at men who disrespect you as you will have brought it on yourselves! To the African-American’s in this country, aren’t you tired of the “New Plantation” you have been put on by the Democrats? Face facts, the cities have been run by the Democrats for the better part of the last 100 years! How is that working out for you? How much worse could it be under a Trump leadership?

It is time for all people to wake up and deal with reality. Obamacare sucks! It does not work. I would rather pay the mandated fine than have that crap insurance and so would most others. The Democrat solution, increase the fine! Hah…I will go completely off the books if you keep this stuff up and then how will you collect my money? The election process is rigged and it is rigged to discourage you from voting and for you to lose hope. This is the work of the Democrats, just read the latest Wiki Leaks out this morning. The polling numbers are rigged as referenced above! Is this what you want for America? Do you want to be hopeless and helpless?

If not there is only one choice for you and that is Trump! It is time to take back our country. If not now When? Do you want it to become more violent? By the way, again via Wiki Leaks, this violence so far has been the coordinated efforts of the liberals and progressives! My fear is that if we continue in the direction we are headed there will be a flat out civil war. Frankly it is one the liberals will not win, they are just too soft. That is why they try to steal things. You have not the ability to earn things but America will have to be earned. My advice, stop now before it is too late for you. Believe me when I say that when the conservatives have had enough of your BS they will rise up and kick your A%$.

You can get all upset and tell me about my “Anger Issues” all you want but I am just telling you the truth. I am not a violent man but sooner or later you will have gone too far. Actually you already have but our integrity and respect for others has held us back. Please do not push any further or you will see what winning looks like! Trust me you will not like it as you will be on the losing end.

The corruption must stop and you are either going to be on the stop side or the continue side. It is up to you but please do not think you can take a Prozac and make it all go away. You can not. It is time to decide.


Let’s Talk Business

Making Money Online

Make Money OnlineFor a minute now I have been focused writing solely on the political landscape, so I wanted to take a minute and discuss business as much of what I see in the political climate also exists in the world of business. Specifically I am addressing the level of honesty in business. In my opinion, no where is the comparison more stark than in the world of making money online.

Beware Deceptive Marketing

It seems many if not most online marketer’s will say what ever they have to when it comes to getting the sale. Case in point is a webinar I was watching last night.

This webinar was a bonus I received upon purchasing a new product. Fyi, once I have tested the system I bought I will post my results. Back to the webinar. It was touted that I was going to be shown a method to drive unlimited free traffic to my websites.

The first 45+ minutes was the guy showing me fancy pictures of all the places he had been to in the last few years as he was making money online. The next half hour was touting the use of email, in combination with CPA marketing, to make money online.

For people that have no experience it was useful information except he only told half the story. Therein lies the problem, having just enough knowledge to be dangerous. I am certain his strategy works but at what cost? In fact I have used the strategy myself. The problem is that there is a high rate of attrition in this strategy.

Essentially you go out and buy email addresses and then send what are called “email submit” CPA offers to those emails and you get paid when people take the action required. What he did not say is that those supposed offers for a “Free” IPAD or the “Free: gift card are not free. You must agree to purchase several product before you get the free IPAD. This tends to tick a lot of people off and guess what happens then? You guessed it, they unsubscribe from your list.

In addition, because you purchased their email from a third party, they never actually opted in to your list. So you run the risk of getting your IP’s banned and thus being shut down.

Now comes the “Big Reveal”. This supposed “Free Traffic Method” costs…wait for it…$1495.00 to initially set up. This will not be your only cost however. Remember your are going to be ticking off a bunch of people so to keep it going you are going must constantly replenish your list of emails and that costs more money.

This type of marketing not only damages the credibility of the marketer on the webinar but also the marketers that said it was free in the first place, thus casting doubt on the viability of the original product you bought. It seems though that marketers do not care about their reputation or their integrity. It is also noteworthy to mention that so long as people continue to deal with dishonest marketers like this, the dishonest marketer’s will continue to sell their snake oil.

Lastly, I can set up this exact program that this guy wants to charge near $1500.00 for about $500.00 total initial cost. Again the problem arises that most new marketers are not aware of this.

Personally I think it is unethical to take advantage of a person’s lack of experience just to make a buck. I sell to people all the time that need my services but I believe in full disclosure so my clients and partners can make an intelligent decision. Sadly from my experience most marketer’s do not see it this way. It makes my angry because it also effects my reputation.

Will it stop? Probably not. Has it stopped in politics? I think we all know the answer to this.

Integrity and our word is all we have at the end of the day and it seems to me that is in short supply these days.

Exposing The Lie

To hear many people tell it women are exploited to no end in this “Man’s World”. I want to examine just how accurate this is. To hear women tell it, and specifically many of the powerful ones, women have been exploited and objectified for years.

In my opinion, none of these women ever complain when their looks or body helps to advance their agenda or career.

Meghan KellyCase in point, take a look at these pictures of Meghan Kelly of Fox News, a reporter clearly carrying water for Hillary Clinton.

Where did the nice innocent girl go?

Not quite racy enough to make the point? Fair enough. How about the second image?

Meghan KellyNow I don’t know about women much but I do know that I do not walk around with “My Junk” hanging out. Apparently the rules really are different for women.

Can someone please explain to me how it is okay for women to exploit themselves like this and then somehow it is wrong for a man to point that out?

Along the same vein, why is it we never see a fat and ugly woman reporting the news. Is there no woman, that is not beautiful, that can do just as effective or a more effective job than the “Hot” one? This hypocrisy just astounds me.

Women are perfectly happy to exploit themselves to get what they want but are the first ones to complain when that exploitation is exposed. Women are the first ones to complain when a man exploits them but are suspiciously silent when they exploit themselves.

I hear so many people complain that the media is corrupt, politician’s are corrupt, cop’s are corrupt etal…Meanwhile the real truth goes completely ignored. People are corrupt!

I wrote the other day that we live in a very sick society. We do. The problem is that most people think it is the other person, read conservative, that is the problem. The same also applies to many conservatives.

I, for one, am getting a little sick and tired of hearing the rhetoric. If you don’t want me to make comments about your boobies then put them away. In addition, stop using your bodies to advance your agenda’s and perhaps men will stop talking about it.

To me it seems like basic common sense. Then again I am just a misogynistic “Alpha” male. What could I possibly know or understand?

I am not a journalist, I am just your average American male. By the way, men also have a word for women that dress like that and act in objectifying ways. We call them Sluts! I would much rather be called Misogynistic than a slut. Oh there I go again.

People really need to start telling the truth. You think my language is abhorable? You should hear how catty women talk about each other…lol. Uh oh….no…don’t tell the truth.

Ever been a fly on the wall when a bunch of women get together to gossip about the one person not present? Not pretty!

Women will have you believe that they can dress and act any way they want and it is up to men to deal with it. Here’s a news flash. We deal with it just fine, just not the way you would have us deal with it.

Here’s the thing, if I walked around with my D$@K half hanging out women would go nuts, pun intended. In fact I would be in jail for indecent exposure. Yet a women can walk around half-naked and then bitch when a man makes a comment about it. Talk about a double standard.

The power’s that be would have you focus on these inconsequential and moronic issues, meanwhile the real issues like equal pay, a rigged political system, pay for play, stagnant economy, declining wages, illegal immigration, ISIS, etc…all go un or under reported.

Personally I do not care who Donald Trump did or did not have sex with! I do care whether the constitution of the United States is upheld and enforced. I do not want to hear what Donald Trump did 20 or 30 years ago. I don’t care. I did a lot of stuff thirty years ago too.

What I do care about is whether we elect a President that will uphold the law and not break it! How long are the Hillary supporter’s going to ignore what is staring all of us in the face? How long are the women of this country going to vote for Hillary, not because she has earned their vote but because she is a woman? How long are the Progressive’s going to chant Hillary’s name to appear enlightened?

I have zero issue with electing a woman President. What I do have an issue with is the woman that you chose is evil incarnate. I mean really, you could not have found a woman to represent women that would edify women the world over? You had to pick the most disgusting example of what we are as a people?

I think I read somewhere that before we try to pull the splinter out of someone else’s eye we should pull the lumber out of our own! Pretty good advice. Clearly disregarded though because it comes from that ancient and antique book called the Bible and we all know those ideas are out-dated.

Here are a few solutions to the situation we find ourselves in. First, rather than telling everyone else what is wrong with them, how about taking a look in the mirror and examine your own life. Second, if you want to stop the corruption then stop it in your life first. Perhaps then you will stop voting for corrupt people. Moreover you will not accept that corrupt behavior in the first place!


Conspiracy Theory?

Obama 2016This is what our current leaders, a term which I use loosely; leaders that is, would have us believe. Am I the only one that is getting tired of hearing this excuse. Let’s face it, there is a full 47% of the population that is Bat-Shit Crazy.

These people thinks that Donald Trump is the devil because of comments that he made about Women in Hollywood and women that seek out the rich and powerful and famous. Still no one has disputed the truth of those comments. Again you might not like the language but we all know he was not lying.

Moreover how many have heard the things women will say about men in the ladies room of a nightclub. I can tell you from what women have told me it is also not pretty.

Hillary ClintonMeanwhile Hillary is caught on audio laughing at the fact that she defended a rapist, had him take a polygraph, which he passed and as a result has lost all faith in any polygraph test and then laughs out loud. Do the 47% find anything completely evil about that? She basically admits the guy was guilty a sin and then laughs about it!

With regards to the emails, now it is a Russian conspiracy to help get Trump elected. Now who is touting conspiracy theories? Will you people ever wake up. Read your history books. This is exactly the corruption of power that led to the rise of the Soviet Union.

The Russian Czars were so corrupt with power that the people finally had enough and they thought the answer was to take all of that unearned power for themselves and along came Stalin.

Think it can not happen here? Think again. Unless we learn from history we are doomed to repeat it! It can and will happen here. In fact it is already happening.

Just listen to the audio tape of Hillary laughing about a young girl that was raped and her client getting away with it.

Listen Here

Now that you have listened, just how sick is that? This is the person almost half of our country wants to elect President of the United States? And you think I am wrong for calling you Bat-Shit Crazy? What would you call it?

And what about her emails basically calling Catholics and Christians delusional at best? What if we said that about Muslims? How crazy would the liberal media go over that one? Probably not at all if it was the liberals who said it but what if it was Donald Trump? or the Republicans?

I said in a previous article you people are going to get what you want and oh are you going to regret it but by then it will be too late!

Oh that’s right this is all a conservative conspiracy that Vladimir Putin is spear-heading….

How come it is always a conservative conspiracy? If it was anyone else…ask yourself….if your child constantly made excuses for getting their hand caught in the cookie jar would you lose trust in them? And that is your child! Why do you continue to give Hillary a pass on these things?

It has gotten to the point of laughable. Your apathy is going to destroy the last parcel of freedom left. Is that what you want? If it is, at least have the courage to say so. Don’t pretend to be looking out for the little guy and the under-represented. You are not.

That little girl that was raped and Hillary laughed about was one of them, the under- represented I mean….

Needed to take a break so I went to my local watering hole to relax…as soon as I walked in the owner could not wait to try to egg me on with the comments about Trumps latest. So I asked her if she had heard the audio of Hillary laughing about the young girl that got raped and the man she defended against the charges and she had not even heard about it. So much for the unbiased reporting of the liberal media.

When I made her aware of it, go figure, she did not want to talk about it anymore. See this is the problem. You people know exactly who Hillary Clinton is and you still want her. Sorry but that is about as fucked up as you can get. You people are truly as sick as they get but you do not think you are. This is what scares me most of all. To hear you say it you are the enlightened ones and, as Bill Clinton put it, I am just a Redneck although I was born and raised in the Northeast…Bwwwaaahahaha!

What really sucks is that as you destroy yourselves you are going to take many others with you. You are sociopaths and think you are sane. If you would only get off the meds for a minute or two you might realize how twisted your brains have become but that would require a moment of clarity that you are all incapable of.

So after I return home I happened to catch a portion of an episode of Empire’ Let’s see…what was it about? oh just Lucius Lyons’ wife getting her vajayjay licked by the UPS guy to make her husband jealous and you are offended by Trump? oh so sorry there goes that locker room talk again. One of the most popular shows on TV glorifies the slut like actions of some people and you think Trump is the problem.

You people live your lives like it is a TV show with no regard for the fact that real people are at the other end of your actions. Please make no mistake, the writers of this show would not deliver that content if that was not what you wanted to watch.

People really need to wake up and smell the coffee. We live in a very sick society that has no respect for integrity or common decency and then feigns outrage when someone points it out and all because they told the truth.

Worse is the 47% that wants even more of it.

Here We Go Again

Miss UniverseSo this time it is something Donald Trump said 11 years ago and everyone is upset at the language he used. Notice though that no one has stated that what he said is untrue…no just how he said it. You may not like the language but he spoke the truth.

The fact is that women allow themselves to be objectified and it would not happen if they did not allow it to. Remember there are no victims, only volunteers.

The fact is that celebrities do have different standards and get away with more. So do professional athletes, rock stars and people with a lot of money, not to mention politicians. You can feign outrage all you want but please tell me the last time a movie star went to jail for excessive drinking or drug use. Let’s leave Lindsey Lohan out of it as it was finally like the tenth time she got caught that she paid a consequence and didn’t they release her early cause the jail was too full?

How about Adrian Peterson, the running back for the Minnesota Vikings. Please show me a poor black guy in Harlem that ever even got his kid back after doing what Mr. Peterson did to his son. Or how about Hillary? Think you would ever get out of jail if you stored state secrets on your private server in your basement?

I could go on all day with example after example. Here’s my point, if women want to stop being objectified then they need to stop throwing their bras and panties at every man who is either a rock star, athlete, movie star or rich!

Here is a little reality check. Women actually control everything. We only act that way because you allow it. Please introduce me to the woman that would not get naked in an instant for George Clooney. Mother Theresa would have banged the guy. For gods sake will people ever get honest?

I remember when I was much younger and dancing ballet. I was pretty good and certainly better than most and every girl I danced with wanted me. In fact, I found out years later that there were girls that had crushes on me that I was not even aware of. As I got older I learned that money has much the same effect as an aphrodisiac to women. So what did I do? I of course set about making as much money as I could! Fact, if that was not what many of you are all about then I would not have been motivated to pursue that goal.

Think I am lying or being sexist? Okay let’s again look at the facts. How many women get a boob job because they had breast cancer and needed reconstructive surgery vs how many women get a boob job just cause they want bigger tits? Why can’t those women just be happy with what the good lord gave them? And what are men to think of the women that do this? You objectify yourselves and then get mad at the men who honor your choice!

Another example? How about the latino girl that was Miss Universe. Did it ever once occur to her that she was objectifying herself just competing in a beauty pageant? Obviously not and yet 20 years later she is pissed because Trump told her she was getting fat. Your whole premise for existence was based on how you looked and then when someone points out that you no longer look like the “Brand” you get pissed. Why? You allowed yourself to be bribed into strutting around in a bikini with your ass and tits hanging out and the carrot that was dangled was a scholarship and notoriety and you were all in! Yet no one is supposed to call you out on that. Really?

Women, allow a man to tell you the truth for once, not many do. Most men are motivated by one thing and one thing only and that thing is sex. Period! Any man that tells you different is a liar. Believe me most of us wish this was not the case but it is a scientific fact. We have much more of this thing called testosterone than women do and it causes us a great deal of problems.

Point is everything else we do whether it be the pursuit of money or accolades or fame is all for just one thing. To get laid! Now most men will not tell you that because the truth decreases our chances of getting laid! So we feign outrage when men like Trump tell the truth. Women do the same thing in reverse. They will say things like money does not matter to them, that is until you run out of money and then they say things like…wait for it…baby this isn’t working for me anymore.

Now I can hear the women reading this screaching not all women are like that. True enough but many if not most are.  It has been my experience that the prettier you are the worse you are. Again men will not tell you that because that won’t get you laid.

Let’s get back to men for a second. Ladies do you really think men go to the beach to play in the water? Bwwaaaahhhhh….hahahaha. Holy smokes! Really? How many guys do you see at the beach that are there doing beach stuff vs how many men are at the beach flexing, strutting and checking out women in bikini’s?

Most of us, unlike politicians, have not spent our entire lives watching what we say and do and the fact is that we as human beings say and do some pretty dumb stuff sometimes. Many of you reading will make the assumption that I am misogynistic, sexist and have a foul mouth. That’s okay too but I would suggest that before you try to clean up my side of the street you clean up your side first.

To women, if you do not want to be treated that way then stop acting that way. Period! How many of you incensed women out there had dreams of dating the quarterback in high school. Not because he was the nicest guy cause usually jocks are douches but because he was the quarterback. The sooner you realize that you have trained us to be this way the sooner you can train us differently!


Do You Want A Revolution?

Hillary ClintonI am going to go on a bit of a rant today. I am sitting in Tulsa, OK at the Tulsa State Fair and this is the question that I keep asking myself. The answer is…wait for it…you must. You being the Hil Liars of the world.

Supposedly incomes are up 5.2% as of the latest figures. Sounds pretty good right? Oh but yet again the devil is in the details. What our fearless leaders have decided, to massage the numbers, is to double count withdrawals of retirement funds as income even though that was counted as income 30 years ago.

Now I could have told you incomes are not up as I actually own my own business and so when people are making less money they tend to spend less money and my business goes down. So how bad are things really? Well let me tell you my business is off over 50% this year!

Now you could make the excuse that I am just a horrible businessman but apparently everyone else is too because I speak with other vendors and their business is down about the same percentage. You could also say this event just had a bad year but this has been the case at every event we have done in 2016.

The simple fact is that people are broke. By the time they are done paying rent, healthcare, food and gas there is nothing left. Period! And so it should come as no surprise to you that I am sick and tired of paying for other peoples free stuff.

Yes I am talking about illegal immigrants that get Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Education and the like and all at my expense! I am one of the deplorables’ that is tired of paying for shit that I can’t even get for myself. I am also talking about people that are fully ambulatory and yet seem to think they don’t have to work to pay their way. And of course the government has told them they don’t have to by simply giving them free stuff.

I am so tired of people telling me there are no jobs out in the marketplace. This is pure bullsh@* and it needs to stop. You may not want to do the jobs that are out there but their are jobs. I have, in my career mopped floors, scrubbed toilets, waited tables, delivered pizza’s, been a stockbroker and run several of my own businesses.

I am not an educated man in the sense of a college degree, hell I never even finished high school and yet somehow I have managed to make my way in this world without ever having to ask for a hand out from the government. Please tell me what your excuse is? Realizing that that is all it is, an excuse!

Here’s the thing, people like me are tired of paying for people like you. Pretty soon we are going to stop entirely and then what will you do. I will be so bold as to tell you exactly what my plan is.

If Hillary gets elected I am going completely off the books. I will no longer contribute to a corrupt system. I have paid my fair share and have nothing to show for it except disgust in my heart. When people like me. the Producers are gone what will you do?

Do you really think the reason large businesses have left this country is because they would rather do business overseas? News Flash, they are leaving because they can not afford to do business here. You people hate the producers! We are the scum of the earth until it is payday.

You people that think it is okay to go to work and spend half your day on Facebook and then wonder why you don’t get a raise. Let me tell you why. Because of your lack of productivity it now takes at least two people to do the work of what one person could do twenty years ago. Worse, that is counting the increased productivity from automation. So the next time you think you deserve more money how about you start doing your job first! How about when I go to McDonalds you get my order correct the first time so I don’t have to come in the store and complain, wasting more of my time!

Add to that the ridiculous tax burden you put on business and you have the makings of a revolt. This revolt though will not come with guns. People like me will just go away. Good luck finding a job then!

Many of you that read this are probably thinking, good and go away. You won’t be thinking that when we leave. Who will employ you? Who will write your check?

You people think the producers need you and can not survive without you. There lies the flaw in your thinking. We do not need you and never did. We have always known how to survive and take care of ourselves. Can you say the same for yourself?

It really is time to get honest. People like myself have been biting our tongues for many years while you fiddled while Rome burned. It is time for some cold hard truths.

Many of you reading this will get your panties in a bunch because I used some foul language and keep saying You People. Yes you people who have never produced a thing in your life, that are only able to survive because people like me created the foundation for you. You people that think everything is free and if you don’t get it then life is not fair. Then you take it anyway even though you have not earned it. You people that are more concerned with how it looks or sounds than how it actually is.

It is absolutely disgusting and yet you think you are the enlightened ones. Hah! You will find out soon enough just how stupid and irresponsible you are. Then when everything has completely gone to hell you will want us to return but it will be too late.

The thing is we will start over because we know how to create something from nothing. Can you say the same thing? I think we all know the answer to that. In case you are still delusional you will be able to test that theory very soon for yourselves.

The fact is that even if Donald Trump gets elected President things are still going to blow up. The point is that he knows how to rebuild and will be able to rally the producers to help. Please tell me what Hillary has ever built in her life? Other than a house of lies and corruption.

You people are going to get exactly what you asked for and boy will you be shocked. Who is going to pay for all of it when people like me are gone? You? Have you ever paid for anything in your life? Have you ever built anything in your life?

Worst of all is that you know your arguments are all lies. That is why you believe in “Freedom of Speech” until it is the other persons turn to talk, as witnessed by Tim Keanes’ performance the other night in the Vice Presidential debate! You think you will just keep stealing from the producers and we will just take it. I am here to tell you times are a changin”.

We have no issue with the opposing point of view. What we take issue with is that the math does not work and if any of you actually knew how to do math anymore without a calculator you would know that too! Just go back to that same McDonalds and watch the person try to give you change when the register freezes and see the “deer in the headlights” look and you will not argue with my last comment!

I realize I am generalizing a bit but there is something fundamentally wrong with the way many people think when they have decided that a person with zero integrity is the person they want to hold the highest office in the land. You should be ashamed of yourselves and you will be ashamed of yourselves when it all comes crashing down. Don’t say you were not warned. You have been and called us deplorable and irredeemable as your way of thanking us!

So in closing, you will probably get what you asked for and I hope you enjoy the fruits of your lack of labor.