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A Revolution is Coming

Hillary ClintonHouston, we have a problem. At least half of the citizen’s of this country have had enough of the B.S. The other half think things are just ducky and we should expand current policies. Half the country can not take one more minute of political correctness and the other half applaud it. Half the country can not take another second of the lies and the other half want to canonize the most pathological liar of all. Half the country thinks we need to come together as one and grow together and half the country thinks we need further separation among us, you can see it in the way they promote racism.

I think we know which camp I belong to and I apparently do not understand. It must be my intelligence which according to Hillary is limited. As of last night I am now Deplorable, Xenophobic and Racist. Sadly Hillary left out Misogynistic. Always my personal favorite.

I have to be honest. I am thoroughly disgusted with what I see in this country. We are more concerned with the plight of illegal aliens that commit violent crimes in this country than we are for the victims of those crimes. Then we are called racist and xenophobic when we point this out. When we tell the people on food stamps and other government programs that you are being held captive we are called racist. When we argue against the idea of “Big Government” being able to solve all our problems we are called stupid and uneducated.

The thing that astounds me is that just the tiny amount of “Socialism” we have implemented has had disastrous outcomes in our society and yet it appears that half our country thinks the real problem is that we are just not doing enough. Make no mistake programs like food stamps, welfare, medicare, Obamacare are all “Socialist” programs. They all reward people for being non-productive. It is quite simply a redistribution of wealth. The are many of us that are sick of it.

I believe the thing that would shock most is how many of the people stuck “in the system” realize they were played for suckers. They realize they have willingly played the role of “victim” and it has not turned out well for them. Why do you think there are so many violent crimes in the “Welfare” neighborhoods? Is that racist or fact? Problem is they may not be quite ready to admit it. I think if Mr. Trump can really communicate this message then he has a real chance of winning those dissatisfied voters.

I believe the real message needs to be this. It is not about white or black or latino or any of the small ideas that come from pitting one against the other. The real message is what do you believe in your heart. If you truly believe in your heart that things are better under Democratic leadership then by all means continue to vote Democrat. But…if you vote for Donald Trump you are not voting for a politician. He is running Republican because that is the only way he was going to be able to maintain the race for the White House.

Mr. Trump really is the voice of the people. He is echoing the anger of the people at what we have become. I believe he wants to lift all people up. As an example, he wants to repatriate some 2.7 Trillion of corporate dollars that are sitting off shore. To do this he will let the money return “Tax-Free” with the stipulation that 10 percent of the money be spent in “Economic Empowerment Zones”, read “low income” neighborhoods. That would equate to 270 Billion to rebuild and employ these American’s. To hear the liberals tell it he is giving corporate America a free ride when in fact they would be giving a straight 10 percent to make this happen. Plus the rest of that money flooding into the country would lift all boats.

Another example would be his plan for education. Mr. Trump thinks you should be able to go to the school of your choice. Obviously people would choose the schools with the best teachers and the schools that suck would disappear, along with the bad teachers. Of course the liberals oppose this because they are in the palm of the hand of the teacher’s unions.

In addition liberals want to keep people uneducated. I know it sounds sick but uneducated people are incapable of critical thinking. By education I am not talking about PHD’s, I mean the basics. Remember the 3 R’s, reading, riting and rithmetic? (Misspelling on purpose or maybe I am just as dumb as Hillary says I am.) Do you realize that nationally over a third of our young population is not prepared for college. If you go to the low income neighborhoods that percentage goes up dramatically.

We defend our homes with locks, fences and walls but for some reason we are Xenophobic if we suggest we defend our country the same way. We are Islamophobic if we suggest that it may not be the wisest thing to allow people who actively fight against what America stands for to enter our country.

The bottom line, as I see it, is that if Donald Trump is not elected there will be a revolution in this country. It may not happen the day after the election but sooner than later the liberals will realize the only way to get what they want is to institute martial law and that is when average American’s will finally say no more and then look out below.

Let’s face facts, we already know the stock market is rigged and propped up with fake money. If you and I did what the FED does we would go to jail for forgery. We already know the liberals have virtually bankrupted the richest nation in history. If you and I tried to run our financials the way our government has we would have filed bankruptcy quite some time ago. Of course we can not print money out of thin air. We already know the government elite are completely corrupt. If we did what Hillary and Obama have done we would be in jail for a very long time. All it is going to take is another financial disaster and the shit will hit the fan. At that point, finally, the people who have supported these regimes will show themselves for how hopeless they really are and just how dishonest they really are. This is why the progressive liberals resort to name calling and insulting people that do not agree with them. We are called ignorant and deplorable, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, Racist et al…Notice they never actually discuss the issues. They just start calling people names that do not see it the way they do.

They talk about having open communication and are all for it until it is the opposing views turn to speak. Then it turns to name calling. Why do they not discuss the issues? Simple. They know they have no leg to stand on so they try to distract and pit people against each other. They disregard logic and go for the emotional response and then accuse the other of doing exactly the same thing.

This is why they will not improve the education system. If you educate people better it is harder to appeal to the emotional response. If people do not understand basic math they can not be expected to think logically. Uh-oh there I go being racist again.

See this is the problem. Any time you attack the issue the progressive liberals attack the person. There is no way to win and that is exactly how they want it to be. I think they underestimate just how fed up some people are with this behavior.

Hopefully the election will turn out with Trump as the winner. If not, I fear, the resulting chaos will turn violent.