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FlareCopter Kills it at San Gennaro Feast

FlareCopter at the Feast

FlareCopterSo can I tell you it was crazy money with FlareCopter leading the charge…lol. It took about an hour to figure out where we would be but after that it was a money machine. First night at The San Gennaro Feast and we did just a hair under a thousand bucks. Btw…this was in under 3 hours.

I gotta be honest if it was not for the fun people have playing with FlareCopter I might feel a little guilty. Because of the smiles it makes it okay to take their money. Seriously you shoot this thing in the air and kids, adults it does not matter come running and then you are just exchanging money for FlareCopters.

Changing Lives With FlareCopter

Amazingly this is not the coolest part. The coolest part is that we are actually changing people’s lives and their living standard through this simple LED Toy. I truly mean that.

I had the epiphany today…I think it had been coming for a minute…that I was finally achieving my dream. Let me go into a little history. I did not always lead well. I had leadership skills but I did not always manifest them in a positive way. That is to say that when I was younger I was not the man I am now. I see things differently.

Today I realized that I am achieving a dream that had been un-uttered. I, for many years, have had no other real desire than to make amends for bad choices in the past. In essence I wanted to bring something of value to the people I came in contact with and finally through FlareCopter I am able to have a vital impact on people’s lives for the better.

I literally see people every day that are making 3-5 hundred dollars a day and more and by grace I am the guy that gets to show this to people. You wanna talk about cool…that is cool. I don’t deserve it for my deeds but I will honor it because I get it now.

I was talking to one of our new guys today and he just gets it. FlareCopter is going to make millions of dollars. It may be the new Slinky or Frisbee. If it is…look out. But really that is not the blessing. While there is a ton of money to be made the real blessing is that what has become my life’s dream, to help others, is manifesting before my very eyes.

There are going to be millionaires made from this, of that I am certain. I don’t know how many but I know it will be more than a few. The question is will you be a part of it? Odds are, probably not but you never know. If you want to see how I make three grand a week then go to

This is for real you guys. You do not sell FlareCopter. You learn how to shoot it really high and FlareCopter does the rest of the work for you. Seriously if you want to make some CHING check it out.

Ad Media Profit Review – Alert

Ad Media Profit Review – Update

Ad Media Profit Review

Sorry Folks, I may have laid an egg on this one. I am recommending to my team to hold off on any more funding of this program until they get a few things ironed out. Please understand I am not saying this won’t work out, I am only saying for now let’s use some caution. Sometimes these short-term programs blow up out of the gate but when they go good they go very good indeed.

As an example, about 18 months ago I pulled 18K out of a program I had a little over 2K in placements. That is not the only time. I also in the last year pulled almost 9K out of a program I put a little over 500 dollars into. Collectively I have earned way more than I have lost.

The thing to remember with companies like Ad Media Profit and for that matter Ad Click Express, another revenue share program we like, is that they can be very volatile and you have to spread yourself out if you are going to play this game. A few of them will work and work big but several are going to blow up in your face. That is why you buy a few of these and spread your risk.

Having said all that, I am not walking away from Ad Media Profit, I am just suggesting caution. Back to my story of how I pulled 18K out of one opportunity. Since then this opportunity looked like it was going to die an ugly death and yet now it looks like it may be coming back for another run and yes I am building a new position so if it pays off again it will add to my profits.

So for now just hang tight with this and in the meantime continue to spread your risk. That is the key to having success with the short term stuff. Hope this update helps.