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Flare Copter – Generating Cash Flow

Flare Copter For Cash Flow

Flare CopterIf you had told me 30 days ago that I would have made a profit of…I don’t know…at least 5 thousand dollars selling a novelty toy called Flare Copter I would have laughed at you and yet that is exactly what has happened. Oh and if you think I worked hard for it you would be very mistaken. Today I am going to show you exactly what I am doing to generate this money and just how easy it is.

For a minute I am going to digress and give you a little back story. About a month and a half ago now my friend came to me with this, what I thought, ridiculous idea. I indulged him because he sent me 100 pieces of this product for Free. Told me to pay for them after I sold them. I think…pretty bold statement. But this guy is not only a business associate but a friend and so I say why not?

To be honest I had no idea this was coming. I was on the ropes, waiting tables in a restaurant and wondering how the pieces were going to come together. Mind you, I knew they would but was secure in the idea that this might take a minute to get back on top…lol. And then came along Flare Copter. To say this is a game changer would be an understatement.

Seriously not everyone could do this. Actually anyone could do this but many will think they can’t. They are wrong. Essentially I go out most nights for 2-3 hours and play with an LED Toy called Flare Copter. It is amazingly cool and fun to play with and I make much more money playing than I ever made working.

I don’t sell Flare Copter. I demonstrate it! That is all I do. When I shoot it into the air people are amazed. I mean it shoots 100-150 feet into the air like a rocket and then floats back down to the ground like a parachute, all the while lit up like fireworks. It is totally cool. Based on sales volume I am not the only one that thinks so.

Does Flare Copter Have Staying Power?

Listen I know you have heard it a thousand times before but if you really want some freedom to build your home based business then you are going to have to find a way to replace your income without having a full time job. The thing is that I am finding is that Flare Copter is not just a cash flow generator but is in fact a monster on the verge of going viral. In the first 30 days my partner and I generated over 5K in profits each and this month we expect to bank over 20K each. That is phenomenal growth. Frankly, at least for now, there is no end in site.

If you decide to develop a Flare Copter distributorship there are several things to consider.

  • The Margins are huge on Flare Copter

Once you are buying in large quantities your cost drop all the way under $2.00 per 3 pack. You can sell each 3 pack for $10.00. That’s better than a 500% mark up. This leaves you many options including developing your own distributorship and having other sellers under you.

To give you the idea of how powerful that is I want to give you a real life example. As my partner and I have been out demonstrating Flare Copter we have engaged many people who have shown an interest in demonstrating Flare Copter themselves. Those people already account for about $600.00 in profit to me and my partner each for just being a conduit. You can do this too. That is how large the margins are.

What started out as a way to generate cash flow is quickly turning into an opportunity to hit a home run. This toy has the potential to have longevity and to saturate the market would be impossible as there will always be more kids and the product itself will not last forever and so there will be repurchases.

  • You are In At The Start for Flare Copter

It’s kind of funny. Flare Copter is in many places around the world but for some reason just made it to the US in the last couple of years. Thing is nobody has really taken advantage of it yet. Frankly that is surprising. When you see the response you get from people it seems like this would have taken the US market by storm but no one has really, as of yet, capitalized on this. Sometimes the simplest ideas are overlooked and the idea of Flare Copter is simple. It is flat out fun to play with and I don’t care how old you are.

If the response in NYC is anything like the response you will see then this thing is going to go viral and when it does look out. Imagine being in front of that. The money to be made is enormous. We are not talking thousands we are talking at least hundreds of thousands if not millions.

I know I can’t sell you on this and I won’t but I will tell you if this kind of thing is for you…don’t miss this. There is a ton of money to be made.

To view our ECommerce Site and review whole pricing Click Here

Why a Home Based Business

Web HostingSo Why would I want to own a home based business? Well how about this…Freedom! I realized as I was faced with a conflict in my business that the real reason I work for myself is not even the money…it is more about the freedom to work when I want, where I want and how I want. I realized that no one has the right to tell me when I can, can not, should or should not make money. I actually realized this when I made a recent decision to take on a partner. This was not the smartest move I have ever made. Thing is I have made this same mistake before. For some this may work but if you are like me the reason you want to work for yourself is so no one can tell you what you have to do that day. You are the Boss!

Why Do You Want A Home Based Business?

Are you like me or do you just need more freedom with your time. Do you have family things that you have to miss because of work that you wish you did not have to? Is it a nice family vacation? A summer home? The internet lifestyle looks a little different to all of us but the one thing I think we all have in common is this drive for independence. We don’t like other people telling us what to do. Nor should we. Frankly most people can not even manage their own lives and I certainly don’t want them to have any control over the management of my life. Make no mistake, when someone else controls the purse strings they control you.

Personally I think the thing that separates the entrepreneur from others is their need to work outside of the box and the corporate scene just does not allow this to happen. If you are like me you can’t work for other people…oh you can fake it for awhile when necessary but never for long and never with any great success. This is not because their is something wrong with you it is exactly the opposite. Problem is you have been told your whole life to conform. But to what? Mediocrity?

You will become what you think about most

For better or worse that is the truth. The entrepreneur understands this completely through either an innate understanding or through learning the hard way. Either way you learn. If you head is full of negative thinking do not expect good things to happen. You will ultimately manifest what you think about most. If it is negative then so will be the outcomes. That is not to say that if you have a positive attitude that nothing bad will ever happen but when it does you will respond with an attitude that enables you to learn. If you are negative all you do is blame others for why things are not working in your life.

Why a Home Based Business?

Well for me it is a truth serum. At the end of the day whether I succeed or fail has nothing to do with any one else but me. That is good news and bad. The good news is I have all the power and the bad news is I have all the power. I can not blame any one for my success or failure but myself. That is a tremendous responsibility. To tell you the truth sometimes it scares the shit out of me. But this is what I do.

I have tried working for other people and I can even hold a job if I need to but to be honest I would rather walk on glass on my lips for a mile up hill than have a J.O.B.

A friend of mine has as his moniker “Profits are better than wages” I like that. It embodies the American Dream and everything the home based business person stands for.

To me that means producing a product that has value in the marketplace and then allowing the market to determine that value. If you have brought quality to the table then hopefully that will be rewarded. For the entrepreneur though the reward already came with the effort. If the money comes it is just further satisfaction.

That is the thing I believe most do not understand about the small business owner. While I am in it to make money that is actually the last reason I do what I do. The first reason is to honor myself, the second is to honor my family, the third reason is to honor my time and the last reason is the money.

Time and Money – Home Based Business Tips

Again you may have an entirely different list of reasons for why you want to own a home based business but I would guess that the last thing you are actually thinking about is how much money you will make and more time is spent thinking about what you can do with your new found time.

I encourage you to take some of that time and reward yourself for your efforts, even if they do not pay off as you had hoped. Do not diminish the value of the effort just because you did not get the result you hoped for. There is value in your effort and sooner or later it will pay off.

Just don’t give up…you know sooner or later you will get what you want if you just don’t give up!

To your success and to be continued…


The Entrepreneurial Way – Home Based Business

Cash Flow So as we mentioned in the last article cash flow is critical to your success while building your home based business. The thing is sometimes the thing you think is going to just generate “cash flow” turns out to be something much bigger.

This brings me to the topic of discussion I want to have today and that is about one of the greatest skills the entrepreneur possesses and that is the ability to think quick, move on your feet and make things happen. The most vital skill of the entrepreneur is to be able to think on their feet and turn on a dime when necessary. Sometimes opportunities come up at the worst moment, or so it seems, but as it will often turn out this was the thing that became the Cornerstone of your success. I have recently come right up against this and it has caused me to have to move quickly, be creative and make some personal sacrifices and take more than a few chances but the payoff will be huge. My partner and I have already made way more than we invested.

Go Big or Go Home – Home Based Business

As you are all aware my main goal is to build my online presence and generate residual income by building a team of like minded people and a strong subscriber base that would all push towards the same goal at the same time. This remains my main focus but for a minute I have to move in another direction to, in the longer term, facilitate the growth of my long term projects.

So the other day I was talking about the importance of being able to generate cash flow to build your business without taking so much time to do it that you have no time left to build your actual business. Some would call it luck that I have found a simple solution to this challenge. I do not call it luck. A specific series of events occurred but they only occurred because I allowed myself the chance to make the connections necessary for this “lucky” thing to happen.

To recap, in my last post, I was talking about this idea that a good friend of mine gave me to make some cash to develop my business. He told me it would not take a ton of time and he was right. He also told me that it would replace the income I was making with half the work and he was right about that too. To tell you the truth he way understated the income potential of what he showed me. Honestly though this is not the point of this post. If you want to read that post you can find it Here

Having The Entrepreneurial Mindset

So this great opportunity comes up but I literally have to put the brakes on everything else to get it all organized set up so it can grow and grow it will. This thing that was just going to generate some quick cash flow made me a few thousand dollars already and I am only three weeks into it. I think that kind of result deserves some extra attention for a minute while I build it and then I can refocus back on the longer term projects.

The beauty of this is that these longer term projects are exactly that…longer term! I love MCA (Motor Club of America) and Get Weekly Paychecks and I will continue to grow these businesses on a consistent basis. In addition there are also a couple of other opportunities we recently have started to get involved with that I will be posting on our Biz Ops Page. None of that changes the fact that at this exact moment in time to reap the full benefit of this opportunity full energy will be required for a couple of months.

The beauty of it is that full attention in this instance means somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30 hours a week. That leaves me a significant portion of time left to devote to my longer term goals. The thing is though is that you have to be quick on your feet.

You have got to be able to recognize the opportunity when it arises and when it does you must take action…even if you can not afford too. You must because that is what the entrepreneur does. Essentially if you are an entrepreneur then you know no other way to be.

To your continued success…